Used to be good, now I suck at drifting after getting a G27

Discussion in 'GT6 Drifting' started by SGT Serb, Mar 12, 2015.

  1. Robbks


    I sucked for ages, trying to drift with high-power turbo cars.

    Switched to a nearly stock BRZ, CS tyres and adjustable suspension,
    then just doing lap after lap on autumn ring mini having it sideways wherever possible and learning where the limits were on angles and throttle that i could transition from one slide to another.
    this was all on a very neutral suspension setup,
    after that I started playing with a drift oriented setup.

    I have a standard controller taped to the side or my shifter (DFGT) and use the 'O' button on that as my e-brake
    but i hardly use it at all anymore, weight transfer, momentum and car setup is enough to initiate most drifts
  2. Kazama_AK


    at this point I'm pretty sure you've heard this a lot of times, but I will say it anyways to remark how important it is:
    Patience, Practice, and always use the wheel. try to avoid going back to the DS3.

    From personal experience i can say that learning to drift on a wheel was a very long and painful process, took me about half a year to be "OK" with the wheel, i was not perfect nor bad.
    I might sound like I'm trying to discourage you but I'm just being honest, on the other hand i have seen people dominate the wheel in two weeks, so for some people is either easy or hard to learn.

    cars that helped me learn: supra mark 3, s13, s14, sc430, z32.
    i would highly suggest sc430 and supra mark3, this cars will drift easily with any tune. Try to stick to FR and (some might differ) CH tires.