What kind of bike do you ride ?

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What type of bike do you ride ?

  • Sportsbike

    Votes: 80 50.3%
  • Cruiser / Chopper

    Votes: 15 9.4%
  • Naked Bike

    Votes: 37 23.3%
  • Tourer

    Votes: 3 1.9%
  • Sportstourer

    Votes: 13 8.2%
  • Supermoto / Cross

    Votes: 28 17.6%

  • Total voters
A Blackbird is a bike I'd really like to have. Great looking bikes, strong, and big enough to do some road time.
Stock, with every american eagle part possible on it :) Its a 98' 883cc hugger thats now a 1200cc. :)
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the feel and grip. they feel a bit too wooden and dont grip that well. not bad in the wet though, and take a while to warm up. i had a set on my r6 when i bought it but quickly ditched them.

for crusing around on they would be fine, i would probably choose the new pilot road 3 instead of pilot powers though for the longer life.
I still have the bimota yb8 that I used to vote 'Sportsbike' But just picked up a Hypermotard, which I don't know is really a supermoto, but certainly is a sportsbike.
Whatever, its a blast!
My new baby :)


Got my Ls only a few weeks ago, slowly getting more and more confident. Took it out for a spin today, riding is so much fun!
what made you decide on the ninja 250? now with lams and all...

not a bad bike though, was a bit small for me though haha.
Yeah I'm on the LAMS system in NSW so it was really either this or a CBR250R in my mind (wanted a sports bike, and since I have to keep it for 3 years all up best off to go new)...and the CBR looked fugly to me. I'm only 170cm so it feels alright to me, I can flat foot which is good for my confidence :). Wouldn't mind a bit more grunt though!
yeah im 180cm and 100kg so my mates one was a little small haha. yeah the new cbr250r does look pretty terrible, but it has abs as an option.

3 years for lams must suck, i only had lams for 15 months here in vic :D you only have it for the time on your L plates (min 3 months) and the 1st year of your P plates.

but because im a car p plater i still have to have a green P on the back. it must have looked hilarious when i was out on the track at phillip island.
Obviously being 13 I'm to young,
But I would love to ride my Headmaster's Repsol Moto GP livieried Honda CBR-1000RR.
Up until about 6 months ago I had a Suzuki TL1000R, absolutly beautiful bike that just hammered, pulled hard from like 4000rpm yet still loved to rev, god I miss that thing. But it was a 98 model and had nearlly 50,000kms on it, still ran well but just started to have a few problems with it. Plus it wasn't really Ideal for the riding everyday.

Currently I ride an 08 Z750 Kwaka, much better all rounder, more modern and reliable and still good fun through the twisties. A much more solid street bike I reckon.
Here's mine, a 2000 ZRX 1100:

After I bought it last April:



Before installing bar-end mirrors and removing the backrest:



In present form:


I'll get better updated pics at some point.
Up until March this year, this was parked in our living room. :)


Sadly, health problems have ended our biking days, but we had two years and 35,000 miles of sheer pleasure two-up on our dream bike.
just got a new'ish bike just the other week

1984 Honda V65 Magna, the worlds fastest production bike back then.
03 Yamaha Yzf R6 Bought her back in 05 after my ex hubby and I divorced since he would never let me ride (too dangerous so he says) and will never part with her been riding since I was 4 (dirt bikes mainly) yamaha pee wee 80 was my first bike as a child and my parents still have that bike to this day!...
LOVE LOVE LOVE my bike!!


Nice. My first bike is a Yamaha Diversion.


That's not my actual one, rather just a good idea of what mine looks like until I can get a photo taken. It's surprisingly good fun to ride (out of the few I've ridden thus far). It looks faster than it is (more tourer than sports), but you can lean into the corners more than I was expecting and it's a durable bit o' kit (especially useful since it needs to endure my bumbling clutch motions)! But, I would certainly like my next one to step-up a bit. I'm thinking more like a CBR 600.


Nothing ridiculous, but enough of a step-up so that I can simply twist the throttle (rather than absolutely rag it) to get around a bit quicker! They seem to have a good reputation and can be had for a sane amount of money, too.

As for it being too dangerous, well I say that people who say that are missing the point. I always take good safety precautions, and I don't actually ride to fall off! The feeling of riding is great; twisting the bike into turns and being in sync with the machine, working together in harmony to, essentially, get from A to B is a great feeling. The freedom is a major draw for me, too. Filtering and having just a slightly different set of rules because you're on two wheels is good...

But deep down, knowing that coming off is going to hurt makes opening up the throttle on a stretch of open road that much more exciting. That for me is the biggest thrill and what probably draws me the most: when I dare to take it up.
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