TPC Presents: Super GT Multi class. Complete, GT500 Champion Philtaylor17, GT300 Champion R1600Turbo

Which track would you prefer we test at on Sunday?

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  • Nürburgring GP

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  • Kyoto Yamigiwa + Miyabi

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Well, in typical fashion for me, came into the round with zero practice aside from a few laps in arcade mode right before the lobby opened. :P Screwed up my first quali lap by going off at T1-T2. Went around and tried again and managed to put it on pole. Start of the race just tried to keep it straight, was having some moments from time to time putting the right side tires into the dirt because cockpit view. At one point I royally screwed up by upshifting when I didn't need to and it threw me off for Spoon so I dropped a tire and almost looped it. Seemed most people were on a 2 stop strategy? Car felt OK to do a 1 stopper on my end, was running fairly consistent 2:00 flats. Just concentrated on keeping it straight and hoping that @Kermit_2142 would make a mistake. Sounds like the Lambo bit him more than once, which is an unfortunate was to lose a championship. Been there done that in other cars.

I'm totally down to do this again should the opportunity arise. Some great racing out there, and having to keep an eye on your mirrors for the GT500 cars was an experience. Hopefully I got out of the way properly for most of them. Anyway, good stuff. 👍
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Championship Standings:

Bold = Fastest lap
Italics = Pole Position

Race Results:

1st: V1_Evo_ - NSX GT500
2nd: spiner-kopin - GT-R GT500
4th: Drex125 - GT-R GT500
5th: Sunshineonleith - RC-F GT500
6th: GTP_Abarber95 - GT-R GT500
7th - TPC_MaxAttack - RC-F GT500
8th - Resident_Knievil - RC-F GT500

1st: R1600Turbo - WRX Gr.3
2nd: Kermit_2142 - Huracan GT3
3rd: jwptexas88 - Ford GT LM Spec II
4th: PaoloMX - V12 Vantage GT3
5th: El_Beardo_Grande - AMG GT3
6th: xPat_McCrotchxx - Viper SRT GT3-R
7th: MDMotorsports - 650S GT3

1st: V1_Evo - NSX
2nd: spiner-kopin - GT-R
4th: Drex125 - GT-R
5th: TPC_MaxAttack - GT-R
6th: Sunshineonleith - RC-F

1st: Kermit_2142 - Huracan GT3
2nd: TPC_Pigems - 650S GT3
3rd: TheSweeny - NSX Gr3
4th: MDMotorsports - 650S GT3
5th: PaoloMX - V12 Vantage GT3
6th: Desert_Penguin_ - AMG GT3
7th: xPat_McCrotchxx - Viper SRT GT3-R

1st: V1_Evo_
2nd: Sunshineonleith
3rd: spiner-kopin
5th: GTP_Abarber95
6th: TPC_Fudsy

1st: TheSweeney_
2nd: R1600Turbo
3rd: BakaBoi18
4th: Kermit_2142
5th: PaoloMX

Final points tally is up, well done to @Philtaylor17 on the perfect GT500 season and to @R1600Turbo on the GT300 championship, It was really a really close championship with only 2 points in it. Both very well deserved. Going forwards you are free to use car numbers 1&2 respectively.
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United Kingdom
Apologies for the double post I'm about to do - it felt like the race and the season needed to be separate.

I really like this track, and I really like this car, but the two do not work great together! More specifically the car is amazing in the esses, and it flies through spoon too, but in T1, Degner 1, and Casio it is a monster to control.

Qualifying started with some problems, after 3 days of working great the brake started to come on again ( thankfully not a lot, maybe 2-5% ), but it stopped again for the second flying lap. It was intermittent through the race but I don't think it affected anything.

Then the race itself was awesome. I was happy with the pace i was setting, but @Spinerkopin was never more than 3-4 seconds behind, I would set a new FL, check the gap, and see it was exactly the same, definitely a great battle! The gap stayed stable, until we would get mixed up with GT300's, which was a whole other story, im sure it was as scary for you guys as it was for us when we caught eachother in the esses, especially when there were more than one GT300, and with Spiner close behind there was no chance to waste time, the move had to be made wherever possible, and a couple of times I misjudged that ( sorry Pat and Paolo! ).

There was a lot of excitement seeing how the GT300 would work out, some times you would get held up and watch as the guy your racing with gets a nice slipstream up the straight, while other times you would see them get held up and you would get a free run at it, hopefully we didn't affect things in GT300 at all, especially not in the fight between @Kermit_2142 and @R1600Turbo

Im glad it ended with a race like this one, it felt right for Super GT that it had the craziness of lapping in the esses, and a close fight to finish the series.

GG everyone it was good fun!

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United Kingdom
What a great series that was @Adam Barber deserves a lot of credit for creating/organising it all.

Tracks were awesome, cars perfect, and the low multipliers allowed you to really drive the cars properly, in fact I think pretty much every race you could 1 stop or 2 stop and come out pretty much at the same finishing time, at suzuka I think even a three would have worked!

Congratulations to @R1600Turbo in GT300, you drove a great series dude. Yours and @Kermit_2142's epic Spa battle was one of the highlights of the series, great that the points battle went down to the wire at the end too.

Speaking of highlights, it was hard choosing but for me the best moments of the series were the following.

Racing at Spa - the GT500's in particular just flew at Spa, every single lap that race was just sheer fun, probably the best track of the 6 for me.

Surviving the rain at RBR - controversial probably, but driving that track with those grip levels was an experience in itself, and it really felt satisfying to get to the line.

Battling with Max, @Spinerkopin and @Drex124 at Autopolis - After @GOTMAXPOWER made the move of the season for me round the outside into T2, the four of us ran nose to tail for a good few laps, it was really fun all being close on track looking for a chance to pass while watching the mirrors behind.

Qualifying at Autopolis - The NSX's best track of the year, and in Qualifying it came alive and was a rocket ship to drive, that was such a fun session.

I also collected some of my favourite pictures from the series.


Really enjoyed racing with you guys, hopefully we are all in races together again at some point in the future :cheers:
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United Kingdom
Major congratulations to @R1600Turbo for taking the GT300 Championship with a round spare. It is certainly well deserved, your speed and consistency has been outstanding throughout and I’ve thoroughly enjoyed racing with you this season. :cheers:

At the start of the season I would have never thought I would’ve been in with a shot of the title and would’ve ripped anyone’s hand off for a P2 there and then. I’m really chuffed with the result, it’s been my most hardly fought season so far and I think my best driven too. So thanks to everyone for making it possible and the amazing racing along the way :cheers:.

Coming from the race at Spa set the scene perfectly for a show down with Turbo who had been closing the points gap all season after his DNS in round 2. I knew he would be fast at Suzuka, but hoped I would be able to challenge him as I did at Spa.

I started practice early as I wanted to dial in my race pace early so I could then work on qualifying but ran into difficulties early on. The Lambo had good pace but I was really struggling to keep it facing the right way round. A combination of curbs and undulations really make the Lambo lively and unpredictable. The second practice went slightly better but still much of the same so I entered the race somewhat nervous.

Pre race practice with no fuel went very well and all my problems seemed to disappear and I was able to push far harder than I had in practice to the point I actually bailed on my best lap not wanting to give anything away for qualifying.

We started qually and knowing both Turbo and @Pigems would be strong I wanted to nail that lap early just in case the Lambo bit me and I needed a second or third go. I hooked up probably my best lap of the season to snag a 59.0, 1.1s faster than I managed in practice and then waited and waited for the others to post there times. Pigems posted a very respectable 59.4 and we waited till nearly the end when Turbo threw down a 58.8. Pole was important for this one given the difficulty in overtaking and dirty air so I went for a do and die attempt but blew the lap through the esses with a huge slide.

I knew I only needed p2 to take the title but I really wanted to take the win proving to myself I fully deserved the title and had not won by default. I had to attack Turbo as soon as possible, with his consistency that 0.2 becomes a 5s gap real fast so upsetting his rhythm was the plan of attack.

I decided to line up just on the shoulder as we ended lap 1 hoping to put pressure on around the esses and hopefully make an early move. Sadly my reactions were slow and it turned out the Aston in P3 was a rocket and with slipstream I was in p3 before we even reached T1.

No need to panic though, with that top speed Pigems would be able to make a move hopefully and all I had to then do was beat Turbo and the title was guaranteed. Turbo managed to hook up his cold tyres really well and began to break the slipstream, I really needed to get past Pigems now and not let Turbo escape so I made sure I had a good run out of Spoon and put myself on the inside forcing Pigems to yield or go side by side. (Thanks for yielding btw, you almost called my bluff and I would’ve had to have backed out :lol:).

I’d now decided it was all or nothing, the Lambo was feeling ok, I had to beat Pigems now Turbo was 2s ahead and I knew it was likely I was going to make a mistake so the plan was, catch Turbo, and make it a 2 or 3 way scrap.

The gap stayed consistent at around 2s for a few laps with Pigems slightly less behind me. As the tyres started to wear Turbo was taking that 0.2s and building a gap, my tyres were wearing and the Lambo was becoming more lively by the lap. Then the inevitable struck, T1 the back end went light again for the 2nd or 3rd time in a row, but this time I over corrected and I was taken off by the Astro, Pigems flew by and that’s the title in real trouble.

I managed to catch Pigems who had now decided he wanted to race so I decided to 2 stop. It would give me the chance to catch Turbo on an alternate strategy but also give me a break from Pigems so I could minimise time loss and we could fight later on.

Frustratingly I came out of the pits right behind @PaoloMX who was in the other Aston. I really struggled to find a way past and Paolo was driving really well and maximising his exits. Pigems then pit to cover me off but managed to come out right in front of Paolo, defending into T1. Knowing Pigems would pull away on fresh rubber I had to make a move on Paolo ASAP. I planned to get it done into the hairpin so got a good drive out of Dunlop hoping the Aston would run wide and I could slip underneath before Degner 1. Paolo again made a good exit and I was only just alongside so decided I would run the risk and keep him narrow forcing him slow around both Degners so I could make the move into the hairpin. The risk didn’t pay off and we made contact putting me in the gravel and that was race over and title gone. I managed to compose myself and gain a little time on Paolo but any time I would try and push the Lambo would punish me with spins and T1, Degner 2, 130R and Casio.

A nice little uplift toward the end of the race was I noticed my race optimum had matched my qually lap but sadly and inevitably I just didn’t have the pace needed to challenge the front runners over a race distance this time out.

Thanks again for a great season, hopefully see you all on track again soon :cheers: