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My thoughts going into this round of weeklies:

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It's purely academic (and ineligible for the event) at this point, but you should try @praiano63 's tune for the 59 Corvette racecar. His work saved that car from the junkyard.

Trippy that link takes me to a Levi's liveried Corvette - when I made a Levi's livery for my Superbird... 🤯
Four pickups driving extremely erratically with more speed than skill, one more crashed on the side of the road, and when you pass the wrecked one all the others slow to a crawl blocking the road completely and the next thing you realize is that the crashed one smashes into your truck. No, this isn't a description about how to get abducted by a Mexican drug cartel in some moonlit back roads, but how the last sector of the first lap of the pickup race turned out. Certainly wasn't a first try cruise to a CRB this time.

I used my stock brown Plymouth for this and enjoyed it so much ... Won by miles the second time around with CRB ...

With the full stock car ? How ? :bowdown:

Could you post your runtime or average lap times as a reference ?
I can reach 4th place or so with it, still around 5 seconds behind the winner ...
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No bro, the sides written 'Plymouth' disappear when color is applied.
This livery came out over 2 years ago:

😭😭Magic I guess, it always disappeared for me and I didn't know how to put the letters Plymouth back...

Anyway, at least I now have it like I had it in my wonderful Gran Turismo 2 😍😍
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Just in between :
Man that Pick up race is easy. The weakest heaviest Raptor ever with a full stock setup wins this race and gets a CRB.
214 kW / 2.909 kg / 406,60 PP
Gran Turismo™ 7_20240517233000.jpg

Would want to try this with a Jimny ! :lol:
With the full stock car ? How ? :bowdown:

Could you post your runtime or average lap times as a reference ?
I can reach 4th place or so with it, still around 5 seconds behind the winner ...
Full stock aside from tyres. Slapped some SS tyres on. Makes a massive difference to handling for not a lot of money.

Oh and I was running laps around 2:10/2:08, if I remember correctly.

Looks better with a simple livery on it.

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Fun races this week, I always really enjoy the Gr.B cars on road courses and the Super Formula cars at Road Atlanta were great fun too. Other 3 races were decent enough, all were reasonably easy although Blue Moon Bay can be tricky if you try and run low PP cars. For Road Atlanta I used the SF19 and ran RS/RS pitting on lap 8, I think if you use FM3 you can not put fuel in but I just went as fast as I could and ended up winning by a minute, so much fun to drive although you have to be careful at turn 3 or you launch the car into space. For Willow Springs I just ran a stock GT 86 Gr.B and pitted half way for tyres, doesn't need fuel on FM1 if you lift and coast and maybe throw it on map 6 when you're close to the limiter in 6th.

Somewhat accidentally Toyota themed cars for the week:
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Wouldn't recommend doing the SF race then the GrB race right after. :odd:
lol, I did exactly that. But then I am a DiRT Rally fan and can jump into rallying right after tarmac racing and not end up doing barrel rolls.


Gotta say I had huge fun at the Big Willow. AI is neither slow nor dumb with pitting like at the Super Formula race. Won by diving inside at the start of the last corner of the last lap!
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Well here's this weeks choices:
Obvious. Used my Praiano tuned as always. Too easy. Over even before the first lap ended. lol
Watkins Glen Long Course_ (11) by 2cam16, on Flickr
Another easy one was the trucks. the Raptor killed them all.
Colorado Springs - Lake_ (2) by 2cam16, on Flickr
Blue Moon in my 588pp Shelby on SS. Won by a second over the Viper. Dirty because I hit the wall. So I got my tuned Chevelle on RS for the CRB.
Blue Moon Bay Speedway_ by 2cam16, on Flickr
Willow in my DirtFish inspired Subie. Decent battle with the Audi but it was over by lap 8.
Willow Springs International Raceway_ Big Willow__1 by 2cam16, on Flickr
I'll attempt RA this weekend or sometime. Luckily the 4-star ticket gave me 1M so good enough wins.
Worst weekly races for me since I don't like super formula and RB X 19 or such a fast moving cars .

Anyway i pick one from past weekly races i guess and i have to follow the leader till he go to the pits cause i didn't know where the entrance was 🤣

And continue with group B sliding on ice cars 😂 .
I was looking what tyres am on after second turn and 2 restarts ( due to first turn 🤣 )
Pick two cars stock but had the same terrible behaviour and needed some tuning in order to not go out 3-4 times in a lap.

I don't like dirt but at least did it at once.

The dinosaur follow and why on full track i was wondering.

Anyway , did them all and won't go back even with a gun on my head .
Super formula on easy level the others on normal ,got one CRB but that was the least that worries me .
Good payment this time and the next should be with tickets probably.
That SF race was the easiest of all the races this week. Ran it and won on the first try.

That stupid Superbird race was annoying. Tried winning on a completely stock car and would continually get rammed off the track on the long straights where the AI catches up and taps you to spin you out. Anyway, best I could do was 3rd on the stock CM tires. Put on CS tires and completely dominated the field. Felt like cheating.

The rest of the races were pretty dumb. Blue Moon oval??? C’mon. That race takes no skill what-so-ever. The truck race was also fairly boring. The Gr.B race at Big Willow took a couple tries because those cars love to oversteer than snap hard back in line trying to high side the car. So that took a bit of getting used to. I just don’t like that track.

Overall a pretty crappy week other than the SF race at Road Atlanta. That one actually made me like driving Road Atlanta.
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I've done 4 of the races, all very enjoyable - only managed second in the truck race as had a little accident! 5th race I'm leaving this week as I have to unlock the Super Formula races in the Cafe Menu which I am not very interested in doing. Still, earned 100k and 200k tickets, so very welcome!
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No sweat. Use the SF19 on RM, FM1 for 7 laps, FM6 for the last 8 laps. No pit stops.
Thanks for the hint. And why not FM3 or 4 all along ?
The rest of the races were pretty dumb. Blue Moon oval??? C’mon. That race takes no skill what-so-ever.
Weeklies are meant for everyone, not only aimed at top drivers like you. So there will always be easy races included.
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Propably 1 to catch up/pull away and 6 to reduce the risk of wheelspin on halfway used tyres.
Just a guess, havent done that race.
That's clever 👍

Just tried it, I am largely of pace. Doing 1:11-1:12 while they doing 1:07. Lost even more time in the first laps to adapt and find how to go through turns, but even with a better knowledge/confidence, I was still much slower than the pack. The only thing that prevented me to be lapped was my no stop strategy.

Looks I'll have to lower the difficulty to easy to have a chance.

[Edit]Lowered to easy and applied @OldandSlow's hints for the win. Finished ~30s in front of n°2. Best lap in 1:08. AIs pitted really late, I thought they were on a no-stop strategy.
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