Why You Need to Visit Mosport (Otherwise Known as Canada's Best Race Track)

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    I’m an oval guy so watching live racing at a road course where I can only see one corner has about the same appeal to me as watching paint dry, but agree with all of this.

    Grew up and spent most of my life 5 minutes from the track, and have been to the track a number of times over the years (but never for a race, would rather watch on TV) and the paddock access is amazing. The Vintage races on Father’s Day weekend are especially worth going to.

    Most of my memories though are back before there were fences and security around the whole track and sneaking into the track with my dad to watch practice, won’t ever forget watching the Audi R8s, Panoz and BMW LMRs in the early 2000’s.

    Plus the facility also includes a kart track and multiple other circuits and it seems like there’s something happening on almost every day of the week during the summer. And there used to be a great half-mile oval...but then they paved over it.
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    Best track in the world (I'm a tad biased)! Jackie Stewart once called turn 2 "the most dangerous corner in the world." Good reason too because turn 2 is a steep downhill, 150mph, off-camber, left hander with a 'hidden turn-in.' It has since been given a huge paved run off, but at the time Stewart said the aforementioned quote, it was a super narrow corner. Most recently Juan Pablo Montoya said “This place will scare the hell out of you. When we did the track walk yesterday, every corner is blind, every corner is fifth gear, sixth gear. It’s like, ‘Are you kidding me?' (Toronto Star 2018).