What's your favourite drift car at the moment?

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Early favorites are:

Nissan Z33 - loved it in GT5, and I'm back for more :). It's very stable, and I'm loving how smooth and consistant the power delivery is. Has weird rear spring rates though.

BMW M5 - just bought one for the first time last night, took it for a spin, and I love it. Seems much more predictable than in GT5

Nissan S13 Silvia K's - first drift car I bought. Although I love this car because I love Silvia's, I haven't found a setup I'm satisfied with. This car always seems to be very unstable under acceleration. The turbo lag seems more noticeable than in GT5 as well.
The S15
Super hard suspension and a 🤬 load of camper in the front and non in the back.
Also works great with the small turbo.
The most manageable thing i have drifted with so fare.
Pretty shure they also changed the hood view from the bad one it had in GT5
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Been having real issues dialing in the Toms X540 Chaser, and still not happy with it today. It just seems to go off the rails after the tyres get too hot or something.

GT6 has lots of factors in the new suspension and tyre model that certainly weren't there in GT5, so drifting is proving a real challenge - I used to score in the top 1000 in the drift trials :banghead:.

Anyway, the best behaved car I've found so far (in my opinion) and therefore my favourite is the Blitz ER34 2004 D1 car (the standard one). I put a set of +1 inch wheels on it (you can't change the wheels on the premium one), and slightly tightened up the diff to a 2-way 7/40/40 from the standard 1.5 way 7/30/15 and put some comfort medium tyres on. I can 90% put it where I want it (in GT5 I could 100% put any car where I wanted it - not so in 6!!!)
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Mine at the moment is the Nissan Skyline 2000GT-R '73 but I have some drift cars in the making that should turn out good.
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you will see me in the Boss most of the time. i was against using it at first unitl i took the time to tune it. and of course i have my missle s14
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So far i only have 5 drifting cars (Ferrari GTB/4, 240SX S14, Genesis, Z32 Premium and Sileighty)

I think my favorite right now is stills the Ferrari, cose i spent a lot more time tunning it.
But the S14 is improving slowly, and its amazing how high HP it can reach on GT6.
I bought a '91 Aristo last night to start tuning as a 4-door missile, and I really like it. The power delivery is so smooth, and it feels like it'll pull from 10 rpm in third gear lol.

Definitely recommend trying one of the Toyota big bodies if you haven't.
In this order: JZS147 Aristo, Jaguar XKF, Chaser

Chaser might get bumped to fourth if I keep driving a charger.
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Favorite by far is the 07 BMW M3 Coupe. Feels so perfectly balanced and pretty easy to drift. I love the Z4M and the C7 Corvette as well for the same reasons.
Out of the Japanese cars, I like the RX-7 and the Subaru BRZ. Learned how to drift in those cars in GT5 and now all over again in 6.
Lastly, the craziest one I have is the RUF Yellowbird. Car is insane but really fun to drift.
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ive been buliding a few cars here and there. my most recent ones are my 96 silvia s14, my 240sx and my (rather odd) lexus is 300 sport cross. the lexus isnt very powerful, but it drifts very well, and my silvia has a lot of potential, so im working on that quite a lot.
Feels great and looks fantastic in the replays :)
Just to bad its not a premium car, and that it doesnt sound like the real car.
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First off, thanks for all the replies! :)
I (finally) got the game yesterday and I bought a S13 as my first drift car, because it's cheap and a lot of you like it.
Could you guys maybe share a tune for that car?
If so, please PM me, so this topic doesn't go off topic too much... ;)
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I'm running round in the 2.5 twin turbo supra. The 3.0 group A had a stupid power curve so I had to settle with the younger brother
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Right now it is the RX-7 efini '91 I used it with no aids to beat the 90's Japanese challenge. I was so happy after that win I decided to convert it to a drift car because of how much natural oversteer it had with sports hard tires. Just slap some comfort hard and some weight reduction and man you can have fun.
I'm running round in the 2.5 twin turbo supra. The 3.0 group A had a stupid power curve so I had to settle with the younger brother

Same here can't stand the 7m, hope PD give's us a premium car with either a 1jz or 2jz soon! Any thing will do but would prefer a Jzx90 or 100.
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Right now I'm really loving the '81 Celica XX 2800. Love the way it handles in GT6. It was pretty unbalanced in GT5, but now it's much better.