VRR TAG Heuer Endurance Championship [PS4]--Season Finale on April 14th at Interlagos

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    Virtual Reality Racing made its humble beginnings on Gran Turismo 6, running series like Super GT, the Subaru Touring Car Championship, and one off endurance events. With Super GT nowhere to be seen, and the Subaru BRZ no where either, we are doing something else we know what to do, which is waste a few hours on a Saturday running laps in GT3 machinery. We hope you come and waste your time with us. It's surely better than drinking, after all!
    Placement Test 1: Nurburgring GP/04 November 2017
    Placement Test 2: Nurburgring GP/11 November 2017
    Round 01 (RM): Takata Grand Prix of Suzuka/Suzuka International Race Course/55 laps/09 December 2017
    Round 02 (RSS): Sony Grand Prix of Tokyo/Tokyo Expressway-East Inner Loop/44 laps/16 December 2017
    Round 03 (RSS): Fujitsu Grand Prix of Bathurst/Mount Panorama Motor Racing Circuit/51 laps/06 January 2018
    Round 04 (RH): Mobil 1 Grand Prix of Kyoto/Kyoto Driving Park-Combined II/47 laps/20 January 2018
    Round 05 (RH): Zurich Grand Prix of Croatia/Dragon Trail Seaside/61 laps/03 February 2018
    Round 06 (RS): Bilstein Grand Prix of Nurburg/Nurburgring 24h/20 laps/03 March 2018
    Round 07 (RM): Shell Grand Prix of Maggiore/Autodromo Lago Maggiore/55 laps/17 March 2018

    Round 08 (RM): DHL Grand Prix of Sao Paulo/Autodromo Jose Carlos Pace/74 laps/14 April 2018
    GT3 Pro Class-14 entries
    Ax4x Team GearHead-Chevrolet Corvette C7
    #48: Ax4xGearHead (USA)/Adidas
    Black Rose Racing-Mercedes AMG-GT
    #9: GTP_Bambi (USA)/Elf
    #81: BRRT_Angel (USA)/Coca-Cola
    Clockwork Motorsports-BMW M6
    #26: The_Noir_Antares (PHI)/PlayStation
    GTPL Racing Team-Aston Martin V12 Vantage
    #69: GTPL_Plotnik (POL)/Koni
    Hasemi Motorsport-Nissan GT-R NISMO
    #61: WeatherSystems (USA)/Unisia Jecs
    Hook Racing-Porsche 911 RSR (991)
    #03: FRS_SK8R (ENG)/Gulf
    McYeetington Motorsports-Audi R8 LMS
    #30: TNR_5zigen (USA)/Monta Plast
    Razgriz Racing-Porsche 911 RSR (991)
    #80: nascarfan1400 (USA)/Eneos
    S.C.A.R.-Lamborghini Huracan
    #28: Cobani (NED)/TAG Heuer
    SLG Racing-Ferrari 458 Italia
    #118: Soullock27 (USA)/Guiness
    Team RacerWorkz-BMW M6
    #32: GTP_RACECAR (USA)/Mac Tools
    Top Notch Racing-Nissan GT-R NISMO
    #63: TNR_FILO (USA)/Endless

    GT3 Pro Reserve Drivers-5 entries
    McYeetington Motorsports-Audi R8 LMS
    #300: Robertlm89 (USA)/Monta Plast
    Lexar Motors-Aston Martin V12 Vantage
    #27: Crashbroke23 (CAN)/Jupiter & Co.
    L.T.M. Motorsport-Mercedes AMG-GT
    #23: Kross24 (PRC)/TBD
    Virtual Endurance Racing Team-Lexus RC F
    #25: CrazyJohnIsHere (GRE)/Citi
    Cherokee GP-Chevrolet Corvette C7
    #96: cshardy62096 (USA)/Urban Estate

    GT3 Am Class-18 entries
    8-Bit Racing-Aston Martin V12 Vantage
    #24: OnE_JoKeR_ (ENG)/Mobil 1
    #808: CSSdk (DEN)/Mobil 1
    AM Motorsport-Hyundai Genesis
    #56: amcdo122 (AUS)/Red Bull
    D.T.L.R.R.-Ford Mustang
    #72: BeAsT_Pk_RIPPER (USA)/Alpinestars
    Duel of the Week-Ferrari 458 Italia
    #102: BaronBlitzRed (USA)/Mahle
    GP Portugal Racing-Jaguar F-Type
    #19: atomicversion (POR)/Sparco
    GTIC Racing-Lexus RC F
    #44: Y_bearr_ (INA)/GTIC
    Intergalactic Peace Corps Racing-BMW M6
    #45: bigtexlpfan97 (USA)/Texaco
    Leadfoot Motorsports-Porsche 911 RSR (991)
    #97: Leadfoot530 (USA)/Valvoline
    Lempel EVANGELION Racing-Porsche 911 RSR (991)
    #202: BGT2011 (USA)/Lempel Technologies
    MotorSportPL-Mercedes AMG-GT
    #3: damianrutkowski9 (POL)/Puma
    Raiden Motorsports-Honda NSX
    #33: introsp3ctive541 (USA)/Continental
    Scuderia Rabia Furiosa-McLaren 650S
    #57: GTP_Crim (USA)/Verizon
    Team Oakshott-PDGT Racing-Audi R8 LMS
    #88: SurelyTheEnd (ENG)/Polyphony Digital
    TEN Racing-Dodge Viper SRT
    #86: eDirtyTati (USA)/Twitch
    Tetsu Racing-Chevrolet Corvette C7
    #54: TetsuKobura54 (USA)/GTClub
    ViejoLoco-Nissan GT-R NISMO
    #13: Bulzack (USA)/Arai
    NOTE: All cars listed are limited to 4 entries total. *-1 entry
    Alfa Romeo 4C*
    Aston Martin V12 Vantage****
    Audi R8 LMS**
    BMW M6***
    Chevrolet Corvette C7****
    Dodge Viper SRT*
    Ferrari 458 Italia**
    Ford Mustang**
    Honda NSX**
    Hyundai Genesis***
    Jaguar F Type**
    Lamborghini Huracan**
    Lexus RC F**
    McLaren 650S***
    Mercedes AMG-GT****
    Nissan GT-R NISMO***
    Porsche 911 RSR (991)****
    Renault Sport R.S.01**
    VRR Regulations​
    1.1. All drivers competing in the series must inform the series director of those intentions, detailing the car number they wish to use, as well as which car they wish to compete with.
    1.1.1. Numbers 1 and 2 are reserved for class champions.
    1.2. Once drivers have been registered, they will have to take a placement test, which will determine which class they are racing in for the season.
    1.3. All drivers must be a part of a team, either as an owner/driver or as a driver.
    1.3.1. Team names must be original. Teams are limited to two per class.
    2.1. Liveries featuring sponsorship from tobacco companies, or pornographic materials will be prohibited. Drivers that enter events in violation will be immediately suspended.
    2.2. Political liveries will not be tolerated. VRR is a neutral zone. Drivers will be given one warning if their liveries are found to be in violation of this. After that one warning, they will receive a one race suspension.
    2.3. Drivers competing in GT3 Pro will be required to run with clear headlight covers, black windshield banners, and black number panels (option #4).
    2.4. Drivers competing in GT3 Am will be required to run with yellow headlight covers, white windshield banners, and white number panels (option #3).
    2.5. TAG Heuer sponsorship must be placed above the number panel on both sides of the car.
    2.6. All drivers are limited to two liveries. Both liveries must use the primary sponsor.
    2.6.1. Minor adjustments can be made to liveries without them being considered separate liveries. Color changes affecting more than 40% of the car, or major sponsorship decal adjustment will count as a separate livery. Drivers that overuse the amount of allowed liveries will receive a 5 point penalty per extra livery beyond the first two.
    3.1. The field will be split into two classes. GT3 Pro and GT3 Am. A placement test will be required before a driver can enter an event. 7 GT3 Pro cars will be allowed to race in each event, while 8 GT3 Am cars will race in each event.
    3.2. Drivers that miss the preseason placement test, as well as the first points race of the season will automatically be placed in GT3 Am unless decided otherwise by series officials.
    4.1. VRR is a clean racing environment. Rough, but fair competition is expected. Accidents will be reviewed after each race and post race penalties may be assessed.
    4.2. Drivers must be aware of their surroundings at all times in a multiclass environment. Drivers in the faster class will be expected to drive cleaner and use patience with their overtakes.
    4.3. Drivers attempting to lap cars will need to use flashing lights as well as patience in passing.
    4.4. Drivers being lapped do not have to pull off of the racing line, but must maintain a constant line until after they have been cleared by the passing car.
    4.5. Drivers that have been lapped cannot fight to regain that lap unless they are engaged in a battle for direct position on track.
    4.6. The racing surface is determined to be the asphalt/concrete which contains the racing line. Curbstones, rumble strips, sausage curbing, and astroturf do not count as part of the racing surface.
    4.6.1. Penalties will be assessed based on if drivers gain an advantage by abusing track limits by either cutting the insides of corners or by using the outside boundaries on corners and corner exits.
    4.6.2. Some corners will be given leniency to the ruling based on difficulty to adhere to the initial rule or how confined the track surface is in that specific corner. Dragon Trail-Seaside--Turns 10-13 (Bus Stop) permits using the curbing as track surface. Nurburgring GP Strecke--Turn 4 (Mercedes Arena Exit), turns 8-9 (Michael Schumacher S). turns 13-14 (NGK Chicane) permits using curbing as track surface. Nurburgring 24H--Turn 2 (Yokohama S exit) permits ability to run wide. Autodromo Nazionale Monza--Turns 1-2 (Rettifilo Chicane), turns 4-5 (Roggia Chicane), turns 8-10 (Ascari Chicane) permits using the striped curbing as track surface.
    4.7. Pit entry and exit lines are to be respected at all times. Drivers that are found to cross the solid lines entering or exiting pit lane will receive a 10 second post race time penalty.
    4.8. Passing under yellow flag conditions is prohibited. Drivers that pass under a local yellow and do not give the position back will be handed a 30 second post race time penalty.
    4.9. Drivers that prematurely leave a race once will be given a disciplinary warning for the first offense. The second time a driver leaves a race before the finish, the driver will be suspended for one race. The third time a driver leave a race early, they will not be permitted to continue the season in any capacity.
    4.10. Drivers vying to defend a position on track are allowed one defensive move as a proactive measure. Making a defensive move as a reactive measure will earn a warning/penalty. This includes weaving back and forth across the racing surface.
    5.1. Race lobbies will open at 4:00 p.m. Eastern U.S. time to allow for a 30 minute qualifying session. Once the session has expired, the race director will inform everyone to finish their laps and park in a designated parc ferme location while the qualifying order is taken.
    5.2. Once qualifying results have been determined, the race will proceed, and the field will embark on a formation lap at 62 miles per hour/100 kilometers per hour to put everyone in their correct positions.
    5.2.1. The field will proceed to run the formation lap single file, keeping 5 car lengths between cars. Everyone will then line up and park in their respective grid stalls before the start/line and wait until the selected total time (5 minutes unless specified before the race).
    5.2.2. Cars that are damaged on the formation lap will pull out of line, drop to the rear, and park behind the grid to wait to enter pit lane to repair damage.
    5.2.3. In case of a lobby specific issue, such as a driver stuck in auto-drive, or a driver incurring dangerous latency, one abandon start may be used per lobby. Drivers affected will be instructed to restart their systems and/or internet connections and rejoin without losing their grid spot. If issues persist, the driver(s) in question may back out of the event without punishment.
    5.3. Due to the nature of the racing, full course cautions are to be limited to serious issues, such as a mass disconnection, massive accident, or another emergency.
    6.1. The driver that finishes a race first in their class will earn 25 points.
    6.2. The driver that finishes a race second in their class will earn 18 points.
    6.3. The driver that finishes a race third in their class will earn 15 points.
    6.4. The driver that finishes a race fourth in their class will earn 12 points.
    6.5. The driver that finishes a race fifth in their class will earn 10 points.
    6.6. The driver that finishes a race sixth in their class will earn 8 points.
    6.7. The driver that finishes a race seventh in their class will earn 6 points.
    6.8. The driver that finishes a race eighth in their class will earn 4 points.
    6.9. The driver that finishes a race ninth in their class will earn 2 points.
    6.10. The driver that finishes a race tenth in their class will earn 1 point.
    6.11. To score points, drivers must complete 85% race distance compared to the overall race winner, and must take the checkered flag.
    7.1. The room mode for TAG Heuer Endurance Championship events will be set to "Practice/Race".
    7.2. Lobbies will be clearly coded for understanding. Each lobby will include the round number and which lobby it is. For example, lobby one for the first round would have the room title "VRR THEC R01 Lobby 1".
    7.3. Laps will be specifically set to include the scheduled race distance publicly displayed as well as an additional lap for formation lap. An example of this would be the event at Dragon Trail having a scheduled distance of 61 laps, while the race lobby will be scheduled for 62 laps to include the formation lap.
    7.4. The starting procedure for each event will be a standing start so all drivers have the ability to see their grid stall before the actual race start.
    7.5. Grid order will be initially set to "Fastest First", unless that lobby has to abandon an attempted start. From that point on, the lobby order will be determined via "Set by Host".
    7.6. Boost will not be utilized in any formal VRR championships.
    7.7. Slipstream Strength will always be set to real for VRR championships.
    7.8. Visible Damage will be turned on.
    7.9. Mechanical Damage will always be set to "Heavy" for VRR championships.
    7.10. Tire wear will be set to normal wear, or x1.
    7.11. Fuel Consumption will be set to normal, or x1.
    7.12. Initial Fuel will be set to 100 liters.
    7.13. Grip on Wet Track/Track Edge will always be set to "Real" for VRR championships.
    7.14. Race Finish Delay will be set to try matching the amount of time needed to complete a lap.
    7.15. Category of cars allowed in the lobby will be preset to Gr.3.
    7.16. In game automatic Balance of Performance will be turned off due to VRR having its own set Balance of Performance.
    7.17. Maximum Tire Rating will be be the compound that is determined for each race and posted in the calendar.
    7.18. Minimum Tire Rating will be set to the same compound as the maximum.
    7.19. Ghosting During Race will be set to "None".
    7.20. Shortcut Penalty will be set to "None".
    7.21. Wall Collision Penalty will be set to "None".
    7.22. Side Contact Penalty will be set to "None".
    7.23. Correct Vehicle Course After Wall Collision will be turned off.
    7.24. Replace Car at Course Out will be turned off.
    7.25. Flag Rules will be turned off.
    7.26. Countersteer Assist will not be allowed.
    7.27. Active Stability Management will not be allowed.
    7.28. Driving Line will not be allowed.
    7.29. Traction Control will not be limited.
    7.30. ABS will not be limited.
    7.31. Auto Drive will not be allowed.
    8.1. Events and issues that happen during the race can be met with post race time penalties.
    8.1.1. Crossing the pit entry line will result in a 10 second post race time penalty.
    8.1.2. Repeated corner cutting will result in a 10 second post race time penalty, irregardless of if an on track penalty was given. Penalty is awarded for three recorded corner violations in a five lap span, and can be repeated as necessary.
    8.1.3. Crossing the pit exit line will result in a 15 second post race time penalty.
    8.1.4. Jumping the race start will result in a 20 second post race time penalty
    8.1.5. Passing unstricken cars under waved yellow flags will result in a 20 second post race time penalty
    8.1.6. Causing an avoidable collision will result in a 30 second post race time penalty.
    8.1.7. Rejoining the racing surface dangerously will result in a 15 second time penalty.
    8.1.8. Dangerously serving a penalty earned during the event will result in a 20 second post race time penalty.
    8.1.9. Hitting another driver under Safety Car conditions will result in a 15 second post race time penalty.
    8.1.10. Parking improperly in grid stall for the start of the race will result in a 10 second post race time penalty. This includes parking with front tires beyond the front stall line, or tires positioned beyond the sides of the stall lines.
    8.2. Other penalties awarded for off track issues will not result in a time penalty, but may be seen as more serious.
    8.2.1. For the first offense of leaving a race session prematurely, a reprimand will be given to the driver in question.
    8.2.2. For the second offense of leaving a race session prematurely, a one race suspension will be awarded.
    8.2.3. For the third offense of leaving a race session prematurely, a two race suspension will be awarded.
    8.2.4. For the fourth offense of leaving a race session prematurely, a four race suspension will be awarded. Race suspensions apply only to the series the offense occurs. Appeals can be made with sound reason as to why the voluntary forfeit occured.
    8.2.5. Causing a deliberate collision with another car for any reason and with any end result will result in an automatic one race suspension. The length of the suspension is left to the race steward to finalize on a per case basis.
    8.2.6. Insulting a driver through prejudice or unfounded malice will result in a one race suspension once evidence is brought forward. An appeal will not be granted.

    Link to VRR's Discord Server
    Link to VRR's Twitter Feed
    Link to VRR's GT Sport Gallery
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    Suzuka Race Report Link
    GT3 Pro Podium: 1st) #30: TNR_5zigen 2nd) #26: The_Noir_Antares 3rd) #22: GTP_GTRacer22
    GT3 Am Podium: 1st) #56: amcdo122 2nd) #54: TetsuKobura54 3rd) #57: GTP_Crim

    Tokyo Race Report Link
    GT3 Pro Podium: 1st) #63: TNR_FILO 2nd) #9: GTP_Bambi 3rd) #48: Ax4xGearHead
    GT3 Am Podium: 1st) #54: TetsuKobura54 2nd) #57: GTP_Crim 3rd) #13: Bulzack

    Bathurst Race Report Link
    GT3 Pro Podium:
    GT3 Am Podium:
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    Updated as of December 20, 2017.
    GT3 Pro Driver's Championship Standings
    1st: #48: Ax4xGearHead/27 pts.
    2nd: #26: The_Noir_Antares/26 pts.
    3rd: #30: TNR_5zigen/25 pts.
    4th: #63: TNR_FILO/25 pts.
    5th: #9: GTP_Bambi/18 pts.
    6th: #22: GTP_GTRacer22/15 pts.
    7th: #118: Soullock27/14 pts.
    8th: #61: WeatherSystems/14 pts.
    9th: #81: BRRT_Angel/14 pts.
    10th: #80: nascarfan1400/12 pts.
    11th: #28: Cobani/10 pts.
    12th: #300: Robertlm89/1 pt.

    GT3 Pro Team's Championship Standings
    1st: Black Rose Racing/32 pts.
    2nd: Ax4x Team GearHead/27 pts.
    3rd: McYeetington Motorsports/26 pts.
    4th: Clockwork Motorsports/26 pts.
    5th: Top Notch Racing/25 pts.
    6th: Okuma Motorsports/15 pts.
    7th: SLG Racing/14 pts.
    8th: Hasemi Motorsport/14 pts.
    9th: Razgriz Racing/12 pts.
    10th: S.C.A.R./10 pts.

    GT3 Am Driver's Championship Standings
    1st: #54: TetsuKobura54/43 pts.
    2nd: #56: amcdo122/35 pts.
    3rd: #57: GTP_Crim/33 pts.
    4th: #13: Bulzack/23 pts.
    5th: #10: Street-King-07/20 pts.
    6th: #24: OnE_JoKeR_/14 pts.
    7th: #97: Leadfoot530/12 pts.
    8th: #33: introsp3ctive541/8 pts.
    9th: #808: CSSdk/7 pts.
    10th: #44: Y_bearr_/4 pts.
    11th: #4: Oh_Bai/2 pts.
    12th: #45: bigtexlpfan97/1 pt.

    GT3 Am Team's Championship Standings
    1st: Tetsu Racing/43 pts.
    2nd: AM Motorsport/35 pts.
    3rd: Scuderia Rabia Furiosa/33 pts.
    4th: ViejoLoco/23 pts.
    5th: 8-Bit Racing/21 pts.
    6th: Enigma Racing/20 pts.
    7th: Leadfoot Motorsports/12 pts.
    8th: Raiden Motorsports/8 pts.
    9th: GTIC Racing/4 pts.
    10th: Project D/2 pts.
    11th: Intergalactic Peace Corps Racing/1 pt.
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    United States
  5. GTRacer22

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    United States
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    RACECAR Premium

    United States
    Officially unveiling of sponsors and car at the test. Been a while, but feels good to be back in one of these again.
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  7. Antares26


    #26 BMW
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  8. TetsuKobura

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    United States
    #54 Chevrolet
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  9. GTRacer22

    GTRacer22 Premium

    United States
    I’ll be in the Corvette (not today, though, I won’t be there).
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  10. FireEmblem10


    United States
    I'll see if this is a possibility for me, but given my horrific work schedule nothing is guaranteed.

    If it does work out... no idea what I'd like to use since the Evo does not seem to be an option.
  11. Eva

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    United States
    Both of you have been added, welcome!
    A lot of cars were removed due to the fact that the BoP doesn't sit in their favor. The Evo is one of those cars that just didn't fit.
  12. Formidable


    United States
    Will take the NSX.
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  13. Macca27


    I'll give it a shot. Should be available for it
    Car TBC
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  14. nascarfan1400


    United States
    Good to be back. :)
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  15. Cobani


    I would like to join. Sounds great. And the time table seems perfect.

    Car: TBA
    Number: #28
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  16. gtic_ybear


    I would like to join, car and number TBA, btw...what is your PSN ID? I will add you

    Thanks mate
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  17. FireEmblem10


    United States
    Guess I'll go for it.

    Number: #116
    Car: Nissan GT-R NISMO GT3
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  18. Eva

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    United States
    My PSN is BRRT_Angel
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  19. Eva

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    United States
    Added to the list, and welcome to GTPlanet!
    Always good to be back.
    Added to the list as well, thanks for joining.
    Added to the list. I will stress that you aren't required to make every race. Just let me know before hand if you can't make it. Welcome to VRR.

    I will ask everyone to read through the rules in the OP, however, just because it's been a work in progress since the thread opened. More stuff will be added, but the basics are ready for you all to read.
  20. Whitetail

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    United States
    I would like to register in the Mercedes AMG GT3 please. The rest of my information should already be forwarded.
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  21. Eva

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    United States
    Was registered last night. :tup:
  22. FireEmblem10


    United States
    The GT-R has a big problem that I'm going to need to cure if I'm going to use it... the front end lifting off the ground over crests. On the Nurburgring I knew to expect it, but it actually gave me a time penalty for having it lift off far enough.

    On Maggiore, it does it too (but not as bad as the Nurb.) If anyone's got some tuning setup advice to cure it, let me know. I'll be doing my own fact-finding all the while.
  23. Tex


    United States
    With the exception of the Placement Test, I should (hopefully) be able to compete in all the races here without any issues regarding work.

    PSN: bigtexlpfan97
    Number: 45
    Car: TBD
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  24. BGT2011


    United States
    I think I'll give this a try.

    No.202 Porsche 911 RSR.
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  25. Eva

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    United States
    Holy crap everyone, 13 confirmed entries and one waiting on a car number already. This is awesome!
  26. Jarnokee963


    PSN: Jarnokee963
    Number: 21
    Car: Hyundai Genesis By SaZeJe Motorsport
  27. DcrRaikkonen


    United States
    Car: Lexus RC F
  28. Eva

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    United States
  29. MisterWaffles

    MisterWaffles Premium

    I'll have to see if my schedule lines up, but I'll take the 458 GT3 with number 101
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  30. Formidable


    United States
    Already got the test livery going :tup: