What do you all think about GTHD's graphics?

Discussion in 'Gran Turismo HD' started by Damien89, Oct 14, 2006.

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    Where on the website?...all I see is the old ones

    EDIT, oh wait I think ive found them now
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    Now I'm going to give GTHD the benefit of the doubt since we don't have too many more details on graphics or certain graphical issues. I wanted to start a thread on environmental and lighting issues in GTHD, but I'll wait and see if there isn't another thread devoted to that topic.

    The detail of the cars looks much greater than that of GT4. A complaint I would make is that a track like Eiger Nordwand isn't really going to showcase the graphical quality of GTHD too much. A better showcase would be something like Las Vegas, Rome, Greece, or maybe even Japanese mountain roads. Don't get me wrong. Eiger Nordwand is a great circuit they've come up with. However, I think (and just about every racing game has at least one of these) GTHD has to have a scenic race track that truly shows off what the game is capable of graphically. Think of how "Project Gotham Racing 3" gives you impressively-detailed streets of New York and Las Vegas. Think of Marco Strada's night/wet race and maybe even Pacific Gateway or Löwenseering in "Enthusia Professional Racing." Maybe PD's come up with a good London course (the GT series does need some British courses, even if they are fantasy). Regardless, these are great graphics.

    This is still a Work in Progress. For now, it's GT4 made better in terms of graphics. The Lotus video posted in that other thread lets you see inside the car as well as note the driver's hands and arms moving. This is always a welcome feature. I thought the GT driver in most convertibles in GT4 was pretty sweet. You could actually note the driver going down and grabbing a gear to go shifting with. I tend to think that "Tourist Trophy" was a cue that we could possibly see detailed car cockpits in addition to the bikes featured. I usually think that the evolution to each game by PD usually provides some hints to the next game. Go by the latest game released by Polyphony Digital. We saw animated bike riders in Tourist Trophy, in addition to the driver getting knocked off of the bike (which most people consider fun) by missing a turn or hitting a wall dead-on. I certainly liked watching the bike view whereas you seen the instrument panel and rider's hands. It's why I thought it was sort of a hint as to what PD could have planned for GTHD and GT5- visible drivers and more detailed views. We're certainly getting both of those as we speak. Imagine about 12 or 20 or so cars to a track with this much detail.

    I think this package is only going to get better. Nothing too juicy at the moment regarding PD and their little baby.