Want a track with huge jumps?

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KingJosh I'm adding you to. For those who are interested, I've got an Aso track with a turn that makes FGTs spin like hell. It's fun to drive against AIs. It's only one turn though. Add me if you want, tell you're from GTplanet.
PSN: SpeedQber
I have an excellent jump track. Flipped my X1. Add me my PSN is the same as my username. When you add me tell me you're from gtplanet.

how the 🤬 can u flip the x1....i thought its got supreme downforce
If GT5 worked like FM3, we wouldn't have to ask around for certain types of tracks with certain features and wouldn't have to ask around about adding people. Instead, we could simply load up the game, search for key phrases like "jump" or "ramp", and turn up thousands of Course Maker tracks with those phrases to download without ever communicating with those people at all.

That sort of functionality would make too much sense, though, so it will never happen.

If u r bitching about gt5 then why dont u put down the controller and buy an xbox and be bitchy on xbox forums instead
Yours faithfully a happy gamer
hello m8

Can someone add me? i already sent five frindes request and no luck for me.

i nedd to try this track. pleaseee and thanks to the gt comunity
Would like to check it out too - will send an FR tonight after work. Thanks in advance!
Can I add u 2?

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