Willow Springs 20 Mile Race

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    Race Reports for the Willow Springs 20 Mile Race:

    Note: Anyone is free to post their race reports in this thread if they so desire.:tup:

    As I work towards the Autobarmy trophy, I decide to put in a few miles at Willow Springs.

    So I check my garage for a fast car and settle on the TommyKaira ZZII '00.

    After a bit of wrenching by my pit-crew, I take the TK ZZII to the Willow Springs track and stomp the field. Its a very uninteresting race since the GT6 AI seems to do a poor job at Willow Springs, and I had waaaay too much horsepower in my ZZII.

    So I decided to de-tune my ZZII and try it again.

    After a bit more wrenching by my fabulous pit-crew I end up with the following basic spec's:

    Horsepower: 390
    Weight: 1110kg
    PP value: 526
    Tires: sport soft

    The first two places on the starting grid are Veyrons, and there is a Ferrari FXX in third, so is my 390HP ZZII overmatched? There is only one way to find out.....

    The flag drops and we're off! On lap # 1, I begin my drive thru the field and end the lap in 12th place some 16.2 seconds behind the race leader after a 1:21.514 lap.

    On lap # 2, I continue my drive thru the field and end the lap in 8th place still some 15.4 seconds behind the race leading FXX.

    On lap # 3, I continue to drive thru the field and when the two Veyron's pit at the end of the lap, I find myself in 2nd place, now only 9.1 seconds behind the race leading FXX.

    Lap # 4 is uneventful.

    When I begin lap # 5, I catch and pass the 1st place FXX who is moving slowly so I can catch-up, thanks:D. As soon as I pass him he speeds up so I can't pull away (obvious rubber-banding). At the end of the lap I dive into the pits for a new set of SS tires and take on 4 liters of fuel. I have about a one second lead over the FXX when I enter the pits with the FXX following me in. The FXX passes me when we are in the pit lane after I get grabbed by the pit-lane tractor-beam. So the FXX is ahead of me when he dives into the 2nd pit-box. I continue on and pass him and then dive into the 1st pit-box. The lap timer flashes a red 1.6 seconds as I come to a stop, so I lost about two seconds just driving down the pit-lane!:eek:

    The 3rd place Lambo Aventador follows us into the pits about 7 seconds later. While we are all stationary, the McLaren MP4-12C flashes past without pitting and takes over the race lead. After another 5 seconds or so, the Ford GT '06 and the Ferrarri 430 Scuderia also flash past the pits, so I'm in 5th place as I get underway at the beginning of lap # 6.

    I'm about 1.5 seconds behind the 4th place FXX as we brake for the first corner on lap # 6. At the 1st checkpoint on lap # 6, I see that I have fallen 12.1 seconds behind the race leading McLaren MP4-12C. The FXX quickly gets past the 3rd place Ferrari 430 Scuderia, so I follow and pass the Ferrari as well as we go thru the tight hook in the middle of the lap. The FXX then gets past the 2nd place Ford GT going into the final right-hand sweeper. I'm about 3 seconds further back, so I don't get past the Ford GT until he starts to brake for his dive into the pits. Up ahead, the race leading McLaren MP4 has driven into the pits, so as we begin lap # 7, I find my self in 2nd place, only 3.1 seconds behind the race leading FXX.

    At the end of lap # 7, the race leading FXX dives into the pits (he is about 2 seconds ahead of me), so as I begin lap # 8, I take over the race lead.:)

    I don't understand why the FXX decided to pit again.:confused: He pitted on lap # 5, so he should have enough fuel and tires to drive the last three laps. I guess his pit-crew made a re-fueling mistake. Strange:eek: I check after the race and see that he is on SM tires, so they should certainly last three laps. Maybe its a driver change to conform to the race regulations!:idea:

    At the 2nd checkpoint on lap # 8, I get the news that I have opened up a 22 second lead over the 2nd place FXX, so I guess thoughts of a close race have gone out the window.

    The 16th place Corvette Z06 '06 is in the pits as I accelerate up the S/F straight at the end of lap # 8, so I lap him just before I finish the race.:)

    Total race time was 11minutes 31.731seconds

    Finishing order:
    1) me in the TK ZZII
    2) FXX '07................25.5 secs back
    3) Viper SRT10.........35.6 secs back
    4) Veyron '09............48.3 secs back
    5) Aventador.............54.1 secs back
    6) McLaren MP4.........57.8 secs back
    7) Murcielago............59.4 secs back
    8) Viper GTS.............59.8 secs back
    9) Ford GT...............1m10.109 secs back
    10) 430 Scuderia......1m10.109 secs back
    11) GTR Black Ed......
    12) Veyron '13.........
    13) Cizeta V16T......
    14) Gallardo LP560..
    15) Ferrari 599.........
    16) Corvette Z06....

    After the race, I checked the replay for the FXX's pit stops:

    On his lap 5 pit stop his tires were worn down to 4 and 5 on the rears, while his fronts were still a respectable 8 and 8. He had only about 17 liters of fuel remaining and seems to have taken on 35 liters because his fuel gauge went up to about 52 liters (just over half a tank).

    On his lap 7 pit stop, his tires were worn down to 7 and 8 on the rears, while his fronts were still pretty fresh with 9 and 9 showing. He had about 20 liters of fuel remaining, and seems to have taken on 5 liters because his fuel gauge went up to about 25 liters.

    I don't know what the story was, his tires were ok. I guess he didn't think that 20 liters of fuel was enough so he needed a splash of fuel.

    I also watched the replay of the FXX's lap 5 pit stop again. He enters the pit-lane about one second behind me and then as we pass the timing light-pole that is on the right side of the pit-lane, my car just disappears and he jumps into first place, and then he dives into his pit-box in front of me!:eek: Very strange!

    See you on the tracks!
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    i like doing that race as well in a 600 pp sti,550 brake 1250 kg i catch the leaders on last lap..shes a thirsty wh**e on fuel though,quater tank per lap..heavier than a 600 bhp f430
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    After watching the replay for my race above, I wonder if the race was an anomaly or if the GT6 AI behaves this way in every race.

    So instead of collecting my earnings and moving on, I decide to race against the same lineup again. I ask my famed pit-crew to de-tune my ZZII a bit more so the basic specs are:

    Horsepower: 374
    Weight: 1120kg
    PPvalue: 520
    Tires: sport soft

    The flag drops and we're off again!

    On lap # 1, I drive thru the field and end the lap in 12th place some 17.1 seconds behind the race leader.

    I end lap # 2 in 8th place still some 15.2 seconds behind the race leading FXX.

    I end lap # 3 in 2nd place after the two Veyrons pit. I'm now only 9.7 seconds behind the race leading FXX.

    As I begin lap # 5, I see that I am only 3.1 seconds behind the race leading FXX. On lap # 5, I catch and pass the race leading FXX and then enter the pits with a 1.2 second lead for a new set of SS tires and for only 1 liter of fuel. The FXX follows me into the pits.

    After about 7 seconds, the 3rd place Viper GTS and the 4th place Lambo Aventador join us in the pits. While we're all in the pits, the McLaren MP4, the Ford GT and the Ferrari 430 flash past without pitting, so when I begin lap # 6, I find myself in 4th place with the FXX right on my rear-bumper.

    Near the end of lap # 6, I catch and pass the three front-runners as they brake for the dive into the pits (they were running nose to tail). They held me up a little so this gives the following FXX a chance to blast past me as we accelerate up the S/F straight.:grumpy:

    When we begin lap # 7, I'm only 0.646 seconds behind the race leading FXX.

    From the lead, the FXX pits again at the end of lap # 7, so I take the gift and rocket into the race lead as I begin lap # 8.:)

    I have a leisurely cruise on lap # 8.

    Race time was: 11minutes 35.679 seconds

    Finishing order:
    1) me in the TK ZZII
    2) FXX '07................23.7 secs back
    3) GTR Black Ed........47.1 secs back
    4) Aventador............50.3 secs back
    5) Viper GTS.............50.8 secs back
    6) Cizeta V16T..........1m 1.7 secs back
    7) Viper SRT10..........1m 1.8 secs back
    8) Murcielago............1m 2.5 secs back
    9) 430 Scuderia.........1m 5.1 secs back
    10) Ford GT..............1m 6.1 secs back
    11) Veyron '09..........1m 6.5 secs back
    12) McLaren MP4........1m 8.1 secs back
    13) Gallardo LP560.....1m14.1 secs back
    14) Veyron '13..........
    15) Ferrari 599.........
    16) Corvette Z06.....

    I watch the race replay and get to see some aggressive racing by the Gallardo on lap # 7. The Cizeta is just ahead of the Gallardo going into the medium speed left-hander at the top of the course and drifts his way thru the turn. This opens the door (on the inside of the left-hand turn) so the closely following Gallardo dives to the apex of the corner. The sideways Cizeta comes back towards the apex as well....... so the Gallardo smacks the Cizeta's left-front fender which causes the Cizeta to spin-out. The Cizeta ends up facing the wrong way on the track and ends up having to do a another 180 thru the sand berm to get going again, while the Gallardo just carries on without a wave.:mischievous: Even with this spin-out the Cizeta finishes the race in 6th place, many places ahead of the Gallardo because he doesn't make a second pit-stop.:)

    Its also interesting to see that the Nissan GTR Black Edition finishes the race in 3rd place. I've now run this race 6 or 7 times and the Nissan GTR usually ends the race much further down the field. I check the race replay and see that he only pitted once on lap # 5. So that was his secret this race! I wonder what made him skip the 2nd pit-stop.

    Puzzled by the relatively low finishing position of the McLaren MP4 (because he's a much stronger car than 12th place would suggest), I went back and watched the race replay. The McLaren MP4 pits at the end of lap # 6 after leading the race, and then pits a second time at the end of lap # 7, one lap later!!:dunce: Whats the story? Can't they calculate the fuel at the first pit stop?

    I check out the Ford GT and the Ferrrari 430 Scuderia, and find that they made two pit stops as well. They also pitted at the end of lap # 6 and then again at the end of lap # 7. It must be a disease, everyone's doing it!!:crazy:

    About half the field is making this race a two-stopper which makes it too easy to win with a low powered car since we can skip the 2nd pit-stop.

    See you at the tracks!
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  4. Ryk


    It is an odd race.

    Just ran it 7 times this year (today!) testing a Stock Countach and my old TVR Griffith. (PP values of 520-495 here - SS-SH tyres - No driver aids - not sure if ABS=0 TCS=0 helps tyre wear or fuel use. I guess you will use up your tyres more with no traction control. Stock brakes at 3/2 d' lock up much - or maybe I am not as clumsy as I used to be.)

    If you can run a car in 1m27.5 - and you can also save your tyres and not empty the tank then the race is yours. The AI tend to go out hard, then pit near the end. Some will pit a second time... from what looks like under fuelling at their first stop.

    AI seems to use a range of tyres, SS SM and SH.

    If you can pull a non stop race you have a great chance for big money. You start 20 seconds down on the lead car -

    Huayra 11m51
    FXX 12m05
    Another grid had these as winners.
    McLaren F1 - 11m30
    FXX - 11m36
    Enzo -11m45

    You can win this with the stock LCC Rocket on SH tyres - A bit of skill or a dodgy set of AI and a win on Comfy Softs
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    I've been seeing the same thing with the AI's pit stops.

    In my second race above, the McLaren MP4-12C, which usually finishes the race in 4th or 5th place, ended up in 12th place because he made a second pit stop. He pitted on lap # 6 and then pitted again on lap # 7. Whats the story with them? Can they calculate their fuel at all?

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    I did this in a stock SRT Viper GTS. They changed tires at lap #6, but then they stopped at the next lap to refuel. I was still on top, but I felt kind of bad that the A.I gave me the win so easily. I don't really look for challenges, but I also don't like winning this easily.

    Same glitch occurs at Brands Hatch and Suzuka mini endurance. Although in these two I suspect the A.I pits a second time to change tire type due to the weather.

    Something interesting happens at Apricot Hill. It's similar to the Willow Springs mini endurance. The A.I stops for tires, but at the next lap, they run out of fuel int he middle of the lap.
  7. Ryk


    Not sure about the fuel. Seems a bit amateur to under fuel that close to the end of a race.

    I watched the replay in car for the FXX - and the tyre "Candles" seemed to reflect the real time actual grip the tyre had at the time, rather than the thickness of tread left on that tyre. (Inside fronts losing height, outer tyre gaining a few inches of height as the car 'leans' onto them. on the corner exit things seemed to stabilise... but maybe there is a trigger on the track that causes the AI to pit if a tyre is "worn out"

    I've seen a few cars spin out (Cizeta, Corvette, 599 Ferrari) and clunk into other cars on the return trip.

    It is still a good race as you get much more to do in the race, nursing tyres and fuel... I certainly abuse the left handers much more than normal and treat those right handers with soft hands so as not to destroy the tyres.
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    Stock Veyron '09 did it for me. Pitted at L5.
    I used a wheel, no driving aids/0 ABS.
    Easy win.
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    I decided to give this another go with my trusty ZZII, so I de-tune a bit more to the following specs:

    Horsepower: 361
    Weight: 1120kg
    PP value: 515
    Tires: sport soft

    The flag drops and we're off again!

    On lap # 1, I begin my drive thru the field and end the lap in 12th place, some 19.5 seconds behind the race leader.

    At the end of lap # 2, I'm in 9th place, 17.2 seconds behind the race leading FXX.

    At the end of lap # 3, I reach third place when two Veyron's pit, so as I begin lap # 4, I find myself only 12.2 seconds behind the race leading FXX.

    On lap # 4, I chase after the 2nd place Lambo Aventador and almost reach his rear-bumper just before he pits at the end of the lap.

    As I begin lap # 5, I see that I'm only 5.5 seconds behind the race leading FXX. At the end of the lap, I follow the FXX into the pits for a new set of SS tires and for 1 liter of fuel (thats what the fuel indicator said, so I only took 1 liter). The 3rd place McLaren MP4 and the 4th place SRT Viper GTS join us in the pits after about 5 seconds. While we are stationary, the Ford GT and the Ferrari 430 Scuderia flash past and drop me down into 3rd place. As I exit the pits, I see that I have leap-frogged ahead of the FXX, so I begin lap # 6 I find myself in 3rd place. Somehow, I've been able to pass the FXX while we are in the pits!:) I guess his pit-crew wasn't ready for his pit-stop. Perhaps they left the 2nd fuel can in the garage.:eek: We will see if he needs to come back into the pits for another splash of fuel.

    As I begin lap # 6, I see that I have fallen 6.2 seconds behind the race leading Ford GT '06. At the end of lap # 6, I watch the 1st place Ford GT and the 2nd place 430 Scuderia drive into the pits. While I'm watching them pit, the FXX blasts past me on the S/F straight:ouch: and drops me into 2nd place by 0.431 seconds as we cross the S/F line to begin lap # 7.

    By the second checkpoint on lap # 7, the FXX has pulled away from me by 2.7 seconds, however at the end of the lap, he dives into the pits to get that second fuel can.:dunce: So as I begin lap # 8, I take over the race lead.:)

    Lap # 8 is a nice leisurely cruise, but even so, I lap the 16th place Corvette and the 15th place Ferrari 599 who are in the pits.

    Race Time: 11minutes 36.382seconds

    Finishing order:
    1) me in the TK ZZII
    2) Aventador............19.7 secs back
    3) FXX '07................23.2 secs back
    4) McLaren MP4........50.6 secs back
    5) Viper GTS.............51.1 secs back
    6) Viper SRT10..........57.2 secs back
    7) Ford GT...............57.8 secs back
    8) 430 Scuderia.........58.2 secs back
    9) GTR Black Ed........1m 00.3 secs back
    10) Murcielago..........1m 2.3 secs back
    11) Veyron '09..........1m 3.4 secs back
    12) Veyron '13..........1m 9.1 secs back
    13) Cizeta V16T.........1m 9.9 secs back
    14) Gallardo LP560.....
    15) Ferrari 599.........
    16) Corvette Z06......

    An interesting finishing order, the Aventador finished in 2nd place! I checked the race replay and the Aventador only pitted once, on lap # 4, so this gave him the 2nd place monies!:)

    See you on the tracks!
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    I did it in the rocket car, which for some reason doesn't need fuel or tires period. The field is almost set up to run too conservatively and thus I won by over a minute and lapped half the field (although the game didn't register that).
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    AI is stupid, yes.
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    Yeah, I think that this^^^^^ just about sums it up.:tup:

    I was hoping that the race would be a challenge in a somewhat de-tuned car, since the race doesn't have any rain for the AI to contend with, however, since most of the AI make a second pit-stop, the race can be won with nearly any old car. Color me disappointed.:(

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  13. Ryk


    Ran A few times today.
    In a nice McLaren F1 - still had the prize car sticker from 2013 on it!

    To the track. No ABS or Traction Control on this baby.

    I like the event as it has tyre wear and fuel to balance out driving like a nutter.

    Sport Hards on my first race didn't have the legs and the fuel use was just more than the race... You may be able to stretch a non stopper - But I wasn't - I dropped it to a pair of 4 lap sprints with a tyre change and a few more drops of fuel - just in case.

    Just in case as I am pretty sure that is the reason the AI cars make a desperate end of lap 7 stop.

    Got the Vey/FXX/F1/Enzo/emmpeefourdashtwelvecee grid.

    The Veyron gets dropped early and also pits early and is never a factor in the race. The real race is between the McLaren F1 and the FXX -
    The McLaren pulling 11m35 - 11m39 race times with a pair of stops. The FXX can win it if it manages to avoid a pit stop at the end of the penultimate lap. In that case its race time is 11m21.
    Managed to up my game and improve my times. The car is very - nimble and will play about in slower tighter corners. On worn tyres at the rear it will get out of shape, but you can live with it - The McLaren has Free Aero.

    New grid of Vey/FXX/Vento/Viper/ZR1 grid
    I then tried ABS and TCS.
    They don't seem to help tyre wear - but they make the lap much easier - no thought on the brakes and much less thinking about putting the power down when both are at 1. - The AI seemed to have a holiday while ABS=1 was enabled, every car was 20 seconds slower over the course of the race than in any other race I've done here.
    Both at 10?
    Actually this was much much slower - The Traction control bosses you about if you even thinking about putting any steering input. I was almost 4 seconds a lap slower with this setting - and even with such Orwellian settings the car still mangles its rears. Just to rub in how slow you are going the AI will step up and put in respectable laps completing the race in 11m33s..

    • Driver aids - Race time (Fastest lap)
    • ABS/TCS=00 - 11m17.8 (1m17.3)
    • ABS/TCS=01 - 11m20.9 (1m17.1)
    • ABS/TCS=10 - 11m51.? (1m20.9)

    I then tried the Diablo twins - If you can win with these then you must be running GT6 version 1.04.

    The race is very much skewed towards a lightweight tyre loving, petrol sipping car. A Heavy car will murder the tyres on the long endless right handers.
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    The AI pitting on lap # 7 for fuel is a disease.... and its catching!

    I just re-ran the race and 14 of the 15 AI in the race pitted on lap # 7!:dunce:

    I was using my trusty TommyKaira ZZII '00 tuned to 510PP:

    I reach 12th place by the end of lap # 1, 19.8 seconds behind the race leader.
    I reach 9th place by the end of lap # 2, 18.3 seconds behind the race leader.
    I reach 4th place by the end of lap # 3, 14.4 seconds behind the race leader.
    Interestingly, I'm still behind the 2013 Veyron who didn't pit at the end of lap # 3 (which is his usual wont).

    I begin lap # 5, still some 9.2 seconds behind the race leading FXX. I follow the FXX into the pits at the end of the lap for fuel and tires. The FXX beats me out of the pits, so I follow him during lap # 6 and begin lap # 7 only 1.2 seconds behind him.

    At the end of lap # 7, the FXX pits from the race lead, while I continue on to glory!:)

    Finishing order:
    1) me in the TK ZZII
    2) FXX '07................33.3 secs back
    3) Gallardo LP560.....48.6 secs back
    4) Viper GTS.............51.8 secs back
    5) Aventador............53.6 secs back
    6) McLaren MP4........53.6 secs back
    7) Viper SRT10..........56.6 secs back
    8) Ford GT...............56.8 secs back
    9) Murcielago...........58.0 secs back
    10) GTR Black Ed.......58.9 secs back
    11) 430 Scuderia........1m+ secs back
    12) Cizeta V16T.........1m+ secs back
    13) Veyron '09..........1m+ secs back
    14) Veyron '13..........1m+ secs back
    15) Ferrari 599.......... 1 lap down
    16) Corvette Z06....... 1 lap down

    Its interesting that the Gallardo is shown in 3rd place after the race. He usually doesn't do this well. So I check the race replay and see that he was the only AI that didn't pit on lap # 7 (he pitted only once, on lap # 5). All the other AI pitted on lap # 7. Three of the AI pitted on lap # 6 and then again on lap # 7 (the Ford GT, the 430 Scuderia, and the Corvette Z06). The whole field caught the lap 7 pit disease!:eek:

    Pit lane was a mess on lap # 7, with everyone in the pits at nearly the same time, the AI cars were running over each others pit-crews. No mercy was given as they were all trying to get into their pits for a splash of fuel.:D

    See you on the track!
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  15. Ferrari458Italia

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    United States
    There seems to be a big hype around the TommyKaira ... I'll definitely have to give it a try. the car was ugly so I never bought it but I'll give it a try later
  16. JogoAsobi

    JogoAsobi Premium

    Was one of the best cars in GT5, so I would not be surprised if that has carried over to GT6.
  17. FireEmblem10


    United States
    It's one of the faster cars in the game, and it's also comparatively cheap (only $60,000.) That, the fact that it has 4WD and is relatively stable...
  18. stb155


    This race is so stupid.

    Did it a few times, stock MP4-12C on SH, only ABS, best was a 1:21,0

    Should be hard/impossible with this car but the AI let me win every time.
    First they start to slow down to let me catch up and then the start sabotaging them self with awful pit strategy.

    Veyron could do it with one stop after 4th but stops in 3rd and 6th. FAIL
    MP4-12C stops in 5th but not gets enough fuel for remaining 3 laps, stops again in 7th. FAIL
    Enzo stops in 6th, gets not enough fuel, stops again in 7th but takes no fuel and only changes his one lap old tires again, runs out of fuel on the last lap. EPIC FAIL
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  19. Ferrari458Italia

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    United States
    so I fully tuned one and it understeers like a mofo.. I'll definitely gotta adjust some suspension work

    wow, I don't even remember this car at all in GT5 hahahahaha
  20. Ryk


    More running this race.

    I ran a Viper GTS (2nd place) - 1m22.6(FL) 11m59 (Race) with a single stop.

    Huarya won with a 11m50 race time with grid "Vey/Vey/Hua/MP4-12C/One-77"

    Ran My Speed 12 again. With all its natural aero it can lap with a lot of speed. But it is a thirsty car.
    1m18.9 (FL) 11m34 (Race)
    Huarya 2nd with 11m58 from the "Vey/Hua/Enz/MurcSV/ZR1" grid

    Then ran 4 races in the TVR Tamora (under 500PP - Cheap as chips)
    This car can easily run 8 laps on a full tank.
    On Sporty Softs it has plenty of grip but they do wear thin near the end. It can go flat in the final approach to the last corner - but you can "feel" the left rear tyre crying out in pain under such a long period of loading.
    But No pit stop, means not losing 30 seconds dawdling down the pit lane.

    Best I could do was
    1m22.4 (FL) 11m29 (Race)

    Grid - "Vey/FXX/Hua/TZ3/Diablo"
    HUA 11m49 - 11m53 - 11m25 - 11m46
    FXX 11m55 - 11m27 - 11m25 - 11m50

    Underlined races are when the leading car didn't pit a second time.

    unfortunately, you can't run the FD3S (Sky Blue RX7 from Amemiya-RE) as it is "Race car"

    I enjoy this race as it lets you see some of the sporty cars in action. That TZ3 Alfa looks like a future purchase.
  21. stb155


    This game so weird...

    I did this race ~10 times against different opponents, every race was awful because the always screw up their strategy and i won easy.

    Just did the same old story again and got 3 EPIC races.

    Same car, same tires, also the same opponents i had before only in a slight different order.
    1st/2nd Veyron, 3rd Enzo.

    Veyrons did the the same BS again, stop on 3rd and 6th.

    Enzo this time pits in 5th lap, he just gets his tires changed as i arrive for my stop.
    So he leaves the box 15 sec. before i do.

    I follow him and come closer, 12 sec. at the end of 6th lap, close up more in 7th, 8sec behind but i expect him to pit again anyway as in the last races.
    He does not, now i try harder, 5sec. behind at the last sector, part of me expects him to be stupid enough to pit in the last lap and gift me another win.
    Nope, he stays on the track and wins by 3 sec.
    Never was so happy to become 2nd :lol:

    I knew that i made some mistakes in the first 3 laps so i tried again.

    Clean first 5 laps and i have the Enzo in sight in 5th. we enter the pit with only a few meters between us.
    He leaves pits first as i still get fuel (holy crap, i have just done a worse pit stop than an AI driver :O)
    So i have to catch up again, get him begin of 7th.
    I don't push to hard because i want to know if he lets me win.
    He does not, actually i have trouble following him in the fast parts of the track but i come closer again in the last corner.
    He pulls away from me as we cross the line for 8th lap.
    But i fly by him as i brake later in 1st corner but i run a bit wide on exit.
    (but he was not brake testing or early braking, he was faster and the Enzo has worse brakes then the MP4, so he had to brake a few m before me)
    I take a wide line through 2nd corner to see what he will do.
    He needs no 2nd invitation and passes inside.
    I stay behind again to look how he reacts.
    He goes on fast and wins again by 0,8sec. Replays shows the final lap was also his fastest in the race.
    (1:22 i think, my fastest was a 1:20,3)

    No BS in the 3rd race, but a mistake from me in 3rd lap so i am again late for the pit stop.
    But i catch him (maybe some slowdown involved but not to bad) and brake late inside of him into 2nd corner of last lap, but i go to wide and get a wheel in the sand, so he passes again. I outbrake him in the next corner and make no more mistakes, he follows and finishes 2nd 0,8 sec behind.

    Really nice racing.

    And also shows that you can have really good races by using a equal car (only tires 2 steps harder)

    Bit why the f... can this not happen in the first 10 attempts ?!?
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  22. GTsail

    GTsail Premium

    United States
    Very nice!

    I think that you have found a winner, the Enzo Ferrari!:)

    I've just finished a race against him with my Ford GT and beat him by only 0.212 seconds!

    He only pitted on lap # 5 like you said.

    See you on the tracks!
  23. GTsail

    GTsail Premium

    United States
    Its time for a different car, so I check my garage and decide upon the Ford GT '06. After some tuning my Ford GT has the following basic specs:

    Horsepower: 308
    Weight: 1360kg
    PP value: 500
    Tires: sport soft

    Sitting on the Willow Springs grid are the following:

    1) Veyron 16.4 '13
    2) Enzo Ferrari '02
    3) Aventador LP700
    4) Murcielago LP670
    5) Alfa TZ3 Stradale
    6) SLS AMG '10
    7) 458 Italia '09
    8) Ford Shelby GT500
    9) Gallardo LP560
    10) Nissan GTR Black Edition
    11) Ferrari 599 '06
    12) Cizeta V16T '94
    13) Jaguar XKR-S '11
    14) Ferrari F40 '92
    15) Ferrari California '08

    On lap # 1, I begin my drive thru the field and end the lap in 13th place some 17.9 seconds behind the race leader.
    On lap # 2, I continue thru the field and end the lap in 8th place, still some 18.1 seconds behind the race leader.
    The Bugatti Veyron pits at the end of lap # 3, so when I begin lap # 4, I find myself in 4th place only 12.8 seconds behind the race leading Enzo Ferrari.

    The 2nd place Lambo Aventador pits at the end of lap # 4, so when I begin lap # 5, I'm in 2nd place only 6.3 seconds behind the race leading Enzo Ferrari.

    At the end of lap # 5, I closely follow the Enzo Ferrari into the pits. I've made up about 5 seconds during the lap because the Enzo is just cruising. I grab a set of SS tires and skip the refueling as indicated by the pit instructions. After about 7-8 seconds the Murcielago, the Alfa TZ3 and the 458 Italia join us in the pits.

    Even though I didn't take on any fuel, the Enzo Ferrari beats me out of the pits and pulls out to a 2.5 second lead over me on lap # 6. The Enzo slows down a bit for the 2nd half of the lap, so when we begin lap # 7, I'm only 1.1 seconds behind him.

    On lap # 7, the Enzo slows enough on the early portion of the lap so I'm able to pass him. As soon as I pass him he gets a second wind and quickly re-passes me on the long back-straight before the final right-hand sweeper.

    At the end of lap # 7, the Enzo faints towards the pit-entrance but then powers up the S/F straight.:) So as we begin lap # 8, I find myself in 2nd place by 0.871 seconds.

    On lap # 8, I pass the Enzo going thru the tight esses and take over the race lead.:) The Enzo is filling my mirrors when we cross the Finish line at full speed!:eek:

    Race Time: 11:48.5xx

    Finishing order:
    1) me in the Ford GT
    2) Enzo Ferrari..........0.212 seconds back
    3) Aventador.............17.8 secs back
    4) 458 Italia..............22.2 secs back
    5) Alfa TZ3...............36.3 secs back
    6) Murcielago............44.3 secs back
    7) Gallardo...............47.8 secs back
    8) Veyron '13............47.9 secs back
    9) GTR Black Ed........59.6 secs back
    10) SLS AMG............1min ++ back
    11) Jaguar XKR.........1min ++ back
    12) Cizeta V16T.........1min ++ back
    13) F40.....................1min ++ back
    14) Ford Shelby.........1min ++ back
    15) Ferrari 599..........1 lap down
    16) California.............1 lap down

    A very close finish finally!

    See you on the tracks!
  24. Ryk


    Ran yet more laps here.


    The car sounds fine but it handles like it has supermarket castors on the back axel. AND it wears out tyres at a rate the "Chewits Muncher" would be proud.

    I found mixing the tyres was the quickest fix on the handling - leaves the car stock suspension wise - I am nothing but lazy when it comes to setting up cars. SH(front)/SS(rear) - this shifts the grip fulcrum point closer to the middle of the car. Once I got into it SM/SS tyres were very drivable. Maybe swapping to SS/SS now would be an option.

    I also ran 3/2 on the standard brakes. (No TCS or ABS - Hey it's Psycho Psaturday!)

    unfortunately the car was not up to getting a win here.
    Race (Fastest lap)
    12m29 (1m27.3) (SS/SS)
    12m17 (1m24.7) (SH/SS)
    12m10 (1m24.3) (SM/SS)
    12m05 (1m22.7)
    12m05 (1m23.7)

    The AI set was Vey/Vey/McLF1/Vento/Enzo
    Races times for each AI car
    11m38/11m39/11m48/11m47/11m49 - Enzo
    11m57/11m55/12m01/12m02/12m01 - McLaren F1
    12m03/12m04/12m05/12m05/12m05 - Aventodor

    I re ran this race loads of times as the battle for 2nd/3rd/4th was good fun. The McLaren pulling a last gasp extra stop. The Lambo was on the same Pit after lap 4 and run till the end I was. So I was able to "reel in" this car. Often I would pass in the pitlane... his Fat Turin car blocking my way into my pit box. Then on the way out, he ran over my Right Rear wheel guys!

    The McLaren would pit and come out of the pits behind the Lambo and my BTR, and then breeze past us on our badly mangled tyres. - So not running for the win. But just the right mix of AI to make it much fun. (As I tried not to kill my rear tyres pushing too hard... but still trying to push hard enough to catch and pass the Aventador ahead. Hoping he would hold up the McLaren (No such luck.)

    Shelby Series 1 Supercharged
    486pp - 319bhp/1202kg
    This car is a joy to drive. Thick power band. Loads of grip, consistent brakes. Pretty fast, sips fuel like it at a table with the Queen. And the tyres (SS fitted from SH's) can go the entire race. (Okay a whole 20 miles!)

    Series 1
    11m36 (1m22.2) (SS/SS)
    11m33 (1m22.2)
    11m29 (1m22.1)

    The AI set was - Vey/Hua/McLF1/One77/MurcSV
    Races times for each AI car
    11m27/11m50/11m26 - Huayra
    11m44/11m59/11m56 - McLaren F1
    12m01/12m04/12m00 - Murcielargo Super Veloci

    I only won when the Pagani pitted twice.


    M4 Coupe

    Prize car from a special seasonal.
    Odly interesting - the car is dangerously in no mans land for fuel use. If you gun it, it won't last 8 laps. But you can make the tank last for 20 miles...if you go all eco friendly using a gear higher most of the time.

    M4 Coupe
    11m53 (1m21.7) (SS/SS) - Pit lap 4
    12m10 (1m??.?) (SS/SS) - No stop
    12m00 (1m24.1)(SM/SM) - No Stop (I had pathetic final laps on no grip and dribbles of fuel)

    The AI set was - FXX/Enz/ViperACR/GT06/ViperGTS
    Races times for each AI car
    12m06/12m04/12m03 - FXX
    12m25/12m29/12m24 - Enzo
    12m06/12m30/12m43 - Viper ACR
    12m33/12m37/12m37 - Ford GT 06
    12m21/12m22/12m22 - Viper GTS
    XXmxx/XXmxx/12m02 - Ferrari 458

    No idea why this grid had such woeful AI - I really should have noted down which tyres they are running. But I am sure the issue with extra stops is down to under filling during the pit stop with fuel.

    So from 11 races here I won... 3 times! But the wins were in general less fun than the battling 3rd place races.

    If anyone sees me at Willow Springs can they pop me on a plane to Florida for the Daytona 24hour race.
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  25. Kitten


    I used a Bone Stock McLaren MP4-12C, Sport Hards. I was able to do 8Laps. No Pit Stop. Finished the race with 1Liter of fuel left. I was Coasting Lap 7-8 to save fuel. 8th lap i was coasting very heavy. AI is getting closer at Lap 8, However i used my remaining fuel for the end straight. Very worth it. Great Challenge :). Im surprised how well the MP4-12C handles with Sport Hards as its Fuel Efficiency. :tup:

    Tire wear i had about 5 all around left.

    Lap times were around

  26. Giygas


    Has anyone tried beating it in the NSX-R LM? It seems infinitely worse in this game and i got frustrated halfway through.

    I should take more time to learn it :grumpy:
  27. Vic Reign93

    Vic Reign93 Premium

    United Kingdom
    Lotus Europa Special
    264hp/659kg/527pp on soft sports tyres.

    Ran all 8 laps with the softs but had to slow down to preserve the tyres after lap 6. Did well on fuel with under half a tank still left and despite spinning out at the end, I finished 12 seconds clear of the second place Aventador.
  28. nowcontrol


    United Kingdom
    I have managed it, and yes, you have to be gentle with the NSX.

    Add some ballast to even out the weight distribution, it may help you to tame it.
  29. FLASH48


    Did it with a 550pp Boss 302. Took me a few try's before I figured out the tire and fuel for this race.
  30. HBR-Roadhog


    United States
    I've did that race a few times, Used a Ford GT 06 initially and the Pagani that was leading pitted on lap 7 with me on his bumper and I was able to win by a rather large margin as I had already pitted after lap 5 as did he. Apparently we both did not take on enough fuel as he pitted at the end of lap 7 and I ran out of fuel on the final straight but still had enough momentum to cruise across the line at over 100mph for the win

    I tried it once in a stock Viper AE but that ended up falling short of a win. That car used to much fuel and was hard on tires. I was already loosing grip when I pitted on lap 5 the fastest AI car pitted behind me but I had to take on 21 liters of fuel and was still setting there for a while after he drove away. I managed to close the gap to about 5 car lengths coming around the final corner but that extra time in the pits and the increased tire wear killed my chance at a win in that race.

    BTW even taking on the 21 liters of fuel I still ran out of gas before I reached the line in the Viper
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