TTWRS Qualified Drivers List

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The exact times aren't disclosed but if you look at the list of names, the top time is at the top and the slowest at the bottom. So your time was the 4th fastest of all submitted 👍
Hay Iceman just had an idea to solve the promotion relagation debate why not every couple of rounds have a round that counts as a new qualifier, say every 5 or mabe 10 rounds and then split the names by 3.

This will mean that you should be in your correct competitive division and if for some reason you miss the qualifier you just stay put, but to stop competitors purposefully missing qualifiers have a rule that if you miss two or mabe 3 consecutive qualifiers you automatically get relegated :)

New riders can enter at any time by entering the qualifier you use now

Your Call as it's your baby 👍
Thanks ICEman. Top of the second heap! It will be interesting to see if I should have tried to get a little more out of it & run with the big dogs, or if D2 is where I belong. Based on the some of the amazing times I've seen posted in various places, I think D2 is a good place for me. I just picked up the game the day of the US GP at Laguna.

Looking forward to some fun racing!

i sent ou a pm iceman i had laps about .9 of a second faster but went wide on some corners so it was dirty :( oh well ill see how this goes.