What are your best/favourite custom race setups?

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I haven't been able to find a thread yet where people share their favorite custom race setups so this is me attempting to start one. The focus here is to include setups that are unique, interesting and fun (I'll provide an example below). Note: please don't use this thread to whinge about the custom race feature, this is old news and there's plenty of threads on that already. Feel free to click like on your favorite setups. So here goes...


Here is a link to the above race (not my setup).
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Track: Tokyo Express East Clockwise or Reverse

  • Set to 16 laps+
  • Time of day to afternoon
  • Time scale to max
  • Custom weather
- Set first and last weather as clear
- Set weather for middle 2 as heavy torrential rain

What's good about it:
You start the race in pristine sunshine, about a quarter/third of the way through it turns into nighttime which is a very nice change as tokyo at night is nicely lit. Then while you're enjoying the pretty night lights, about halfway through you get absolutely smashed with the heavy torrential rain and everyone scrambles to the pits, causing epic chaos and crashes for those that need to travel the furthest to get there. Once you change your tyres it is quite a nice change driving through the rain storm with a change of strategy needed. In the last quarter the rain will stop and the sky will clear just in time for a beautiful sunrise. The remaining few laps will finish up on a mostly dry track in the crisp morning air. A really nice setup I'd recommend anyone to try if you really want a full range of weather, day and night changes. You come out the end of it thinking: "Holy crap, that was an experience!"
Some players share races and info here
Yes I did see that thread, but it feels like 90% of it is discussing how certain features work/don't work, what is apparently broken and what other features should be added to custom races. It would be nice to have one place for just looking at different race settings.