TV vs Monitor for Console & PC

Discussion in 'Sim Racing Hardware' started by Evan Balbier, Apr 3, 2020.

  1. Evan Balbier

    Evan Balbier

    For those that play on a console and PC with a single screen. What is the bets option for immersion?

    I know the PS4 won’t take advantage of an ultra wide monitor so I’m trying to figure out what would work best (sub $600)
  2. Daz555


    A couple of questions.

    What games do you play other than SIM racing on your PS4 and PC?
    What size screen can you realistically accommodate?
    Do you want/need a TV in the room where you game?
  3. jamman39


    If you’re looking for immersions and VR and triple screen are not options, I would say your best bet is a curved screen, they are very pricey though.

    Other things to keep in mind:

    As far as Screen types go OLED > LED > LCD > Plasma

    Whichever screen you go with, you’ll want a high refresh rate as a top priority.

    If you end up going with a 4K (or higher) solution, MAKE SURE it is HDR ready. This will usually knock the price up a small amount vs a similar set that doesn’t have HDR but it is very worth it. In my opinion the difference between HDR and no HDR is a bigger difference than 4K vs 1080p.
  4. tps_b86_


    I have a Philips Momentum 43", it has 4k, HDR10 and a very good refresh rate. have a look. cost me £500 so similar $ amount.