TPC Presents: Super GT Multi class. Complete, GT500 Champion Philtaylor17, GT300 Champion R1600Turbo

Which track would you prefer we test at on Sunday?

  • Interlagos

    Votes: 10 52.6%
  • Nürburgring GP

    Votes: 5 26.3%
  • Kyoto Yamigiwa + Miyabi

    Votes: 4 21.1%

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United Kingdom
United Kingdom
Here is the race start, I'm still not convinced it wasn't a jump start but no places changed until after the start line and I was still on the brakes when Phil accelerated at the front.

Another fun race, much better than I expected from that nasty little circuit.

From watching the replay I'm confident its not a jump start 👍 and no its not Honda bias :lol:
United Kingdom
United Kingdom
Well that was fun :) GG everyone, especially @GOTMAXPOWER @Spinerkopin, @R1600Turbo @Michelin Man @Pigems.

I actually thought the classes mixed really well at probably the hardest overtaking track on the calendar, I know I caught a couple in some not ideal places, and a couple of times with @Kermit_2142 I was on a fast lap attempt and made a slightly brutal pass in the last sector ( sorry about that dude :lol: it always seemed to be you I would catch on those laps lol )
But yeah, seemed to go really well to me, hopefully the GT300 drivers found it the same 👍

The highlight was definitely qualifying, I felt most comfortable with the car when it was at its lightest ( I think I just prefer qualifying in general too ) and the lap just clicked really nicely, I never found quite the same feeling in the race unfortunately. I need to remember to record qualifying laps at Spa / Suzuka - I wish I had this one.

Then the race, start was good, first corner fine, and then a wild GOTMAXPOWER appeared on my outside, and proceeded to drive around the outside and into the lead, taking my dignity with him. I tried to stay close and had a few looks down the inside, ending up with me going a touch deep into the uphill hairpin and tapping him, in hindsight I backed off to much, and Spiner came past, and then it really got tough, he was driving really well - no mistakes at all, the dirty air meant it was hard to pass in the sections the Honda was stronger, and then down the straight with the slip from Max as well as Nissan power i couldn't get alongside.

Finally made a move stick at the hairpin when the Nissan's fronts wore a little, and then Max just touched the slightest bit of grass at T11 and that was enough ( nice save though )

I wasn't very happy with my driving after that, my headset doesn't work well with the party chat, and with not hearing my engine at all it was hard to control the turbo kick and I was sliding everywhere, at the stop I got rid of the headset and that fixed that, but then my intermittent G29 brake binding/ghost braking issue really kicked off badly, by the end of the second stint it was practically every lap or two, coming on sometimes up to 20%ish for a second or so, or on and off in bits down the straight, and i could feel it slow the car down, I let it get to me a bit too much and it wrecked my rythmn which is important here.

Luckily I came in for a late stop to ensure FL and realised the brake binding had burned fuel, and I needed a quick splash, and after that it was just make no mistakes till the end.

Still, despite a lot of moaning reading this back I did really enjoy the race - I promise :lol: its a really fun series racing with you all, and I can't wait for Spa and Suzuka, two awesome tracks.

Big thanks to @Adam Barber as always for organising :cheers:
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United Kingdom
United Kingdom
That pass you made on me at 4:50 scared the crap out of me. I started to turn in and just caught your dive in the mirror out of the corner of my eye so let off the steering. Could have been ugly. :P

Indeed it was a bit too close :lol:. I haven't always been that agressive tbh. I was looking at my old fia races lately and noticed the massive amount of time I was loosing for thinking too much how to pass the car in front. And it would be a lie if I told you that I was not inspired by @GOTMAXPOWER

The highlight was definitely qualifying, I felt most comfortable with the car when it was at its lightest ( I think I just prefer qualifying in general too ) and the lap just clicked really nicely, I never found quite the same feeling in the race unfortunately.

That's funny because it's totally the opposite for me. I don't really like to time trial, the car feels too "light":lol:
United Kingdom
United Kingdom
No problem @Philtaylor17, I tried to leave you the inside as best I could each time. (Lapping cars have been doing a great job all round :cheers:)

Great video @Spinerkopin, seems like t2 is your favourite corner 👍.

A really tough race that was, harder than red bull ring I think. The tyre wear was really hard to manage and left the GT300 field fairly spread out by the looks of things.

I was really pleased qualifying in p2 with a new pb but was left with a 0.7s gap to @R1600Turbo I n pole.
We got off the line well with everyone cautious on cold tyres. Seemed to take Turbo a few laps to get into his rhythm and we were running in a 4 some and then 2 pairs for a few laps until I managed to spin as the tyre wear crept in. I managed to recover ok but dirty tyres were awful for a few corners allowing @Pigems through. We settled into a good pace and I was hoping we could try and catch back up to Turbo and then Pigems dropped one wheel into the grass and round he went.

That left me with a gap to Turbo which was floating around with lapped traffic and things but it was still slowly increasing. I decided to 1 stop but pit early hoping that maybe with an undercut I could close that gap down and keep the pressure on.

I came out right in front of Pigems who was now back in p3 and with cold tyres had to defend into t1 and park it on the apex so he wouldn’t get me into t2. I was then able to push hard to try and close the gap which was coming down a little helped by Turbo extending his stint.

He then pitted and came out only a couple seconds ahead and with his cold tyres I was able to close up behind him. I was in 2 minds to go for a move to try and upset his rhythm but I decided to take a breather, try and save a bit of tyres and fuel as I thought I had under-fuelled and hope he would make a

Sadly Tubro doesn’t make mistakes but I do :lol:. I got caught out with dirty air through the tricky double right in the final sector as we were lapped by a GT500 and that was pretty much it. I tried as hard as I could to keep up but the gap increased a lot in the final stint as Turbo really got going on lower fuel.

I somehow stuck it in the gravel with one to go aswell :lol:. The car wouldn’t stop but I don’t remember missing my brake point even though I must have.

Great race, even if a lonely one for GT300. Hopefully I can finish the race without any mistakes next time out.