Trashing the Vitz race

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Ok so maybe my noob ness is showing here, but its never been done like this before. I've heard endless complaints that the pro vits race along side the elise race are the two toughest championships in the game. so I thought I'd try my hand at destroying it. on a normal pit scedual at that. :mischievous: :mischievous: :mischievous: :mischievous: seriously though.
The weapon: Toyota Vitz 1.5 RS 285 hp. The mission: slaughter the competion.

With a 4000 rpm launch I was off keeping up with the group. I decided to fall back into turn one so as not to get pinched in. after a few, get out of my way, laps I was finaly out in front and able to wring her out. The car beautifuly rotates in the corners and feels fast. It hits 132 mph at the end of the strait, but unfortunately the rear tires still wear slower than the fronts but not by much. To eliminate this was one of the goals of my setup. as the fronts wear out and the rears come in the car inevitably understeers. and I pit in on lap 5 with a six second lead and two of them come in with me. leaving the Pits its on to catch the three that didin't. I do just as they pit in and its all smooth sailing from there.
Best lap: 1:37.679 Total time: 16:53.270 Margin of Victory: 20.436

I debated making some changes to the suspension or tiers to even out the tire wear but opted not to. I take the lead at the end of lap one. The car feels verry fast on this course. not alot of competion. Lap 4: Hello terminal understeer. lap 5 hello pit lane. I exit in last place as none of the others pit in with me. they do however on lap six and once again, no contest.
Best lap: 1:31.722 Total time: 15:56.838 Margin of victory: 15.517

First step, switch to top speed setup. At the grid they all run away from me but by the end of the strait I blow by them all pushing 150 mph. The car tops out at just over 160 mph and I stay above 155 for the rest of the race. Pit stops? yeah right, not even with mediums. I cant belive the tiers wear out on this track. lap 7, I blow by them again. :indiff: No pit stops, No contact, No contest, Most boring race ever.
Best lap: 2:26.635 :boggled: Total time: 24:45.462 :banghead: Margin of victory: not a friken clue. it wouldnt show me, but somewere over a lap.

First step, try to rember my grip settings. Ah yess route 11. Surely of all this will be the track to finaly flap the Vitzs unflapable handling. How did she do? Two words, Yeah Baby! They really like to bang you around on this one. Once ahead of the dunces I could concetrate on places second and first. both of which at least put up a fight. after a few double pases and two clean ones it was off to the races. well you know what I mean. The car never felt underpowered, cornered like a dream, and hit 140 mph at the end of the strait. This track with a low powered manuverable car certainly makes you feel the hero. and this vits is perfect for it. the rear does as much to steer as the front. (by design) and it behaves like a doberman. squeez on the throttle and it claws its way out of the turn. back out of it and it tucks its nose back in as planned. Its super easy to find the line at these speeds and this car makes it easy to change it. Only as the tiers reach red does understeer start to rear its head. and on that note, it's time to visit the pits along with all my friends. Back out on track, man this thing corners. Ok I'm done.
Best lap: 2:12.247 Total time: 22:48.253 Margin of victory: 24.754

After a rough first lap, having to slow way down to avoid ramming the other cars, and geting shoved off course a few times, I grab first at the start/finish line. The car understeers here a bit. It pushes 140 at the end of the strait. At lap 4 they pit in, but with oranges I push on. Lap 5 it's my turn to pit in. Lap 8, as predicted, They pit in again. :dunce: I charge on and with My tire guage looking like a fruit basket I cross the finishline.
Best lap: 2:06.546 Total time: 22:02.485 Margin of Victory: 1:01.639

And Thats a wrap.
Ok, so aparently the thrill of dusting off the competion in an identical car has worn off on you guys. Not me. Not yet. I mean heck they named a car after the accomplishment. The Dodge Duster. Hey you know I just realized, if you beat somebody really bad with that car then you technicly would have dusted them off with a duster. :dopey:
Awesome write up. You're making me want to do this race now. I want to do it in the "pitz".:D
You did a full-tune Vitz and one stop.

I did a 205bhp Vitz and no stops.

It's surprising how close the overall times are! :D

daan at GT3Times
Race 1 - Rome II - 203bhp
First place
fast lap - 1'38.3xx
Gap to 2nd - 22.005

Race 2 - Laguna - 204bhp
First place
F.L. 1'33.7xx
Gap - 8.023

Race 3 - Test Course - 205bhp
Quit at the end of lap1 with a 10 sec advantage. Would've won easily, but always a risk of falling asleep

Race 4 - SSR11 II - 205bhp
First place
22'48.945 (This beats my previous fastest time in the 294bhp version )
F.L - 2'15.094 (all laps in the 2'15 bracket execpt for lap 1 & 4 which was a 2'16)
Gap - 19.453

Race 5 - GV II - 204bhp
First place walkover
F.L. - 2'10.829
Gap - 51.259 (AI took 2 stops)
Well, my goal was a bit different. I wanted to do something they say cant be done. Make the vits fast. I stared with the setup and got the car perfect and then I wanted to see if it could really blow them away on the track, not while they were in the pit. hence the normal pit scedual. Yes the T2's and no pit stops is a good way to win a race, and I figured that method would be just as fast, but the car is't actualy as fast as the others that way. Make that into a five lap race, and what happens? You get left. I wanted to work out the multiple problems that make the Vits such a pain to race with. 1 was the understeer, 2 was the uneven tire wear. Although those are somewhat one in the same, as the only real problem with the tier wear is that as the front turn yellow and the rears turn green, understeer starts to be a real problem.

You are definately a better driver than me to run that with only 205 hp, or perhaps the vits does better with less horsepower. As you said those times were better than your 295 hp vits times.
daan is correct, you dont need power to win races. just as an example, my 200hp vitz ran 28 seconds ahead of the competition on romeII and ran a best lap in a finishing time of 16:48.144. its all about weight reduction and tuning. oh and pulling in consisten lap times is also key, i averaged a lap time.
I've been setting up a Vitz to run the Vitz race. It is full tune, but most of the speed comes from the suspension work. Fiddled with it forever, and I have it were the only time understeer is an issue is if I stand on the gas in the middle of corner. I have it so the back end will swing out if I trail brake just a little, and I've found that it helps in getting the car to pivot when you try to go in too fast or its a sharp corner.

I only race on T2 tires.... for all the races... mostly because I'm use to driving an MR2 thats setup for mild drifting in races... so tire wear has always been an issue. That, and I'm too cheap to bother getting higher grade tires... even though I have 2 million credits... :)

I do pit in though, depending on tire wear and the likes. Usually lap 5, so I have a similar feel for the whole of the race. Found my self winning races with about a 1 minute lead usually, made mostly in the corners. Time wise, I put down about on Grand Valley Reverse, and on Apricot Hill (thats where I do most of my testing)

I think what it mostly comes down to for the Vitz race is being able to take the corners, which requires decent control of the throttle, cause you need a little gas to pull the car around, but not too much, cause then you loss traction.

Nice write up, good to see that people don't completely hat the Vitz :D
Ok so maybe my noob ness is showing here, but its never been done like this before. I've heard endless complaints that the pro vits race along side the elise race are the two toughest championships in the game. so I thought I'd try my hand at destroying it. on a normal pit scedual at that. :mischievous: :mischievous: :mischievous: :mischievous: seriously though.
The mission: slaughter the competion.QUOTE]

Hey, did you do the Pro Elise yet?
Just in case you still need more help, i just did a re-run of the Elise @ Deep forest, wich in the past it was the thoughest for me, along with the Blitz SSR11, wich i now...mastered 👍 So, i experimented a little with the settings and then qualified, using T6f/T5r, 1st@1'20.207(-1'1..) :ill:
For the race, i used T4f/T3r, but one level less, should work alot better(T5f/T4r)
Motor Sport Elise, (Lime green, just like this face>> :ill: ) @ 347 HP.
Spring rate: 7.4f/9.6r, Ride height: 82mmf/r, Shock bound: 4f/r, Rebound: 10f/r,
Camber angle: -1.0f/-0.5r, Stabilizers: 7f/r, Brake balance: 20f/r,
Limited slip initial: 6, Accel: 28, Decel: 10, Gear ratio level: 29, Final: 4.200,
ASM: 8, TCS: 4.
This car feels very light on corners, so, you need to make smooth turns, no quick movements or you will spin out and, whatever you do, stay off the corner strips(red&white) they have sticky glue on it, and grab the tires trying to spin you 👎 Use 3rd gear to make the first turn, on every lap, but If you use 2nd gear, be light on the pedal or.. :nervous: Try to work out a smooth track rhythm. Any little mistake, will show it's ...punishments :crazy: To make it easier for you, enter the race only when you see 1 Motor Sport Elise in the line up and 4 Elise.
This is how i finished:
1st : 13'22.669<me
2nd: 13,29.668<Motor Sport Elise
3rd : 13'29.958<Motor Sport Elise
4th : 13'39.533<Elise 190
5th : 13'41.430 " " " " " "
6th : 13'42.027 " " " " " "
Hope this helps, if you haven't done it already. Good luck! 👍
I've had 100 percent for over a year. thanks anyway. By the way i used the motorsport to do the elise trophy. I saved it for last too. the 100 percent after that was most gratifying. I retryed with the 190 about a month ago. I couldn't get better than second place.

p.s. both the original time and when I redid it, all I remembered was motorsports. The entire field was motorsports! Both times!!!