Weekly Drift Series - General Conversation Thread

my turn to pick next weeks wds.
SO, i want to take ideas from you guys. what would YOU like to see?
My vote goes with what Articzap said. I like it, sounds good, it'd be a slight challenge but lots of fun.👍
The first 4 turns of midfield reverse? Tricky one, not sure if the 4th one will link that easily... the first 3 are pretty nuts by themselves :P
ok, well im thinking of a different section.
get in MSpaint and start drawing! or grab the track maps and make it out for me to see.
the first 4 is like half the track.
hmm maybe.
The first FOUR corners. I've luckily once or twice have been able to have enough momentum and swing to make it to the hairpin, but theres no way you can link in the 4th, first off you coming from a hairpin so your going slow now, second the 4th corner is going uphill so thats no good, and 3rdly its such a slight corner its really useless, the first 3 i might like to go with but definetly not with 4.
yeah, the first 3 sound ok. but he might be talking about the right and double left as 3 and 4. and i was thinking it would be too long of a section.
yeah, thats why i was wondering exactly which section you were talking about.
i tried out the spoon corner, and i dont think we would see very many entries from it. its a harder section to do than most.