What did you do in GT7 today?

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You're right, this kind of dashboard is important.
It shouldn't be too complex to add in a future release.

I've created mine on a Spreadsheet. Not perfect, not efficient, but just enough to monitor the remaining CEs to gold.
They could have added it years ago... At least the events you can check your progression from each region map. CE you have to enter each track, and then CE 🥵

I love spreadsheets but it annoys me too much that this functionnality is absent. There was one really handy un GT Sport...
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Ran a few AI Weekly Race C practice sessions just to get back into running different GR3 cars as well as got the National B Master license.
I made a Swedish road maintenance truck. The livery looks simple, but it’s well over 100 layers.
On Saturday, I did a few daily races at Brands Hatch, then did one at the Nords track. Took 4-5 photos, did a livery and worked on some CE's at the Spa track. What about you all?

Also, I did a few event races at Tokyo, the WTC 600. Which I used the Supra 2020 car and winded up finishing 10th, still got about 120,000 credits for the work.
Getting close to the ending movie.

Menu book 37 rally group B was tough. Long and unknown tracks. Also I try to play through GT games with as little buying as possible. Therefore I tried the Alsace road course first to win a Ford Focus rally car. After only a 4th place I did the CE. Golded it relatively quickly. Then got a 2nd in the race. Then two more 2nds in the rally races.

A few menu books back the reward was one of three Ferraris. Unfortunately I got the 308 GTB. The worst one possible. Slapped racing softs on it but of the three races I only got third on Catalunya which awarded … another 308 GTB. No shot on Lago Maggiore or Croatia. Not knowing the tracks that well yet doesn't help of course.

Then bought the F8 Tributo. I really don't like it. Guess I will find a tune for it and try again.
On the GTP account, I sent the older Audi R8 LMS to Sardegna for some credits. The 5-star Wheel of Despair from the login campaign and the 5-star marathon Wheel of Despair both gave the low-showing/lowest possible 100,000 Cr.

On the Plus account, I first took my engine ticket from the login campaign for a second Corvette C7 ZR1 engine. I then tried to grind Sardegna with the Alfa Romeo 4C Gr.3., but SuperFraga made an epic comeback, getting to 2nd in the first lap, turning multiple sub-1:42 laps on the first stint and going 5 laps on each stint. I fared better with the real Ford GT race car, mostly because SuperFraga was held up in traffic. The 4-star marathon Wheel of Despair gave the low-showing 30,000 Cr.
Just finish branda hatch ce's and did 2 races at la sarthe with Subaru drift car swapped version.
None of them was dry and spoil my plans for better lap times.

Earlier In the morning i did a small race to take daily ticket, open them all and ( 3*&4* ) and get frustrated for a while.
Last week at work before am gone for 2-3 days and stop the every day login from my day one.
Did a couple of the weekly challenges and put a time down for the Shelby Deep Forest time trial.

Then I did a had a quick go at the original S-10 licence. Still around 2:34.
I ran my practice race. 8 laps around Spa in the Porsche 917k against just one nerf'd tomahawk to earn a bit of money whilst practising.
As it's dry, I managed a lap of 2:25.?? so then tried the licence again and posted a 2:27. Very chuffed!!
Watched the Gran Tourismo movie last night and then hopped on to the game to do some of the X2019 races. Trial Mountain is fun, but tough. I can catch up to the front runners by lap 4 but my tires are really starting to hurt at that point. By Lap 7 they are almost gone and I fall too much off the pace or spin out. Haven't even completed it yet. I absolutely do not have the pace at Autopolis. A couple laps in and I am losing ground on the leaders. Sardegna was easy. Dragon Trail was easy so long as you don't crash in the "Chicane of Death". Haven't tried Lake Maggiore yet.

5* log in ticket gave me 100k. :irked:

5* daily Marathon ticket gave me a Porsche Invite. :banghead:
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1. Participated in an online race on Tokyo to regain my B on fair-play

2. Golded some CE sectors. Videos shared in game, as usual.

3. Wasn't able to improve my silver time on Deep Forest TT (despite many attempts).

4. ⭐⭐⭐ = Cr. 10.000
I got 100K from the daily log on ticket then had one of the most wet Le Mans race. Only managed six laps and got ... 5K from the ticket.
Farmed some credits.

Went back to Blue Moon Bay CE. Sector 1 was silver and full lap too. Managed to gold both but with countless retires, 100km to finish it.

Then went to Laguna Seca CE, where I have all sectors in gold and full lap in bronze.

Did many attempts, barely improved my previous record of 1:31.5xx to 1:31.258 😤

Going to try TTs but not sure to insist a lot, already frustrated enough...

[Edit]Did 5 laps at DF TT, with a tiny improvement, not good for frustration. To "train" more I went to DF CE with the Audi. Golded sector 1, but absolutely unable to even reach silver in sector two, frustration² quit.
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Finished menu books 38 and 39 with a juiced up F8 Tributo. Drives like an oil tanker on steroids.
Nordschleife in the dark was fun.

Got a Porsche Carrera GT as reward. Already had the invitation but luckily didn't buy it yet. 2.3 mil saved. Nice.

Unlocked weekly challenges. Will get myself a Radical in the new bonus menu book 40 tomorrow and then do the special online event with it.

Got a V8-Ford-GT-LM-Test (Ford GT LM Spec II Test Car) engine from a 6* engine ticket. Looks like I'm going to build a crazy little Ford Focus RS '18 with it.
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Don't know why , but yesterday i did music rally races 👀
Left 5 unfinished and after that went at lago Maggiore since am not familiar with the track and start the ce .
Golden all sectors and need to find some hundreds for final lap.
Other than that , just bought a second controller which are on sale now ,just in case .
Today I bought a 2nd Testarossa, this time in the proper red color, and also bought a Skyline '73.

Took the mighty Viper Gr3 for 2 runs at Sardegna.

Collected the final special ticket of 250k, and the daily reward was a 6 stars one. Which got me some parts for a Mazda 3 I don't own.
I got the last login bonus. Bought the Bat car from the LCD. Painted it and added all of the engines mods to it. Took it to Laguna Seca and it was a pleasant drive. I think I have to do some more tuning as it flipped on me on the turn right after the corkscrew. Nevertheless I enjoy driving it
Did 10 pityful laps at Kyoto, of which the first one was the best and my new record but still bronze... (and more than half were invalid)

Went to DF and did 5 laps and don't know how, but I managed to improve my time and insert myself into silver zone, other than that only poor laps where I had a poor T1 or a poor hairpin, or both.

Tried to improve my CE at Trial Montain and after 30km on first sector that stubbornly refused to transform into anything but bronze, I tried the Gr3 chili race at Daytona trioval, got spun twice and it was more than enough for me :P

To add a pinch of salt, DW 4* spout 10k, thanks...

Switched to my new game "Sable" which is 100 times more relaxing than GT
After taking a second day off this month, it was back to the Sarthe grind. On the GTP account, I first took my 250,000 Cr. for the last of the current login bonus campaign and continued to acquire multiples of UCD/Hagerty's cars so I can both drive an unmodified copy and keep a garage queen (though not the UCD special pick Ferrari Testarossa as the normal-priced version should be out shortly). Then, I took the slightly-modified Peugeot 205 out to celebrate the fact I now have all 3 copies I could want (a garage queen, an unmodified car I can drive, and this one). I forgot how thirsty (I needed FM 3 to make it 3 laps) and tail-happy (requiring a re-tune) it is, but when it's right, it's fast.

It was actually good news on the marathon ticket front - not only was it a 5-star, but it gave the 2nd-highest-showing/middle-showing (of 3) 500,000 Cr., though the low-showing cash prize wasn't a valid option.

On the Plus account, the cashless 5-star ticket from day 4 of the login campaign gave the Audi R8 LMS Evo, which I hung onto for tuning purposes. For cash, I sent the Renault Megane Trophy out to Sarthe. The all-cash 4-star Wheel of Despair gave the low-showing/lowest-possible 10,000 Cr.

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