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I also watched Sonic 2 yesterday, here's my review.

OK let's get to it. When the movie starts, we see Eggman still stuck on that mushroom planet trying (and failing) to make coffee. He says he's been stuck for 243 days but in the meantime he's built a contraption to get him back to Earth. Of course said contraption causes a massive disturbance that knocks him out. In the next scene a warp ring appears and 3 people in armour come through it, assuming that Eggman is dead. He isn't, and all of them get knocked out with the booby traps he set up. Immediately after this, Knuckles comes in and asks Eggman where he got one of Sonic's quills and Eggman says that he can help him. Roll titles.

In the next scene we see Sonic up to his usual tricks in Seattle, preventing a robbery in a way only he knows how - with chaos and destruction. This upsets his "dad" Mr Wakowski (don't know how to spell it) and he talks to Sonic in a wooden boat about it. This is all inspirational of course. Later, Mr and Mrs Wakowski go to Hawaii (for a wedding) and Sonic trashes the house despite saying that he won't (typical). Mr Wakowski calls him to make sure that everything is fine, which it is, until it isn't. Cue the dramatic re-introduction of Eggman. Sonic is very upset about this and goes to attack Eggman, but gets whacked by Knuckles before he gets anything on him. Sonic doesn't know what's going on and promptly gets wrecked. Luckily for him, Tails shows up in a police car and saves Sonic's arse. They get away but not that far and Knuckles gets onto them to stop them going any further. Tails drives the police car off a cliff and saves Sonic, again. Knuckles comes off second best but Eggman comes to help and offers his services. Knuckles accepts the offer.

Sonic and Tails then set about finding the Master Emerald with the map in hand. Suddenly, Longclaw shows up as a hologram and says that it's Sonic's duty to protect the Master Emerald and that he must follow the clues essentially. The first McGuffin is a compass located in Siberia (naturally) that will point Sonic and Tails to the direction of the Master Emerald. They travel through a warp ring to get there but they find themselves in a blizzard. Not only that but they find a log cabin that turns out to be a bar. Skip! The whole sequence after that was totally pointless and contributed nothing to the plot. Next day they get to a temple nestled in a mountaintop where the compass is located. Sonic gets a hold of it, but Eggman and Knuckles show up with an army of robots to try and stop him. An intense chase scene commences with all the usual Sonic troupes on a dangerous downhill descent, naturally resulting in an avalanche. Eggman and Knuckles leave unscathed but Sonic and Tails do not.

As they're barrelling down the mountain, Sonic calls Mr Wakowski during the wedding service telling him to use a warp ring to get them out. He throws the ring, but it's the wedding ring so Mr Wakowski punches the groom who's about the put said warp ring on the bride's finger. Mr Wakowski throws the proper warp ring allowing Sonic and Tails to come through, along with a massive pile of snow. Then we discover that the wedding was fake; a setup to capture Mr Wakowski, Sonic and Tails. The people responsible were from an organisation called G.U.N (that's right). Mr Wakowski, Sonic and Tails are taken away to what looks like a storage area at the hotel, however the bride and Mrs Wakowski are not. Mr Wakowski, Sonic and Tails are saved by Mrs Wakowski who uses some of Tail's gadgets to knock out the guards. The bride sets about her groom, gets angry, gets even and makes up. These scenes were a bit silly and possibly cringeworthy but it offered some kind of justification about what was going on. But I have to ask, how did G.U.N even know that the wedding was going to be interrupted by Sonic and Tails at all? Seems like a stretch to me.

Meanwhile, Eggman and Knuckles discover the approximate location of the Master Emerald, which turns out to be an underwater temple. As with soo many movies these days, we see a sky beam - tall enough and bright enough for it to be seen by everyone in Hawaii. They enter it and find plenty of traps as well as a maze. Sonic has to cross the water in order to get the underwater temple, which he does despite washing up on the shore unconscious. Eggman and Knuckles get to the Master Emerald in a methodical way whilst Sonic gets to it through sheer luck. A particularly heated battle then plays out between Sonic and Knuckles but as this is going on, Eggman gets a hold of the Master Emerald and buggers off. After his happens, the temple caves in on itself and a desperate situation takes hold, but long story short, Sonic and Knuckles get out alive. They then decide to work together.

Eggman gets back to the Mean Bean full of crazy energy given off by the Master Emerald, but then finds himself surrounded by G.U.N with all their tanks and armoured vehicles. This isn't even a problem for Eggman who casually makes himself a giant Eggbot to cause havoc and destruction. Sonic, Tails and Knuckles arrive in style (just in time obviously) on board a bi-plane. Knuckles bails early whilst Sonic stays with Tails on the plane to get up close and personal with the Eggbot. This turns out to be a futile effort and the plane is destroyed. This is when things REALLY kick off, with Sonic, Tails and Knuckles all teaming up for the first time (A la Sonic Heroes) to try and defeat Eggman. After a bit of calamity, Tails gets into the Eggbot and distracts Eggman long enough for Knuckles to come in and knock the Master Emerald out of him. The Eggbot loses power, but only after wrecking Sonic to the point where he's basically crawling towards the Master Emerald. Mr Wakowski comes in to pick up Sonic and the Master Emerald whilst driving a Chevy Blazer but that too gets destroyed. Unfortunately (or rather fortunately) the Master Emerald then shatters in Sonic's hands with all the chaos emeralds falling out. It was at this point I realised what was about to happen. Oh no, looks like Eggman's screwed. The big reveal of Super Sonic comes at the critical moment and he then proceeds to destroy the Eggbot and kill(?) Eggman. The Master Emerald is fixed by Knuckles and everything is good in the world again.

But wait, there's more! Just after the closing titles (before credits proper) G.U.N uncover Project Shadow. That's right, Shadow the Hegdehog will be in Sonic 3. AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHH

I really liked this movie for the most part. It had something for everyone; whether you're a hardcore fan or not. I don't pay close attention to Sonic but my brother does so I know quite a lot more than I would want to. Not that it's a problem though. I loved Knuckles, I think he was really good. Some of his lines were hilarious but he was still serious when he needed to be. I was annoyed at some of the "filler" because it felt a bit cringey and unnecessary but then again a lot of movies are guilty of this. Doesn't mean I'll excuse it though. Overall this movie was a fun ride as it paid tribute to the games and the lore, whilst also using artistic licence to properly adapt the source material into something digestible for the cinema. 7.5/10.
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Rogue One - 4K UHD
HDR 10 - Dolby Atmos


Image 10/10​

Filmed on the Arri Alexa 65 digital video camera the image is predictably sharp as a tack with only a few soft (out of focus) shots. Even better the DI (Digital Intermediate) is 4K and it shows. It’s a stunner in every way.

The only thing which would make this film even better on the home market is Dolby Vision. HDR 10, while good, isn’t dynamic and this film has a lot of dark scenes which the dynamic metadata of DV really would make a difference.

Film grain? What film grain, none on this disc again thanks to the all digital work stream. No artefacts, no banding, zip. It’s a clean disc.

While I’m colour blind, I can still appreciate what is on offer here, especially compared to the standard Blu-ray. This film for the most part is super natural but the splashes of colour really leap off the screen. Lasers, fire, sparks and splashed of sun all blaze with HDR goodness and the blacks sink the contrast to beautiful levels.

As I stated this film has lots of very dark scenes, right from the start, but none loose that all too important fine shadow detail. It’s a beaut.

Sound 10/10
Just like the image, the sound is fantastic. It’s not bombastic but it is a well rounded and lush sound. From falling debris when Jedha is destroyed to laser blasts it’s all well balanced. No matter how hectic scenes get, voices are clear.

Film 9/10
I’m not sure if this is a dividing opinion or not, but for me Rogue One is the best of recent Star Wars films. I love the original films but didn’t really care much for the prequel trilogy or the last three films. Solo was just a huge disappointment. The recent TV shows have been pretty good though.

When Rogue One came out I had high hopes for the direction of future films, but for some reason Disney didn’t seem to feel the same. It’s got comedy by way of K-2, it’s got a great line up of actors all of who pull their weight, but the CGI Tarkin really sucks and looks well… CGI.

It’s nice we get the back story to the Death Stars creation and how the plans for its destruction got into the rebel hands. It moves at a swift pace and it never feels slow. Despite all the positives I still feel like something is missing, what thought I’m not sure.

Final Thoughts
If you get a chance to watch this on an OLED then do yourself a favour and do so, it’s a beaut. I wish I’d seen this in the cinema and hopefully I get a chance at some point. I could quite happily have the original films with this one and call it a day.
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Recently I watched Love and Mercy and was completely thrilled and blown away. Here is a wonderful review of it:
I watched The Bad Guys today.

It has taken over as my new favourite movie that isn't Pokémon related.

The movie doesn't do anything special, the plot is very predictable so if you care about being taken away by the plot, the movie is not for you. It's another bad guy wants to be good guy movie with hints of Predator-Prey dynamic to highlight society exactly like you see in Zootopia and the anime Beastars but The Bad Guys does it by far the best.

However what makes me adore the movie are the characters themselves and how they interact with each other. You get a great sense of the characters relationships by just how they exchange banter with each other. The movie priorities this aspect which leads to it being very fast paced, they set up the scene have the characters exchange banter then already move on to the next scene based on what was exchanged. Rinse and repeat. It rarely slows down from this. Unlike Zootopia, it doesn't throw it away in the final act and start to tumble down. The twist while even more predictable here is handled better since its given enough time to still establish the villain and the main characters response. I love each one of the main 5 and the rest of the characters are pretty good.

The Movie knows exactly what it excels at and puts it on full display

My only real negative about the movie is at the end, it gets very convoluted in how the final problem was resolved, kinda reminds me of Death Notes ending (the anime) but it's a minor complaint that doesn't take away most of my enjoyment.

I'd give it a 9.9/10 if I were to rate it. It's such a shame people likely won't give it a chance because Turning Red and Sonic 2 are taking up all the attention (as well as people making fun of Morbius)

EDIT: It's supposed to be heavily inspired by Oceans Eleven but I can't confirm how well it was parodied as I never seen it
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Death on the Nile
4K - HDR 10 - Dolby Atmos
Film - 5/10

So going into this film, I liked Murder on the Orient Express. But this film just lacked that special something. I’ve never seen the previous versions of it so was new to the story. I wasn’t aware there were added plot points specific to this film. The cast felt under used and the script felt quite forced and disjointed. The whole caper was… dull. A lot of build up and not much substance. In the end I didn’t really care who the killer was, not like Orient Express.

Image - 8/10

Shot entirely on 65mm film with clear care and attention, some have said the CG looked bad but to me it was serviceable and really didn’t detract from the overall look or feel. It wasn’t the best but just fine. The huge sets they made looked excellent, however after Orient Express the boat felt a little bland and uninspired. Film grain was super fine and the whole presentation was lovely and filmic. Not tack sharp like much mentioned Orient Express, but that film also sometimes looked a little to sharp at times.

The black and white opening sequence looked superb. This film also shows the shortcomings of OLED. You see this film really deserves a high APL (Average Picture Level) TV and OLED’s just can’t get that bright for the whole screen. So the image can look a little dim in the brighter full sun daytime scenes. Everything else was spot on.

Sound - 5/10

Don’t buy this disk if you’re after a sound extravaganza. It’s not going to blow socks off. Weirdly for a Dolby Atmos soundtrack the vocals were quiet too and we had to turn it up past our normal volume of 20 to 24.

Overall a fine film but certainly not one I’d watch over and over.

I'm a huge Batman fan nerd and while I haven't read a Batman comic in quite a long while, I'll watch the movies at any and every opportunity. Except Batman & Robin. We DO NOT discuss...that around here. Or anywhere else. For any reason. Ever. Do you understand me?

Now, this is without question, the best live-action Batman movie I've ever seen in all my days. It chiefly adapts Year One and The Long Halloween, but there's also Ego, which I've never read so I can't identify it. The music, the cinematography, the suspense and chilling delivery involving The Riddler — it was all so perfect. Yes, Riddler is modeled after the Zodiac Killer which should give you an inkling as to what you should expect from this interpretation but it doesn't detract from what he is; a cunning villain that disguises everything in riddles and is a serious threat.

Robert Pattinson is the best actor to wear the cowl since Ben Affleck in my opinion. Affleck was the best things about Batman disagrees with Superman and Justice League, and it's amazing that Pattinson was able to pick up where he left off and go that much further.

If you think I'm leaving out details, that would be on purpose. It's still in theaters and, as of today, on HBO Max, where I saw it. I would have seen it last week in a theater but the one I've been going to since my high school days is permanently closed as of this past January. When the movie ended I felt a strong urge to clap in my own house, and that's exactly what I did. :lol:

Zoë Kravitz is amazing as Selina, Jeffrey Wright as Gordon, John Turturro as Falcone (the most surprising cast choice when I noticed it was him), the list goes on. Nothing or anyone felt out of place. I disliked the Batmobile when it was first shown off when production was going, but it looks amazing in action. This being delayed as many times as it was paid off in dividends in the end.

I'll say this now: if Matt Reeves isn't directing the next movies in this new trilogy I'm going to be highly skeptical of its quality. If you haven't seen this and like Batman, do yourself a favor and see this as soon as you possibly can.

10/10. 5/5. Two thumbs way up. Whatever your rating criteria is, I feel this is at the top of it.
Flight of the Navigator
Blu-ray 1080p - SDR


This was the new art created for the release. It has the OG artwork on the reverse of the sleeve.
Film - 8/10

So back to a classic childhood movie for me this morning. It’s full of mushy 80s cheese, but when I was a kid it just hit the home run for me. Cool CGI, crazy creatures and interesting story. As I’ve got older, some of the sheen has gone but it brings me back to being a kid again and while it isn’t the movie my younger self remembers it’s still one I love to watch every now and then.

Image - 8/10

This release from Second Sight Films is the standard one. They did release a deluxe version with card sleeve and booklet. However the disc is still the same so I didn’t see the need to go all out and get the other version. Weirdly Disney allowed a boutique label to put out one of their films.

This new master is struck from a 4K scan. I don’t know much about the source and I’m femurs sing it will be from an interpositive rather than back to stock film elements. It’s a looker that’s for sure but chock full of film grain. With this being the 1080p version and SDR I’d assume the grain will be in full force on any future 4K UHD release but of a much finer texture and not as chunky as what’s on offer here.

That being said, it’s vibrant, bright where it needs and a contrast power house. The CGI elements stick out quite a bit, but given it’s age I’ll give it a pass there. Overall I can’t wait to see a true 4K disc of this film and I’ll be on the pre-order as quick as you can say scuzbucket.

Sound - 10/10

Sound here is spot on, it’s not going to shake the house down, it’s not going to fatigue your ears over the 90min runtime. It’s a full fat PCM 2.0 soundtrack which is lovely and balanced. Voices are not drowned out considering they don’t have a separate channel and bass while not chest pounding is there and subtle.

For me the highlight of the film is the score by Alan Silvestri. Full blown 80s class and all the better for it.

Some screen shots to show the grain on full effect. This is about as bad as it gets but there are plenty of shots in this film like this. @opelgt1969 while not 4K some films on the format especially older stuff can look like this.

From my seated position of the 77” OLED

Close up (not zoomed by the camera, a physical move off the sofa by me to about 2 feet away) if you expand the image you should be able to make out the pixel matrix of the TV.
Close up (not zoomed by the camera, a physical move off the sofa by me to about 2 feet away) if you expand the image you should be able to make out the pixel matrix of the TV.
Just for reference, can you do the same thing with what you consider the movie with the best image?

If I haven't said it already, I ove your reviews. Keep 'em coming! :cheers:
Just for reference, can you do the same thing with what you consider the movie with the best image?

If I haven't said it already, I ove your reviews. Keep 'em coming! :cheers:
Of course. I’ll try and have a look see tonight. That way the windows and blinds are not reflecting on the screen. :D
@TB as promised. Some shots of other 4K.

All taken with an iPhone so the colours are going to be a little exaggerated, you may also see some Moire patters but if you zoom in and out theses should change and eventually go, it’s just due to the pixels of the TV being captured by the camera.

First up is a Blu-ray, Lawrence of Arabia. Another 4K scan but this time from the original film stock. This clearly makes a huge difference compared to Flight of the Navigator. Grain is there but kept under control and it looks lovely.

I really want to ge the 4K but the Blu-ray already looks fantastic so its not high up on the upgrade list.





So Lawrence is fantastic for its age even on BD, however a real 4K this time. Bladerunner, it’s a superb transfer. Understandably some of the shots look soft …


… these shots have loads of opticals for the SFX and this just keeps adding to the grain and softness.

However straight photography is excellent and while there is grain, it’s finer and less intrusive. When the disc is paused it looks worse, in movement it’s much easier on the eye.







You can also spot soft and out of focus shots much easier, I don’t know if this is just screen size of the 4K but I have seen this much more across multiple titles since getting the new TV.


In focus…

… then she steps forward for final position and…


She either missed her mark or the camera wasn’t set to the correct focal distance.

Now for the cleanest and sharpest film I’ve seen, saying it’s actually shot on film is saying something. Film grain is pretty much not on show and if it is there, you’re going to need to look really hard.











It’s just a stunning film image wise. The sets, costume and props all look off the charts great. The film isn’t the best but it shows what 4K can look like if done the correct way. Weirdly Death on the Nile didn’t look as good.

If there is any specific film you’re interested in let me know.
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@Sprite - It's impossible to NOT see the grain on Flight of the Navigator but I didn't remember you taking a closeup like that before so this was much appreciated.

I agree with your assessment on Murder on the Orient Express - visually it was fantastic but it was fairly forgettable.

I'm fighting the temptation to jump to 4K because that would involve a lot of hardware that I don't really want to do. Seeing your reviews doesn't help that any! :lol:
The Northman
I was warned by many reviewers that it isn't for everyone and it wasn't for me. The movie had an artsy side that was a bit over the top...and the story was blah
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Tremors - Arrow 4K Limited Edition
4K - Dolby Vision - DTS Master Audio 5.1


Film - 10/10

Disclaimer, I love this movie. If I’m feeling down or just when the feeling takes me, I can watch this film. I’ve owned this on most formats over the years and as soon as Arrow announced the Limited Edition set I had to pick it up.

A monster / B-Movie of excellent calibre, for me it ranks as one of the best. No janky CGI just good old practical effects.

Each cast member is perfect, the script is tight and full of great comedy and everything isn’t taken too seriously which makes for something natural and not too cheesy.

Image - 7/10

So the 4K is really hit and miss, especially on WRGB OLED. I’ll break down this image to 3 parts, first is grain. This film is noisy but not all the time, in low light scenes it’s actually quite lovely, however apart from the Dr attack scene and some of the other indoor scenes most of the film is set in bright Arizona desert and it’s those scenes which can emphasise it.

Next is Brightness and this is where the OLED really struggles and I’m pretty sure an LCD screen with a higher APL (Average Picture Level) will allow the daylight scenes shine that little bit more. Highlights pop (Buried Dr’s station wagon headlights) and the Dolby Vision really helps with shadow retention and detail.

If I remember correctly they also filmed durin the mornings and evening to avoid the midday sun, so it isn’t as bright as you’d expect and it could be this also contributing to the image we now see correctly graded.

That leads me onto the last part. Fine detail is fantastic but other times looks just.. ok. When the detail is in full effect it’s a beaut, again night scenes and duller/darker scenes seem to benefit.

Overall, it’s a huge step above the DVD, but only a small gain over the newly mastered Blu-ray.

Sound 10/10

This film isn’t full of sounds which need a crazy sound system. It isn’t a bombastic blockbuster. What is here though is a solid soundtrack. From the music to the deep rumble of the Graboids underground. All sound great. The final scenes where guns and makeshift bombs/grenades are used they all sound snappy and plenty of clout.

Vocals all sound great and are never downed out by everything else. You also get a choice of 2.0, 4.0 & 5.1 something for fans to enjoy.

If you love this film then I can highly recommend the 4K, if it’s just a passing watch, then and you have the option the 4K is worth it but the new Blu-ray will probably satisfy.
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Children of Men
Blu-ray - 1080p - SDR - DTS Audio


Film - 9/10

A grim look at a possible future, set in the UK after Humans can’t procreate. Society has collapsed somewhat splitting the UK public and seeing immigrants being rounded up and kept in makeshift camps to be deported or in most cases killed and just dying from poor conditions.

It doesn’t seem like a film that could possibly entertain and keep you engaged but that’s exactly what happens. If you’re a fan of films like 12 Monkeys, The Road, Book of Eli, this film will be up your street. Fantastic attention to detail and an insightful vision of a possible future look of a UK on the brink of collapse.

All actors turn in respectful performances but you never feel quite invested in any of them, you have no real connection and this somewhat leaves you as a viewer on the outside rather than being pulled in and feeling the stress and anxiety of the main characters. Only Michael Kanes character had some charisma and emotional connection to provide to film goers.

The film goes along at a nice pace and is enjoyable. I just wish I felt a little more for the people and the heartache they’re going through.

Image - 10/10

This film is a visiual feast, packed full of small details and really makes you believe the word they have created. It’s dirty, dull, sullen and beautiful for it. The 1080p image is super clean and mild grain through the whole film. The SDR is ok but I can tell if this gets a HDR update at some point especially if they do Dolby Vision this film will benefit and more shadow detail will really show off what is captured.

Don’t expect a colourful extravaganza here it’s grey, dull and dirty with lots of deep shadowy scenes, even in well lit areas in the day.

A UHD will be a corker.

Sound - 10/10

Not in one of the newer formats but sounds terrific. It’s delicate when needed and super bombastic when the action scenes kick in. I can only imagine how good a Dolby Atmos soundtrack will sound, fingers crossed it gets one at some point.

Ugh. Why does this exist? Why was it made?

Saw this yesterday on HBO (not Max, the channel; kind of forgot it existed on Max and for good reason...) and it's a puzzling sequel in the worst way. It starts off as wanting to come across as self-aware, almost too "smart" for its own good and all it does it make you question things from the very beginning.

I genuinely don't know what the movie is about. I can recite events that happened, but I absolutely could not tell you what the actual plot is. Neo is now a master of Quen (Witcher joke for those unaware) and that's literally all he does the entire movie. Nothing else. Just Force pushing and using a Force shield. Is that a spoiler? I don't care and neither should you because this movie does nothing to advance the Matrix lore, nor does it tell a new story. Though, again, I don't know what the story being told is, so...

Agent Smith is back (not as you think) and continually refers to Neo as "Tom" and not "Mr. Anderson". It's...alright, I consider myself articulate when it comes to writing, but I simply cannot find the words to describe any of this without wanting to say "This is stupid" and "That's stupid. It's all stupid".

Maybe you'll like it, so give it a watch I guess? Listen, I'm not doing the best job at selling this one way or the other and that's because, again, I do not know what the movie is about. Neo is resurrected for reasons made entirely unclear throughout the movie, Trinity is back for similar reasons, and the Matrix 2.0 exists...for the same reasons.

Oh, and did I mention the reason why Morpheus looks different despite Laurence Fishburne being shown in multiple flashback sequences, and even has a statue on IO (we're not getting into that) erected in his original likeness? Oh, I didn't? Good, because that's stupid too.
@Terronium-12 have to agree, I watched it, sat there and basically scratched my head in bemusement.

I think you hit the nail on the head

“It starts off as wanting to come across as self-aware, almost too "smart" for its own good”

The first film was fantastic, it had just the special mix of clever story, cool visuals, excellent soundtrack and a hardline straight into what if part of viewers brains. Style and substance.

However they tried to capture this but add even more and turn it up to 11 with the sequels, which turned out to be sub par and audiences/fans just didn’t get it and didn’t like them.

Queue Lana coming back to the Matrix and trying hard to tap into what made the first film a hit, possibly thinking some fan service for older viewers who were there for the first time and something flashy and new with some more modern up to date people politics for the younger audiences.

Unfortunately they missed the mark by quite a bit. It didn’t tickle my tender spot that’s for sure.
WandaVision Season 2... I mean, Dr. Strange 2. Was worth the couple hours.
Good cameos and of course the graphics and action. So many laughable moments, in terms of comedy and what Sam Raimi did with this movie.

Two post credit scenes and so much set up for efuture movies.

Edit: For those that haven't watched the Marvel Cinematic Universe movies and Disney+ and/or those without the Disney+ Streaming service. For connected movies, I'd recommend watching Avengers Age of Ultron, Dr Strange I, Avengers Infinity War, Ant-Man & The Wasp, Captain Marvel and Avengers Endgame.

If you can access the streaming services, I recommend The last episode of Loki(watch the entire series if you wish) and the last Episode of WandaVision(again, watch the entire series if you choose).
The entire What if....? series is also recommended.
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@Terronium-12 @Sprite

I just finished Resurrections and I also have to agree that I don't understand most of what happened.

Ditto on the force push. Doing it once? You kind of have to. Twice? Fine. More than that? Guess Neo really is "The One" because he only has the one move.

For me the best thing that came out of that movie is discovering Brass Against. I LOVE cover songs, especially if they're a genre I like and are a little funky (see Leo Moracchioli). Brass Against is exactly that.
@Terronium-12 @Sprite

I just finished Resurrections and I also have to agree that I don't understand most of what happened.

Ditto on the force push. Doing it once? You kind of have to. Twice? Fine. More than that? Guess Neo really is "The One" because he only has the one move.

For me the best thing that came out of that movie is discovering Brass Against. I LOVE cover songs, especially if they're a genre I like and are a little funky (see Leo Moracchioli). Brass Against is exactly that.
And what is with Trinity having abilities now? The entire point of what made Neo special, the reason he was recruited, needed for any and everything in the previous films is because he was "The One".

If Trinity now has the same abilities...it means nothing. She was a badass all on her own, now she's just...also The One, I guess? :banghead:
raises hand I haven't seen Resurrections, but wasn't Trinity showing some skills when she virtually, ran on the wall and nearly flew from the rooftop, into the window from the first movie? To top it off, she then, speedily, is pointing a gun to the temple of the Agent, when Neo is "move(ING) like they do". How'd she get there so quick? ;)
raises hand I haven't seen Resurrections, but wasn't Trinity showing some skills when she virtually, ran on the wall and nearly flew from the rooftop, into the window from the first movie? To top it off, she then, speedily, is pointing a gun to the temple of the Agent, when Neo is "move(ING) like they do". How'd she get there so quick? ;)
Because her and especially Morpheus had exceptional abilities honed through the Matrix. They didn't have abilities similar to, or even in the same ballpark as Neo. It's what made Neo "The One". Simply put, he could rewrite any and everything to suit his abilities...which, you know, massively took away any sense of urgency or threat in the sequels.

Neo literally invades Smith's body, implodes him, and it's like...why didn't he just do this to everyone? Not to mention the ability to fly, stop bullets, etc, etc...the entire thing was more or less why are we supposed to believe anyone is a threat to this horribly overpowered person? :lol:

What was I talking about? Oh, right, Trinity. It's all crap.
I have already forgotten most of Resurrections. I watched a few month ago? The question mark is I have no idea how long ago it was when I watched it. It did not help that I did not remember the second and third movies at all.
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My review of The Matrix Ressurection can be summed up with one word: Why?

It was a confusing mess of a film that changes things for the sake of changing them in a nonsensical manner and reguritates key moments from the first film without carrying over any of the original films intelligence or impact.

If you want something on TV while you're doing something else, it's a time passer at absolute best.

I'd rate Matrix Ressurections 4/10

I also watched Dr Strange and the multiverse of madness recently, it had some good bits but I didn't love it. It was really more of a Wanda film and at it's core a repeat of her charactrer arc from Wandavision only amped up several levels. Although this is explained, it still felt like rehashing a character arc we've already seen.

It also introduces a lot of characters just to off them moments later, so there's no emotional impact, it's just "oh it's him... Bye then". There wasn't nearly enough multiverse hopping going on either, besides the first moment they plunge quickly through a series of alternative universes, the film is spent entirely in 3 of them, one of which is the main one.

To me, it felt like a lot was cut that probably should have been left in the film. It was effectively one long chase from early on, characters go to A, baddie catches up, dispatches people, characters go to B, baddie catches up, dispatches people, characters go to C.... Plenty of other films are like this, but it could have been done better. The final end credits scene is a nice nod to Evil Dead, but it's not worth staying for and doesn't set anything up it just a very short joke scene.

I'd give Dr Strange and the multiverse of madness 6/10
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Everything Everywhere All At Once


Film 10/10

If you love action, comedy, drama, trippy and totally out there films then this is for you.

It has everything you could want from a film. Genuinely funny moments, loads of Kung Fu (Matrix Style) fight scenes. It has really touching moments especially as the film wraps up in the last third of the film. It’s a total mind bender and trippy experience and it’s fast paced making its run time seem shorter than it was. Loads of film references too.

The script of tight and well written, direction is spot on and it looks excellent and while it has lots of special effects etc, they’re not of the over the top cheesy, they’re tasteful and fitting. All the stars turn great performances especially the leading lady Michelle Yeoh, she’s spectacular.

I can heartily recommend this to everyone as long as you don’t mind butt plugs and dildos.

Logan UHD - 4K - HDR10 - Dolby Atmos
Image 8/10

Despite what IMDB have listed as the DI (Digital Intermediate) this film isn’t 4K pin sharp but is more natural in presentation. Filmed digitally between 2.8K & 3.4K in essence its an upscaled image. No grain, it’s nice and smooth and the HDR10 is nice but really it needs Dolby Vision. Agin DV is listed on IMDB but the disc I have is HDR10 and while it’s a nice balance the shadows can get a little flattened.

Sound 9/10

Dolby Atmos really sounds fantastic in parts. A scene with lots of rain gives a nice overhead effect on my system and bass drops low and tasty. It’s a well balanced soundtrack and vocals stay in focus despite the action. The final fight scenes especially sound great.

Film 10/10

Like Rogue One being the best most recent Star Wars film, Logan is the best X-Men movie of recent times. Full of fantastic action and brutality which this type of films had sorely lacked before. Hugh Jackmans portrayal of Wolverine is simply fantastic and you can see his character has always been the same but should have had the type of story what’s on offer here.


Noir is an interesting extra and to be honest doesn’t really add much to the experience for me. It may for some and it does look great but doesn’t change the impact of the film.
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Hellboy - 4K - HDR10 - Dolby Atmos
Film - 8/10

The Hellboy films are not ones I have to watch on a regular basis. I can go a long time between viewings. In fact it’s been at least 3 years since I last watched this. However, my missus loves them 2 more than the first but still she can watch these multiple times a year.

This film isn’t perfect and quite basic but the acting from Ron Perlman is spot on and the rest of the cast are good. Direction is good and it moves along at a decent pace as not to leave you bored.

Image - 9/10

This is where this UHD Disc shines. Detail is for the most part excellent with the odd soft shot here and there. The lack of CGI is what makes this film even better because the costumes, makeup and puppetry etc. all look stunning. With the added resolution this only amplifies those elements and it just looks stunning. The CGI however is the weakest link, because the HDR10 grade reveals much more from the shadow this and the resolution makes the CGI look dated.

One thing my other half noticed was all the extra small details she’d never noticed before and she quite enjoyed spotting them.

For a large percentage of this film it’s quite a drab and muted palette, however, the splashes of colour really pop off the screen along with all the highlights.

It’s not quite reference quality but it’s a lovely disc.

Sound - 9/10

The Atmos soundtrack is excellent. Lots of little sound here and there but it really shines in the action sequences. It’s loud and proud. The only issue I ran into is the levels, it’s a very loud soundtrack and we normally sit with Atmos at 20, this time though we had to turn it down to 18 and unfortunately this made the very low noises a little too quite. But overall it’s in your face.

Bad Boys - 4K - HDR10 - Dolby Atmos
Film - 9/10

This one of the Michael Bay films along with BB2 that I can stomach. Most of his films are just too over the top.

However this film has a nice balance of action and buddy cop comedy. Smith and Lawrence have great chemistry and the rest of cast are great too. This film was at the back end of none CGI films and it’s all the better for it, later films just push the extremes a bit too much.

A fine film and entertaining with some great one liners.

Image - 10/10

If there was a film I’ve watched recently on 4K which too me by surprise it’s this one.

The resolution bump is evident straight out of the gates it’s lovely. Film grain is there but not distracting and is fine and filmic additive. Shot on 35mm Panavision and scanned to a 4K DI in 2015 it’s detail galore.

The HDR is also top notch here, giving rise to some superb splashes of colour, however it’s not without its own issues. Some highlights looked downright flat (Headlights of the truck used by the bad guys when they have just shot their crew mate and dumped him in the street) and towards the end, some of the explosions looked a little weird. But the rest of the film looked stunning.

I’d love to see a do-over with Dolby Vision and a regrading with more modern equipment used. However I can’t see that happening anytime soon.

Sound - 8/10

While the sound here is perfectly fine and is quite loud by default, it’s also a victim of its own time and not a dynamic soundtrack. Gunshots, cars, explosions all lack low end some sounds really hit higher in volume and frequency that expected.

Vocals are all clear and the rest is pretty much balanced apart from the bits mentioned above.
I rewatched Mean Girls today, I remember being forced to watch it from my older sister when I was little

First thing that came up for me was this movie would not be made today, and not just for how it screams 2000s. The dialogue and jokes would hit a lot of people's red flags nowadays :lol:

Second was I never remembered how (everything after Janis hating Cady was such a blur to me) the movie ended and probably why is because it doesn't end with some big bang or epic climax, it's actually a quiet ending with the Main Character just slowly making things right after going to far down, there's no real perosional danger or stakes and I kind of like it. Sure it definitely isn't memorable but it gives the time to like all the characters, even the awful ones throughout the movie.
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