What is the fastest car in GT5 ???

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  1. XxOnLySBz4mExX

    United States New York, U.S.A

    What is the fastest car in GT5 with an MR drivetrain?? I would really like to know.... please feel free to post your opinions here and thanks in advance. ( P.S. the Buggati Veyron doesn't count because it has a 4WD drivetrain )

    Edit: Now you can post your opinions on the fastest car of any drivetrain.

    Edit x2: The X1 doesnt count either because it obviously is the fastest car in the game, so just post what you think is the fastest, there are no wrong answers.
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  2. s15specr

    Newcastle upon Tyne, UK

    Mazda 787B is fairly quick
  3. XxOnLySBz4mExX

    United States New York, U.S.A

    o and i forgot to mention ......... when you name a car try to say the base horsepower if you can. ( but you don't need to )
  4. VanderbroTT

    Toronto, ON, Canada

    Well the dodge viper is only $100,000 and I fully tuned mine to have like 1017hp.
  5. Rossticles

    United States Houston, TX

    ^ I didn't know the Viper was MR?
  6. XxOnLySBz4mExX

    United States New York, U.S.A

    I didn't know that either

    I didnt know it could go that high
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  7. Pedal-Force

    Charlotte, NC

    Top speed or around a track?

    If around the track the X1 is the obvious answer if it's MR, otherwise a Formula car.

    For top speed it still might be the X1. I've never turned down the downforce on my Pagani Zonda R, but I'm guessing it'd be pretty darn high. It has 956 HP fully tuned, or thereabouts.
  8. juwlzx5


    Lol alright guys enough with the sarcasm, I think the dude realizes hes wrong. But anyways. I would think that the Lamborghini Murcielago SV has the highest base. Sorry, not sure about the base HP though.
  9. Rossticles

    United States Houston, TX

    ^ Also not MR....
  10. e1beatsdotcom


  11. NastyNaz


    I have the Peugot 905, R10 and 787B. From experience lap times tend to suggest R10 > 787B > 905 and top speed is R10 > 905 > 787B (tuned with ratios changed)
  12. Wjk


    Whats MR? lol
  13. XxOnLySBz4mExX

    United States New York, U.S.A

    where can you get an X1?
  14. Rossticles

    United States Houston, TX

    Mid-engine, Rear wheel drive
  15. mineralgrey01gt


    MINOLTA, i will bust some serious a** in it. No Enzo stands a chance
  16. Sn1per666

    PSN:Sn1per666999 / Depraved__Demon

    X1 - 1535hp - 294 mph
  17. gtone339

    New Zealand Auckland New Zealand

    Okay I just want to say this but the Peugeot 908 can go up to 385km/h.
  18. arseneH

    Hong Kong

    I just try yesterday, the Mercedes-Benz Sauber Mercedes C9 Race Car ‘89 can go up to 43X km/h with slipstream
  19. XxOnLySBz4mExX

    United States New York, U.S.A

    what is slipstream?
  20. EvilEyez


    Derived from wikipedia

    A slipstream is a region behind a moving object in which a wake of fluid (typically air or water) is moving at velocities comparable to the moving object (in comparison to the ambient fluid through which the object is moving).[1] The term slipstream also applies to the similar region adjacent to an object with a fluid moving around it. The reason that "slipstreaming" or "drafting" works is because of the relative motion of the fluid in the slipstream.

    Does that help?
  21. Blitz24

    United States NJ/USA

    The fastest car in the game is the X1 hands down.

    What's interesting is the fact that there is an option on most RM cars to tune an FC transmission to have a top speed of 298 MPH, but it is next to impossible to reach that speed due to limiters.
  22. the_racer100

    Portugal Portugal
    PSN:the_racer100 (No PS3, only PSP)

    The fastest car in the game, for me, is the Ford GT, cause it's not THAT expensive and has around 500 HP. When FULLY tuned, its horsepower is of 1000+ HP. Also, it is MR, as asked by the thread starter.

    By the way, here's a tip in how to slipstream:

    In a long straightaway, get in the tail of your opponent. When you start to get a little bit faster, bail out, not too early nor too late and pass him with a +5\10 mph speed advance.
  23. XxOnLySBz4mExX

    United States New York, U.S.A

    yes it did help alot...thanks for the info. :)
  24. Novice


    the 787B has better handling than my stealth R10, hence it being faster. i just completed the 111 m/s (400kph) trophy too with the 787B, and that's without slipstreaming.
  25. XxOnLySBz4mExX

    United States New York, U.S.A

    can the 787B be acquired in the used car dealership?
  26. tribolik


  27. Lweed-

    Quebec city/Quebec/Canada

    Fastest MR and easy to get is probably the Minolta Toyota race car won at the event ''Like the wind''

    It got 1030hp tuned and only weight 850 kg so its good for a ratio of 0.82kg/ HP
    And it handles like a charm !
  28. Killer_Kustums

    Otsego,MI, USA

    Basically the draft.
  29. alstrike

    Toledo, Spain

    I hit 380 kph on the Fuji straight with the 787b Stealth (love the car), I have to crank up the gearbox up to "11" and go for a spin in Le Sarthe with no chicanes, the trophy must pop up then...
  30. Novice


    fuji ain't enough, even SS Route 7, for the trophy. i got it on sarthe w/o the chicanes.


    i think the X1 should be an exception to this thread. shouldn't it?
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