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It's... it's pretty dumb, and the weakest entry into the Monsterverse for me, but it really, really wants to entertain you.

The human drama isn't too unbearable. The monster action is mostly good, if a bit messy and hard to follow at times. Feels rushed for a 2 hour movie.

One scene was so hilarious, it's almost worth the price of admission alone.
Damsel ….nope 4/10

Cocaine Bear …at least some funny Moments 6/10

Roadhouse… another mindless reboot …at least entertaining 5/10

Three thousand years of longing …the strong parts are the flashbacks otherwise Tilda and Elba are to good to fail …entertaining…7/10
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Kung Fu Panda 4

It's quite meh, the weakest of the 4 movies, the comedy is there and it has some good ideas but doesn't place them correctly which leads a lot of wasted potential and questionable decisions.

Tai Lungs return is a sales trap. It happens at the end and barely does anything other than say a few lines before heading off and confirming Po is the true Dragon Warrior which hardly feels earned at all and also off when Po isnt meant to be the Dragon Warrior anymore. Probably comes down to a lack of focus as they brought back Kai and Shen too though they really don't do anything other than still potential Tai Lung screen time. They don't even have voice lines.

Chameleon is a weak villain with the problem of trying to be too many things. It tries to be the villain for Zhen to overcome but also some foil to Po. Having a plot twist also didnt help with the lack of focus so she just ends up being a boring. Dont even know why they gave her the motivation of wanting to learn Kung Fu but cant so she chose evil? Just cut that out and have her be a generic villain, it doesn't even make sense why that would be thing.

I had a weird viewing of Zhen, I didnt think much of her at first but grew to like her at the middle but at the end I wanted to keep liking her but couldn't. Nothing felt rewarding as she went through her arc only to suddenly come up as the Dragon Warrior after all that. I think the twist is what really soured it, especially when the regret kinda just happens. Im not against the concept of the movie or her being Pos successor but there needed to be much more weight into this as I wasnt compelled enough of her as a character to want to see her as the successor.

Pos Dads were definitely the best characters. I adore their chemistry and easily had the best scenes when they appeared. Master Shifu was also pretty good but his appearences are brief.

Overall. I would skip this one, I only really saw it because my friends wanted to and wouldnt have done it by myself. Though the complaints of the lack of Furious 5 in the movie is absurd to me, even if you fix the script to give it a proper goal and more time on important elements, you still wouldnt have room for the Furious 5, they just dont have a purpose in the movie.
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A firefighting meathead and a supersexy swingin pyromaniac femboy reluctantly team up to stop a megalomaniac and inter-dimensional beings from accidentally destroying the planet. It's as dumb as it sounds, and it's awesome.

We went in with not having watched a trailer or a review.

My thirteen year old daughter found it okay. She held back a tear at the end. Almost got me too, but overall, she found it confusing at points and wouldn’t know if five year olds(which the theatre was packed with) would follow the dialogue.
With the amount of stars voicing characters, my daughter would have liked to see more scenes with those characters’ interaction.

The amount of families that paid for multiple kids to watch, I guess it’s dome its job of bringing families out to theatres. I think word of mouth might recommend wait for the stream.
Randomly watched "Calibre".
Simple story, well written characters, and kept me hooked till the end. (7/10)

Also watched "The Ritual".
Gripping, steady buildup of suspense, could've had a better ending. (6.5/10)
Pretty cool at expanding the lore and the world building. Nice action although way more tame than Fury Road. Story is good, the pacing might be a bit off though. At the end I still think Fury Road is better but Furiosa is still a solid movie IMO (9/10)


Saw that it popped up on Netflix.

There aren't enough superlatives to describe this film.

I still need to watch this one. Gutted I missed it at the cinema but I’ll probably pick up a UHD if they release one.


Do you know someone who likes shark movies? Do you hate that person? Under Paris! Are 47 Meters Down: Uncaged, Deep Blue Sea 3, and Meg 2: The Trench too cerebral? Under Paris! Watch it in French with subtitles! Say you watched a foreign film! Impress your friends! Under Paris! Classy!
Under Paris!
I watched it yesterday. :lol:

Next up for me (or at least soon...) will be the equally amazing No Way Up.

I particularly like the tagline at the bottom from someone named FANGIRLISH - "Sharks on a plane is peak cinema."

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Bad boys 4. I like it more than 3rd - alot of stupid fun, great Bayish action captured with different techniques, somewhat unique script for series. Solid 7/10


It's dumb, but really, really wants you to like it. By the end, I kinda did? You wore me down, movie. Good job. Decent action violence. Fun casting. There are worse ways to waste a bit more than an hour and a half, like...



I felt compelled to watch this. I kinda knew what I was getting myself into, so I'm not going to rip on the movie too hard, but... Posters feature great whites. Movie has tigers. It's a shame that some of the characters could only die once. Justice for Mr. Tibbs.




This movie asks the important questions, like: What if you gave Seven Samurai bath salts?

Miike doesn't shy away from some upsetting visuals, prolonged action violence, and one of the most repugnant villains put to screen.
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I saw The Green Knight.

I feel like so much more could have been done with this story. Cinematographic it's great. Dare I say Hobbitlike...

I give it a 5/10.
Baki Hanma VS Kengan Ashura - I like Kengan, I dont like Baki. Unfortunatly this is a Baki story although it tries to combine both.
In the end of course it has to settle for one style, but I would have much prefered it to be Kengan instead.