What did you do in GT7 today?

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Completing events still, did the Turbo Sports Cars for lunch break with my trusty Silvia Takata. Road Atlanta + GV inverted. Not very good at GV as I don't know that track well, but managed to win without much trouble anyway.

DW 3* gave 100k 😱

Bought the new Nissan (R32) at UCD and the new Honda (Integra) to complete garage (already in collection but sold previously).
Over 400kms on Nurburgring CE.

Completed only 1 full lap which shaved 1.5 seconds off my time (still 4 seconds off gold though).

Never been more annoyed at Sarah than I was yesterday.

It's the only thing I have left to do besides purchase a few more Legendary Cars.
Won the Spa Touring Car 800 race, and finally got my hands on a Porsche 962.
Today was a good day.
Today I unboxed my new PS 5 and installed GT 7. During installation I was prompted to do music rallies of which I golded the first 3. After installation was complete I had time to do one more menu book race. I kept hitting the walls on an oval course and only managed third. Good enough for now.

Happy to finally play this game. See you tomorrow.
On the Plus account, I took my 1,000,000 Cr. for correctly taking Spain in the Nations Cup, then needed only 3 laps to get gold in the MS-6 license test. It took far longer to get gold in MS-7. The all-cash 4-star Wheel of Despair puked out the low-showing/lowest-possible 10,000 Cr.

On the GTP account, it took far longer than it should have to win the Clubman Cup Plus event at Route X in a Veneno. The 2nd 3-star Wheel of Despair of 4 this month barfed out the lowest-possible 5,000 Cr. Hardee-****ing-har-har.
04.12 - Fallout 4 took majority of my past two weeks, but yesterday I managed to do some stuff. Got my 1kk Cr for Nations cup prediction and another 1kk for silver time trial. Bought two wishlisted cars from legends to complete two menus - porsche supercars and corvettes. Did weekly challenges, 100pp race with fiat felt like endurance race. Did some more SP events to up my events completion to 75%. Did TT with alpine on watkins, and managed to get my first time into gold with 0,3s to spare, so fingers crossed that I won't be into silver when this event ends. Then the time came to open all my tickets from the day - I never pay attention to engine ones, but got two cars (Amuse s2000 and Jag F-type) and 100k gold bar. First non miserable rewards for as far as I can remember.
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Tried to complete my World Touring Car 600, still need to win the 5 laps at "Tokyo Expressway South counterclockwise"

And I struggle...

Tried 2 times with my Civic Type R Limited Edition (FK8) '20 to no avail. I can't keep up with the fastest cars in the long straights. I fight my way through the pack but don't have enough time to pass n°1 and he keeps vanishing in the distance everytime we are on the straights.

Tried to use the Lambo Aventador that finished 2 times first, but it is above PP limit on SH not sure going CS is a good idea.

Any hint ?
Tried to use the Lambo Aventador that finished 2 times first, but it is above PP limit on SH not sure going CS is a good idea.

Any hint ?
Could try the power limiter or ballast to bring PP down while still keeping your preferred tire?
yes of course, but do you know if AI use tuning to lower PP or they are using lower grade tyres ?
I couldn't say if they're limited in some way. However to check their tires, you'd have to watch a replay and display all race info. You should be able to tell from there what tires they're on.

If you don't want to do an entire race, I suppose you could start the event and then immediately quit after the start for the replay.
Guess what everyone, I completed my Master Super License with 9 bronze and 1 silver. Wasn't able to get any golds which could be a problem, it won't be an easy feat for me. I'm a low-end pro, not like the aliens of GT.
There isn't any problem to that .
I will never pass the cone licences,as I'll never pass the one with the Ferrari at Tokyo at new M license 🤐
But what the hell , i can enjoy with other " things " .
The problem is when you want desperate the reward cars and you are not able to buy them yet.
Other than that,am too old to make a problem from my progress in the game that supposed is enjoys me.
I tried to break my Porsche Cup duck by doing the race at Barcelona in a stock 911 GT3 RS (992)...

Bt despite setting purple laps all the way through the race, I could only manage P3, 3.3s off the lead.

That means I still have not won a single Porsche Cup race...
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Ah, same story different day..

Having had some time out for a few weeks, Sunday I finally dipped my toes back into the world of Online racing in GT7 - it lasted two races.

Monza Gr.4 with my Ferrari got off to a poor start near the back in a low end cat C race. Having, surprisingly, managing to negotiate the infamous destruction of turn 1/2 chicane at Monza I managed to jump up from 14th to 9th, a couple of decent laps defending i just wasn't fast enough and, almost as predicted on the last lap, from an overzealous P 10 - i ended up a resounding last having been spun-out by at the Parabolica. What was actually a decent move from 10th place, the driver decided to not turn right and pushed me square off the circuit, spun me round and i crawled over the line last - annoying but it was fun to be back.

Second race of the day, again everyone very well behaved round the first chicane off the start - i got all out of shape at Ascari and although backing out into the last left hander to let someone through, I had to turn left at some point and, yep, in the blink of an eye i was bombing head on into the barrier as someone had tagged my backside and i was facing the wrong way again. this one i'll put down to me getting outta shape, but i did give room to the bloke right behind me and did have to turn left at some point. no quarter given and you gets what you given i guess

I get its racing and i get not everyone "means to" but it's just not fun being consistently spun round, pushed off with no racing space given. unless you qualify top 3/4 its just a bit pointless really as its just not fun, which is what it should be. so..i must get faster I guess.
I couldn't say if they're limited in some way. However to check their tires, you'd have to watch a replay and display all race info.
I watched the replay and he is on SH, same as my Aventador which has more than 600PP with same tyres (and no customization yet).

Must be something else.

[Edit]Tried again with the Nismo 400R, same punishment, I am nearly on him at the end of the race, following him inside the last turn, but on the straight before the finish line, he flies away again. If I manage to do consistent good laps I may have a chance with this car. Or I wallride 😅

And I confused the Lambos, it is a Huracán LP 610-4 '15, but it is with this same car I was checking in my garage, my Aventador are even higher in PP.

[Edit 2] Won with the Nismo 400R and a bit of wallriding. Then tried WTC 600 Rally Cross at Barcelona. Ok, I know that I'll NEVER 100% this serie of events. Finished last, 17s after last AI. And I can't be bothered to try to improve, I despise rally, rally cross is even worse 🤬

[Edit 3]To appease myself after that horrendous rally cross I finished the super car parade with the Ferrari VGT, very easy end of evening :P
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Ran Willow TT a bit,(no improvement). I switched over to Normal mode. I then ran the Tokyo WTC 800, winning it, and the Chili race at Suzuka, finishing second. Ran LeMans once. Got the shafts from the wheel.
Ran Willow TT a bit,(no improvement). I switched over to Normal mode. I then ran the Tokyo WTC 800, winning it, and the Chili race at Suzuka, finishing second. Ran LeMans once. Got the shafts from the wheel.
How hard is that race at Suzuka, I haven't done it yet.
On the GTP account, as I only had a limited amount of cash, I tuned up a Mitsubishi Evo IV I had for the Clubman Plus 550 races (with an existing Exeter tune) a bit more with some aero (mid-downforce) and bolt-on racing parts, and took it to Watkins Glen. After some transmission tuning, I got a relatively-easy and clean win in 8:14. That concluded the World Circuits races and gave me a 4-star ticket giving the low-showing, yet 2nd-highest-possible, 500,000 Cr.

On the Plus account, it took almost 2 full marathons to gold the MS-8 license test. The resulting 4-star Wheel of Despair gave the older Tesla, which I hung onto for tuning purposes.
On the GTP account, Daily Race C was a disaster. I had no speed in the Honda NSX, starting 14th in a mix of DR B and DR C drivers, and drove like an idiot. The only passing I did was the result of others' mistakes (and somebody who accumulated 4.5 seconds of penalties on the first lap quitting), and after cooking it in the penultimate left-hander (subsequently getting t-boned by the last running car, who at first tried to let me by and then decided to spin coming out of the last corner), I finished the same 14th, losing a bit of DR (though not enough to drop back to D). Somehow, I got the CRB.

As I still had my rental Chevrolet Corvette Gr.3 from the Manufacturers Cup, I tried Daily Race B. I set off 12th of 14 in a much cleaner race with mostly C/S drivers. As Catalunya isn't my favorite track, I pulled aside intending to just ride around in the back. Somebody else had a more-extreme intention, not only pulling over, but ghosting until he was 5 seconds behind me. With a couple dropouts and somebody inexplicably letting me by, I finished a clean 10th. I lost some more DR though, and am hanging on to a C rating by a thread.

On the bright side, I'm now 22 Sport races into the 50 required for the last PSN trophies. Another bright spot - the all-cash 5-star workout ticket gave me the 2nd-highest showing/2nd-highest possible/lowest-legal (the 3 lower prizes were all coins) 500,000 Cr.

On the Plus account, I struggled mightily to gold MS-9. The 4-star marathon ticket gave the low-showing, yet 2nd-highest-possible, 500,000 Cr.
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Third day owning the game.
Got my first gold in a time trial at Willow Springs after crashing almost every lap forever before I finally got the hang of the physics. Stark contrast to GT5. Much more nuanced.
Finished menu book 13 to unlock Willow Springs and golded the Circuit Experience there. But only after I got good enough at the track through time trialing.
Finally I tried my hand on the Red Bull GTWS Special Race. Still crashing way too often.
Definitely have the pace to win it,
just gotta find a way to not bin it.
After a long time off the game I was able to get back to it.

Today I finished the weekly events (the 700 race at Dragon Trail) using the Viper Gr3. Even with FM 5, because it is a heavy drinker, it was an easy win.

Also, I gave a 2nd run on the TTs. At Willows I secured a silver time with a Subaru and that's it. Never gonna touch it again, that track is either too good (when you get the flow right) or too annoying (that last turn!). I got the silver time at Watskin Glenn, but I feel I can get into the gold window. Maybe I'll try it again tomorrow.

Both tickets (daily and weekly challenge rewards) gave me stupid parts.
Ran some TT at Willow, finished up the Master license, got 500k for that. Got roughed up in the Chili race at Bathurst. That’s a tough one. Got 30k from the wheel.
Today was a day at my favorite Spanish track. Ran 30+ laps finding a respectable qualification time trial for the Daily race. I tried the Mustang because I have always had good luck with that car at this track. Ultimately the '11 BMW gave me the best time.
Cracked open GT7 this morning like it was Xmas morning, expecting the 330 P4 to be in the LCD... it wasn't.

Bored Party GIF by Cartoon Hangover


Consoled myself by doing the first WC race and getting a 6* Parts ticket, which gave me a set of ceramic brakes worth 15,000 Cr.

Sarcastic Schitts Creek GIF by CBC


And, to add insult to injury, the DM 4* ticket gave me an ultra-high RPM turbocharger for the GT-R Nismo '17. That would be the same GT-R Nismo '17 that I upgraded two weeks ago with, wait for it, an ultra-high RPM turbocharger :ouch:
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I completed the weekly challenge events. Cars I used:

Toyota Supra 88 at Tsukuba
Shelby GTR 350 for the American event
Ferrari VGT (detuned) Hyper Parade Cars
Jaguar XJ220 at Grand Valley
Viper Gr4 at Red Buil Ring 10 laps.

The daily reward was some part I can't remember and the weekly challenge reward was the SLR Mclaren.
Made my one day distance record with 460.1km driven!
Everything except first Weekly Challenge 1 (2 laps of Big Willow) went into new TT at Kyoto.

Day 4
Won the Nation's Cup Red Bull race
Golded the National A license
Won the Manufacturer's Cup race
Did a probably safe 2.5% gold time at the Watkins Glen time trial
Did menu books 14 through 16

I got an invitation. Seemingly out of nowhere. Is this normal?
It is for Aston Martin which have two invitation only cars. Can I now buy both or is the invitation only good for one car?

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