What games are you playing now?

Discussion in 'Console & PC Gaming' started by F1 fan, Jul 27, 2011.

  1. F1 fan

    Scotland Yokohama

    Just wanted to start this off by saying I've recently started going through my unfinished back catalog of pc games.

    Currently, I'm playing:

    GP2: Modified version with fantasy season (16 of my favourite tracks and 2011 car mod)
    Monkey Island 2.
    Commando's 1 (and expansion pack)
    Commando's 2
    Commando's 3

    I'm only playing for about two hours per day, but I'm trying to work my way through those games to kill time before F12011 and Skyrim are released. What games are you playing now?
  2. R1600Turbo

    Online Now!
    United States CG, AZ, USA, Earth


    Some Dirt3 every once in a while. Hooked up the PS2 the other night and played some GTA:Vice City. That's about it.
  3. Luminis

    Germany Duisburg

    I'm currently playing Vagrant Story on the good, old PSX. Well, on an emulator, I can't even find my old PlayStation anymore, but the game was lying around somewhere in the basement, so I'm just using the PC :sly:

    Aside from that... I've played a bit of Magic: The Gathering online on a freeware programme, but that's about it. Really haven't had the time to go through a lot of games as of late.
  4. TJ13

    United States Minnesota

  5. OmniBreaker

    PSN:PM me if you want to know

    Fallout 3: Game of the Year

    Oh, and random, free games off the intrawebz.
  6. nk4e

    Philippines Nerv, Equestria

    Street Fighter IV series.
  7. Akmuq

    Ireland Galway, Ireland

    F1 2010
    GTA IV
    Call of Duty: Black Ops
    Toca Race Driver 2006
    Gran Turismo PSP
  8. NiksicosBr

    Brazil Brasil

    Now that my classes have returned my playing time has decreased a little but I'm mostly on GT5, COD B.O.(Zombies only), MW2 and F1 2010.
  9. bevo


    ncaa football
    the witcher 2

    It cracks me up that the op says he only plays about 2 hours a day. I'm lucky to get 2 hours a week in.
  10. Fallout New Vegas
    Forza 3
  11. F1 fan

    Scotland Yokohama

    I just said that as I listed a lot of games. Besides, I'm unemployed right now, so have more time on my hands than some.
  12. AOS-

    Canada 'Sauga, ON

    It's in my sig.
  13. Alltidxx

    Sweden Sweden

    I seldomly stick to one game until I'm done so basically I play most of the games I own all the time. But I guess right now there is more focus on Heavenly Sword, Resistance FoM, Killzone 3 and NFS:HP.
  14. Stephen220378

    Scotland Scotland

    Quite a few at the moment but mostly Battlefield Bad Company 2 and Top Spin 4
  15. zippy_the_cat


    Homefront, Tiger Woods Golf 12, GT5 primarily.

    Resistance: Fall of Man and IL-2 Sturmovik Birds of Prey occasionally.

    Also own MLB The Show 2010 but have put that to the side for a while.

    Rented Dirt 3 last week, as a prelude to a possible purchase, but decided I can do without it. On intermediate difficultly, I had the sense compared to GT5 that the program was doing more of the driving than I was. The Gymkhana stuff was also too prominent given that I prefer racing and rally to drifting.
  16. Spagetti69


    Mind games in the Forza thread lol.
  17. oze

    Finland Finland

    At the moment:
    FFVII (PSN :tup:)
    Fallout: New Vegas
    Nethack (on Mac)
  18. fabmaru

    Portugal Portugal

    Look at my sig.
  19. fissionproject

    United States new mexico

    F1 2010 every day to keep my game up for 2011 :)
    Just Cause 2 (Had this for like over a year now and I'm just now getting to 90%)
    Tom Clancy's Endwar
    rFactor with like 100+ mods lol
  20. GT5 online right now. I may unwrap Bulletstorm and Enslaved later on to get a taste of those games.
  21. Syntax error

    Staff Emeritus
    Australia Kamino

    Oh goody. Looks like I'm not the only hapless individual with attention deficit requiring more than one game at any given time to be on my "play list". Only problem is trying to find time to play any one of them let alone all of them. :lol:

    I'm currently trying to make my way through the current tittles:

    Witcher 2
    Dirt 3
    Shift 2
    Force Unleashed 2
  22. F1 fan

    Scotland Yokohama

    Tell me about it. I just realized I never got anywhere near completing a single commando's game, so I'm trying to work my way through the first one and it's expansion pack, the second one and the third.

    Wish they made more of those games, but I'd never get round to completing them anyway.
  23. JohnBM01

    United States Houston, Texas

    Mostly ModNation Racers and Gran Turismo 5 are what I'm playing now. I want to continue playing 3D Dot Game Heroes as well. I am taking somewhat a break from Super Street Fighter IV. Of all of my games, the game I've played the least was Grand Theft Auto 4. Because of the silly nature of past GTA games, I somehow can't connect with GTA4 as much as I did with the games between "GTA3" through "GTA: Vice City Stories." If/When I get Test Drive Unlimted 2, I'll even be playing that more. I still want to explore more of Ibiza as well as Oahu.

    So that's what I'm playing now. When I think of more games I want to rent or buy, I'll be playing those as well.
  24. I just defeated Shao Khan on Mortal Kombat(2011). What a pain he was....cheap too. I'm currently in photmode on GT5.
  25. Spacegoat

    Australia Upside Down

    Madden 11.
    Red Dead Redemption/Undead Nightmare.
  26. CMvan46

    Canada Vancouver, BC

    Team Fortress 2, Dirt 3, and Bad Company 2
  27. Cowboys965

    United States Connecticut

    I've been into GT5 recently, and I just moved into my new house with my parents today :) played GT5 for a little bit but now I am playing F1 2010 :D
  28. Daniel

    New Zealand Auckland, NZ

    ToCA 3: currently the universe's greatest racing game (imo).
  29. BubbleBelly542

    United States Southeast MI

    Been playing MX vs. ATV Alive (very buggy therefore frustrating), GT5, just a little Black Ops, Some Burnout Paradise, and LBP2.

    Online Now!
    United States Dallas,Texas

    NASCAR 2011
    rFactor (Mainly the SCE and Enduracer mods)
    Tekken 6

    Will be starting on both God Of War III and Ghost Of Sparta with the Deimos Skin soon.
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