What Is The Best Car To ENJOY The Nurburgring 4 Hours?

Discussion in 'Gran Turismo 5' started by dabest2500, Dec 29, 2010.

  1. dabest2500


    I will be doing the Nurburgring 4 hours race later on today GMT time.
    I definitely do not want to bring an X1.
    From your experiences, could anyone recommend me a car that will win me the Nurburgring 4 hour race, and be a joy to drive?

    EDIT: A Premium car would be preferable.
  2. Nissan Micra Race Car
  3. dabest2500


    And that will win me the race too?

    Canada ON, Canada

    I don't know if you enjoy so much as survive 4 hours (or 4 minutes...) of the Nurburgring, but my '04 Mercedes-Benz SL65 AMG is my preferred mount.
  5. Subaru 360

    oh you wanted to win it?
  6. dabest2500


    Serious answers guys?
  7. benniz


    I´d say the Lexus IS-F Racing Concept '08. Great handled car if you set it up right, and it can be pushed hard all around. It´ll do mid to high 06:xx laps when going flat out.
  8. Highlandor

    United Kingdom Staring at the sugar bowl

    I used the Nissan Falken R34gtr race car.

    It was built for the Nurburgring 24hr race so I thought it'd be appropriate to do the 4hr race too, a bit like ''taking it home''..

    (I love nostalgia)..

    It might not be the fastest in out and out lap time, but what I found out about this car is that it's totally relentless..

    If you put a wheel, or two, or three or four (!!) on the grass - it keeps going.
    Bang the kerbs hard - it keeps going
    Tyres wearing out - it keeps going

    Basically, it's unstoppable, apart from the pit stops all of my lap times were within 10-15 seconds of each other. I didn't spin, crash, roll over or come to a stop once (other than scheduled pit stop).

    This is what you need for an endurance race. Before the race I liked the car, after the race I loved the car. It was the only endurance race I've really enjoyed so far, and didn't have a sense of utter relief when crossing the finish line.

    :bowdown: :bowdown: :bowdown: Nissan Falken R34gtr race car
  9. dabest2500


    Isn't the Nurbugring 4 hour on the V circuit?
  10. benniz


    Sorry, I didn´t check that. Anywho, good car no matter what :)
  11. Will27

    New Zealand New Zealand

    I used the Mercedes SLS AMG. All I did to it was an oil change and racing medium tires. The race finished too soon..
  12. dabest2500


    Sounds great, is it premium?

    Ah dammit.
    Looks like I won't be using it, looks like I can win it from the Nurb 4 hour B-Spec instead :(
    If I couldn't, I would have spent money on it.
  13. Audi TT race car.
    Tommy Kaira ZZII
    McLaren F1 '94
    Subaru Cusco Impreza '03 (I think)

    All with no aids of course, all very fun and enjoyable cars to drive around there.

    All depends on how stiff your competition is, you don't plan on jumping in a monster and screaming off into the distance do you?
    Nevermind the suggestions, just get a car that's evenly matched or underpowered, that'll make the entire race enjoyable if you win.
  14. dabest2500


    Which is why I don't want to use an X1 or FGT.
    Whatever happens, I'll need to drive for four hours.
    So I can do 1000 boring laps in an X1 or 100 laps in an enjoyable car.
  15. Highlandor

    United Kingdom Staring at the sugar bowl

    Unfortunately not, but it's very cheap..

    200,000 from the used car dealership..

  16. dabest2500


    Ah nuts, looks like more power refreshing then...
  17. I have 2 split opinions on this.

    1 if you want to really enjoy the ring take a difficult car and improve your skills lap after lap to improve your "driver mod". The 908 is actually a lot of fun on the ring after tweaking the suspension and retraining yourself how to drive the course. The same holds true with the Minolta but that thing really is beastly on the ring. Oddly for me it's the exact opposite at Laguna Seca.

    2 The comfy but dare I say boring route, SLS AMG is brilliant and easy to drive. I have the stealth model and it handles like a dream.

    The Audi R8 V10 fully modded is an extremely fast car for it's size and will put down better lap times than the AMG and many race cars but you have to *tweak* not *beat* the understeer out of it (not hard).

    The RM ZR1 is probably the most compliant race car on that track but it will still bite if you get sloppy and the concentration and focus is tiring.

    I'm sure there are others I have missed but that's what I know for sure.

    ok and lastly if you are looking for something that won't give you an overwhelming power to weight advantage since I just noticed that they are mostly tuned cars that you run against I would also suggest the RM Acura NSX or the Lancia Delta S4 Rally car which is a blast on the ring.
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  18. SmokingCones


    C'mon dude, this is the Nürb! Holy grail of racing!

    Just pick the car that gives you the most pleasure, provided it isn't too over- or underpowered for the field.

    If you like the track and have a good knowledge of it, I'd suggest you go for a car with something like 30-50 hp under the most powerful car on the opponent list :)
  19. dabest2500


    Thanks for your input.
    I also have the Stealth cars.
    I will definitely put that into consideration.
    But thing is, I don't want to beat my opponents so easily.
    As in Mazda 787B Versus Amuse S2000 GT1.
    Both are great cars though.
  20. ImprezaAddict

    Colombia Bogotá
    PSN:GTP_Suitan (w/ an i), SultanRS4

    If you want to both win and enjoy, I suppose the Viper ACR would be my first choice. It's fast and difficult to tame. So that could make it enjoyable.
  21. dabest2500


    I would also like to point out that the Nurburgring is a track that I don't really race often on.
    I'm not a Nurburgring Pro like some of the people here.
    My favourite circuit is Suzuka circuit if that helps the car choice.
  22. SmokingCones


    Don't want to threadjack, but what kind of cars are running the 4 hr? Do you have access to the list?
  23. ebhk


    I was wondering that too?
  24. dabest2500


    No problem, as long as it helps ;)
    On a website found somewhere else:
    Hardest opponent: 616 BHP - 1120kg - Amuse S2000 GT1 Turbo
  25. swiftwilly


    I will be doign this in the X1. I understand that it will be great to drive a fun car, but because its a 4 hour race, few laps in X1, get some braek, come back and do some more laps. If i was doing it in a fun car, it probably means that I need to pause when I am having a braek!
  26. dabest2500


    I don't intend to pause the game.
    And I don't intend to pause for 1000 KM of Suzuka that I will be doing today before the 4 hour Nurb.
    The following day I will be doing 9 hours Tsukuba, where I don't intend to pause either.
    But the X1 won't make the race fun, I want to have a fight with the AI.
  27. dabest2500


    So, I've posted the hardest car that the AI will use...
  28. Silver-Sylph

    United States Ohio

    Im going in when i unlock, with either a fully tuned Evo Lancer or my Ring destroyer Ferrari F430 Scuderia.
  29. TakeshiSkunk


    This is the key to endurance races, a car that does exactly what you need it to before you know you need it to do...it. I remember using the A4 Quattro RMd on the Seattle enduro back in GT2 and just being blown away. It was an absolute joy the entire race :)

    Though I have to say, I've always felt the relief at the end of an enduro is one of the best aspects. Not necessarily being relieved that some awful experience is over, but just the release of tension.

    Edit: Also, I've completely got your back on not pausing. If I don't have time to do an enduro without stopping I don't do it. Pausing just defeats the entire purpose of the event. It's an experience! Actual endurance comes into play if you don't wimp out :)
  30. Silver-Sylph

    United States Ohio

    Or the fact that you have done what many others refuse to do.
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