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If you think that's bad, don't try the Porsche. Warp speed acceleration but absolutely no brakes, it feels like it indeed doesn't have physical brakes but relies solely on regeneration as I've never seen anything with that much downforce and that sticky tyres stop that badly. The 300-100 km/h time doesn't differ all that much from the 100-300 one. Add to that some really weird torque vectoring that ensure it changes attitude about three times per corner and it's not even really dependant on what you're doing with the pedals.
Sounds a bit like the experience I had with the Jaguar, really terrible car to drive, it's probably the worst experience I've ever had in GT7.
One of the amazing joys I have is when I find a car that I initially thought wouldn't win but with some tuning did win the race at Fuji...
I was going to just use the prescribed Gr.B car for the rally race, until I was scrolling through the list of cars that take dirt tyres and saw an unexpected name in the XJ220. So I got my XJR-9 swapped one out, bought some tyres for it and gave it a spin.

Pictured: An attempted takeoff into orbit from the jumps at the end of the lap.

Haven't gotten a lot of clean races for a while, and it's continuing...
  • Japanese FR - Toyota FT-1
  • WRC - Celica Rally Car
  • Special Event - Obvious
  • Vision GT Trophy - Bugatti VGT 🔰
  • WTC700 - GT-R Gr 4
  • 10k from 3-Star Daily
I finally finished the WC challenge. I did it over 3 days as I had time
For the 1st race I used a swapped MR2 fr an easy win
Sardegna I used the S1 was it fun until the right before the finish

Fortunately I landed right in front of the finish line and won just as he second place car crossed the line.
Won the Urus race with a lowered Urus. It handled very well with just that one adjustment. Of course I have to slow down sooner and get it through the curves but it was actually fun to use this time.
I use the Genesis VGT for Deep Forest and I was a little skeptical about using since the last time I used it in a VGT race It decided to try fly at the Monza track 🤣 . But it did well but I couldn't catch the Porsche VGT. I may go back and try Lambo or Hyundai and see if I can catch the Porsche. Finally I tried a couple of cars for the last race. I started with the 917 but I didn't finish because I had to go some where. Then I tried a swapped Corolla Morizo but I didn't like it for that track. I settled on the Honda 65 F1 car. Did a no stop run at FM1 for the win. I wasn't easy as I spun out quite a few times.
Race 1 at Fuji: The randomizer gave me the '90 RX-7. I had a few permanent mods on it that I couldn't remove, so my PP level was about 500. Still had the stock tires on it but got 3rd place. Not a bad race.

Race 2 at Sardegna: Got the Celica rally car in the roll of the wheel. Good car but needed to upgrade the transmission to get a bit more speed out of the turns. Cat was stock otherwise. Another 3rd place.

Race 3 at Tokyo: Stock Urus got me 3rd place. It's a bit of a fatty on the brakes but it still can carry good speed through the corners.

Race 4 at Deep Forest: Got the Aston Martin DP-100. This car is a cheat code. Fully stock it's a bullet down the straights. Pretty good brakes and at least it can take turns unlike a lot of other VGT's. 1st place.

Race 5 at Dragon Tail Gardens: Took the Lexus RC-F Gr.4 out there in stock form. Quite a bit of torque in this car. I actually had to use traction control with this car. Anyway, the AI is a bit crazy in this race. The rain can make this one a bit fun:
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Not in the mood for a big write-up, too much trouble at work these days.
Ok. Went from this ...
to this ...
Got this.jpg
in 5 episodes :

Gran Turismo™ 7_20240621204240.jpg

They're all way faster but I got that K3 Matte livery that simply beats everything.

Gran Turismo™ 7_20240622163026.jpg

Place the seat upright and fasten your seatbelt now. It's Air Toyota !

Gran Turismo™ 7_20240622202921.jpg

I heard a herd of Italian elephants has been unloaded today in the overseas port.

Gran Turismo™ 7_20240623142852.jpg

Lapped ! Nobody told R. Kitai to not bring a knife to a gunfight.

Gran Turismo™ 7_20240623190431.jpg

That's when you leave the pit and the whole world has changed.


Pending the Porsche 356 one-make With the Porsche 356 one-make (courtesy YouTuber Calem MrNazreenn), the base credits for wins:
  • Sardegna - Windmills Jimny Cup - 30,000 Cr.
  • Route X American Clubman Cup - 15,000 Cr.
  • Autodrome Lago Maggiore Porsche Cup - 70,000 Cr. (though they're legal, I don't recommend the 356 here)
  • Circuit de Sainte-Croix Gr.1 Prototype Series - 210,000 Cr.
  • Laguna Seca Special Event - 80,000 Cr.
At least there are no repeats, though the guaranteed money of 555,000 Cr. (plus clean race bonuses) looks to be is among the lowest among the 34 weeks. The special event would need to be worth at least 78,000 Cr. to avoid being the 2nd-worst.
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I prefer credits, but the 6* car ticket can be fun.
Knowing my luck, I'll probably get the 2020 Mercedes-AMG GT3 (again), the cheapest car available from that ticket at 480,000 Cr., and its resale value will be somewhere under 240,000 Cr.
Knowing my luck, I'll probably get the 2020 Mercedes-AMG GT3 (again), the cheapest car available from that ticket at 480,000 Cr., and its resale value will be somewhere under 240,000 Cr.
I got the Delorean once. I think it was worth like 202k when selling it, but I don't recall exactly.
A note for randomiser users on this week's lineup: There's no extra logic for oval races currently. I'm hoping it all just works and it's not necessary to implement anything special, but if any of you roll something that is impossible to top-3 the Route X race in, could you please let me know? Thanks.
The choice for my race was perfectly fine for SSRX.

Knowing my luck, I'll probably get the 2020 Mercedes-AMG GT3 (again), the cheapest car available from that ticket at 480,000 Cr., and its resale value will be somewhere under 240,000 Cr.
I am hoping I don't get another AMG VGT Racing Series 🤣 It would be the 3rd one for me 🤣
Great to see a new one-make race this week, some cool liveries on the AI cars too. Rest were a good mix, SSRX isn't the most interesting but it does give you a chance to use some engine swapped stuff that's super quick in a straight line. Gr.1 at Sainte-Croix is fun and seems to be easier than I remember, but that might be down to the AI doing weird strategy choices. The Peugeot VGT that's usually super quick around there decided to do 3 laps, then 4, then 1 on its tyres for whatever reason. Ended up with the TS050 on RS/RS and won by >35 seconds, fun circuit for those cars.

This weeks selection:
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