Wheel system not being recognized by F1 2021...F1 2021 

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I am on a drivehub. My specific gear is in my signature. I was just wondering if anyone using a drivehub was having the same experience with this title.
Just so you have a reply . . .
I'm sorry, but I don't have a drivehub, and I play on PC. I've never had a problem using a DD1, Limited edition F1 wheel with podium paddels, and CSP V3s, in 2019-2021. 2017 feels like it has some pretty weird FFB when i've tried it, and I've had to use the CSv 2.5 mode to get anything, but I haven't tried it in probably 3 years.

Sorry I can't help with a drivehub issue! maybe some other kind sole will reach out and help.
I was using drivehub with CSWB V2, foumula v2 rim, CSP V3 and all worked fine in all the PS4 F1 titles including F1 2021 on ps4 and ps5. Using the hori wired controller w the drivehub. Recently acquired DD pro wb and find that to be a very nice step up. But drivehub has been great and had used it eversince sony cut the fanatec unlicensed wheel bases off - big thanks to them.