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This Week In Cars: McLaren Sharpens Up, Ford Gains an Edge, and a Byton

The Christmas/New Year period isn’t just a holiday for most ordinary folk, it’s a breather for car manufacturers too. The press offices go silent and a calm settles on the… Read More »

Telenav Wants to Annoy You With Adverts in Your Car

If you’ve ever been shocked by how your web browser targets you with advertisements for things you never thought you’d told it, look away now. The same technology may soon… Read More »

To Celebrate Its 70th Anniversary, Land Rover Will Restore Original Series 1

This year marks the 70th anniversary of Land Rover. To celebrate this special occasion, it’s restoring an original Series 1 with an interesting backstory. In 1948, Land Rover took three… Read More »

Toyota's New GR Super Sport Concept is a 1,000hp Race Car for the Road

Back in December, we told you about a new concept from Gazoo Racing — the newest sub-brand from Toyota. Now with the Tokyo Auto Salon upon us, we finally get… Read More »

Alexa Will Be Your Digital Co-Driver in Future Toyotas

Almost every voice command system in cars is awful. Most of the time it doesn’t understand what you asked. And just when you think it does, it calls your step-mother… Read More »

Fisker Is Back From the Dead With the Electric EMotion

Fisker gave us the full unveiling of its latest car at the 2018 Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, Nevada. If you’re surprised to see the Fisker name pop up… Read More »

Nissan's New Self-Driving Tech Knows What You're Thinking

Nissan has revealed a new vehicle assist technology that reads its driver’s mind to enhance the driving experience. Called “Brain-to-Vehicle” — or B2V — the system works with the human… Read More »

SSC Teases the Tuatara Again, Might Actually Build It After Seven Years

Many of us are familiar with the concept of vaporware — a software title that’s announced but never comes out. But what about when it comes to cars? It’s rare,… Read More »

Elon Musk Is Sending a Tesla Roadster Where No Car Has Gone Before

Elon Musk does some fairly outlandish things. From nuclear blast-proof truck windows to Plaid Mode on the new Roadster, nothing is really off limits. But Musk’s latest idea has us… Read More »

Toyota Gazoo Racing to Debut GR Super Sport Concept in Tokyo

The newest sub-brand from Toyota, Gazoo Racing, is bringing an interesting concept car to the Tokyo Auto Salon next month. Dubbed “GR Super Sport”, it’s car that Gazoo says will combine… Read More »

The FIAT Punto Got a Zero-Star Rating in Euro NCAP Crash Test

European car manufacturers have become obsessed with safety in recent years. Though occasionally derided — safer cars are usually more expensive and heavier, resulting in worse performance and higher emissions… Read More »

Lister Takes to Twitter to Tease Us With its Next New Car

It looks like 2018 will see the return of a famous old car brand. Lister Cars, based in Cambridge in the UK, hasn’t produced a new car in almost 25… Read More »

This Week In Cars: Sat Nav Coffee & Mustangs Turned Into Watches

Let’s face it, this week hasn’t been great if you’re a fan of attractive cars. Despite the LA Auto Show last week, two manufacturers waited to reveal their latest models… Read More »

Meet McLaren's New Road-Legal Track Weapon: The McLaren Senna

British high performance car manufacturer McLaren has revealed a new supercar benchmark, with a car it calls the McLaren Senna. The Senna is part of McLaren’s “Ultimate Series”. This is… Read More »

Bugatti Recalls the Chiron... for Dodgy Welding?

No matter what vehicle you own there’s always a chance of a recall. Whether it’s airbags from Toyota or crash protection from BMW, these issues can creep up anywhere. Nevertheless,… Read More »

The Lamborghini Urus Will be the Fastest SUV in the World

Despite an unveiling lightly plagued by technical issues, Lamborghini has revealed its new Urus to the world. Well, we’ve been waiting five years, so what does another five minutes matter?… Read More »