Weight transfer question

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I was wondering how you guys test weight transfer on your drift cars. Do you just slap damper settings on, test with better tyres, or what? I know the concepts of weight transfer but I can never seem to get it right.
I would say start with very soft springs and AR, and lower damper settings until you can get the hang of changing it for weight transfers.
Also make sure TCS is off and your wheel is set Simulation steering and FFB settings to values you are comfortable and able to control the car with. Brake Balance of 2/0 for high hp cars and 1/0 for the lower powered. This allows you to brakestand burnouts as well as brake-drift and other tricks.

Personally I test mine with CM or CH tyres all round. Mostly CH. Also something to remember, cars can handle very differently on different tracks. You can make an awesome drift tune on Autumn Ring and struggle at Tsukuba. Just keep that in mind. Use the Tuning sheets and copy features to name your tunes per track.