Viability of older race cars from GT6 in GT Sport (Honda NSX LM Race Car)

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    You're welcome :)

    You mean the Z06 RM?

    Elise would be too light to be included in any of the classes. It would have to be heavier than the base car (which I think COULD happen, IIRC that's what happened with the ASL Garaiya when it entered Super GT)

    Dunno about you but I'd rather have the Sumo Power GT-R GT1 than a RWD R35 TC included in Gr.3 .
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    The one with Volk TE37s

    This Elise. The Gr.4 4C isn't that far off this model.
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    The Concept by GT model...interesting. It just needs the C6 RM livery and some detuning to make it into a Gr.4 car!
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    I like how you mentioned the Elise 111R RM/Race Car. It's the perfect Gr.4 car if Lotus were to return.

    Minus the classic RMs (Camaro and Challenger), the RMs featured in GT5 are mostly perfect for Gr.4 except for the Z06 RM which I mentioned before that it's a good candidate for Gr.3 since it resembles the Z06.R GT3.
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    To be honest. PD already messed up all classes by mixing Group C and LMP 1. Or just by adding bizarre concept cars. I actually don't care anymore about appropriate classes in this game (for this we have other games). So why not adding some historic cars to other classes? Personally i would love to see 1998 GT1 beasts in Group 2 class it will add variety there.
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    I have to bump this thread because I had a thought: The Toyota Altezza Touring car, which was in GT4, 5 and 6, would most definitely fit into the Group 4 class. It had 301 HP and weighed 1,000 KG, so given the appropriate BoP; say 350 HP and 1300 KG, it would be a competitive package.
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    You mean the GT original Altezza TC? Yeah it could, along with the other GT original touring cars with the same specs. But I went ahead with the Korean IS 200 GT-1 race car because it's an actual car. I had this video uploaded already for quite some time but couldn't post it here because work was draining away my time and energy.

    With a bit more weight adjustment, its pace is perfect for Gr.4, no doubt.
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    United States
    Here's my take on the off-chance of the Touring Cars from GT5/6 returning:

    Chevrolet Camaro Z/28 RM - I honestly believe it would be Gr.X to fit with the other Vintage race cars.

    Chevrolet Corvette Z06 RM - Gr.3 no doubt. Would rather have this particular Corvette over the ZR1 RM.

    Chevrolet Corvette ZR1 RM - Semiclone of the Z06, therefore I don't see it returning.

    Dodge Challenger R/T RM - Like the Camaro, Gr.X.

    Dodge Challenger SRT8 TC - I think it'd be Gr.3. It's essentially an LM-meets-NASCAR race car.

    Honda Civic Type-R EK9 RM - I honestly don't think this car would come back, personally.

    Honda CRZ TC - Definitely Gr.4. It's right at the performance level associated with Gr.4 cars.

    Lexus ISF Racing Concept - Now THIS would be a great addition to the Gr.3 roster. Please PD!

    Lexus ISF RM - Definitely Gr.4, and a worthy alternative to the RCF Gr.4.

    Lotus Cars - Unless PD can strike a deal to get Lotus back, there's no point in including these cars, sadly.

    Mazda MX5 TC - Definitely Gr.4, and a welcome addition too!

    Mazda RX7 TC - Without a doubt Gr.3! Lovely car to drive on GT6.

    Mitsubishi Lancer Evo 9 RM - Gr.3 for sure. It's essentially just an HKS CT230R anyway.

    Mitsubishi Lancer Evo X TC - Pointless, as we have the Evo X Gr.B.

    Nissan GTR TC - Highly doubt this car would return. If it does, Gr.3.

    Nissan Silvia S15 RM - Definitely Gr.3. It's got the looks, just needs a buff in performance.

    Subaru Impreza WRX STi RM - Kinda pointless, but still, maybe Gr.B.

    Subaru Imprexa WRX STi TC - Gr.4 for sure.

    Suzuki Cappuccino EA21R RM - Hmm... it would need a serious power increase to be Gr.4, but it might work.

    Toyota Prius TC - All joking about Priuses aside, I feel like this could work for Gr.4. Ditch the CVT for a 6-speed stick or sequential though!

    VW Golf MKIV RM - Would be a fun addition to Gr.4!

    I probably missed a few. My bad if I did.
  9. tankuroded


    Well, guess which car came back (and treated as a road car). I suspect the car's status in this game may be (apart from power/weight issues vs. the 4C Gr.4) a reflection that GT5 RM cars were built from GT5P Tuned cars, as TCRF code digging proved.

    I personally prefer (and see it more likely that) the C6 ZR1 as a Gr.3 as it's the latest, top-tier model, but since the GT6 version has over 800 HP, it may need significant power adjustment. It was a RM in GT5 after all, and (IIRC) racemods there don't affect your car engine specs.
  10. Farnell42


    You've missed the Camaro SS RM '10. Considering that Camaros like this raced in Grand-Am and GT4 European Series, however, it is very likely that it will compete under Group 4 rules. However, it might need to be severely nerfed. It can also compete in Group 3, however, the Corvette Z06 RM '07 is better fit for this purpose.
    Speaking of the Corvette, it must be a Group 3 car. It might be uneconomical to detune a Corvette under GT4 rules if upgrading a Camaro to make it compliant to GT4 rules is cheaper, which really is. While Corvettes once raced in GT4, it exited the series without much success. The Camaros were more successful instead, with V8 Racing(a Dutch team) using those vehicles as late as 2016.
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    Also, the Acura NSX(surprisingly not Honda) and the Honda Integra race cars are missing. Although neither car is likely to come back.