Volkswagen is Bringing the Microbus Back, and It's Going Electric


United Kingdom
United Kingdom
Have people forgotten that VW has pulled this stunt like 3 times?!

There has been a new microbus concept every few years and they never go into production. It also bares a striking resemblance to the previous ones (which looked awesome btw). They say its really coming this time, well lets see.

It's one of those heart but not head ideas that wont really sell well, the new Bettle doesn't exactly fly off the shelves either but at least being a car it has more of a market. Also will it sit along side or replace the Transporter?
Beautiful as the old model stayed with these colors. With this speed, good would be a first show in VGT & Nurb... 8, 9 minutes win the buzz green.gray, Less than 8 minutes comes with 20' Cup ATS wheels ): Make photos for sure, and it is also a pleasure to see replays on Gran Turismo, especially with cars like this. Times are merely speculative, but ATS does not.
The Bronx
The Vanagon/Transporter does everything already. Even with 200-400hp, it's still not an SUV type vehicle. Don't know if the Tiguan & Tuareg crowd will switch over. With minivans(and station wagons) having been supplanted by the SUV, this could only be sold in minute numbers(like their Skoda and Passat wagons).
The Bulli looked better.
Making an electric T1 would be a much better decision IMO.

EDIT: Saw one in Whealer Dealers.