Wouldn't be nice to be able to sell our Gifted cars?

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  1. ShiftingGears


    It is. Because if you want to maximise credits, you'll be in GT League chasing the rabbit starting kilometres up the road. Ridge Racer Type 4 was 20 years ago, why am I doing the same in 2019? That doesnt resemble any real life racing series.

    I'm closing in on 600 Sport Mode wins, which puts me close to top 200 in the world. I should never need to resort to GT League for credits, and yet, if I want the hero cars more than once every several months, I will have to chase the rabbit again.

    That is a chore.
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  2. breeminator


    A zero challenge race against trivial to beat AI, yes, it's a chore. Are you saying that despite me being happy for the game to cater for you, you aren't happy for it to also cater for people like me, you specifically want the game to be unenjoyable for people with a different preference to you, even though they are happy for the game to be enjoyable for you and aren't in any way trying to take that enjoyment away from you?
  3. TonyJZX


    I feel like I'm at the point where its getting unattenable.

    I think the limit is a 2,000 car garage. I'm at 800+ (!!!) I havent deleted anything and my account like many others is afflicted by double if not triple 'bounce'.... ie. I might get a DWG car on then before the next 24hr period I might get the same wheelspin up to THREE times.

    So three copies of a particlar car in a 24hr play period!

    I play every day and I do feel like I fit in the middle of these two extremes where I try to derive challenge and 'fun' from beating GT4s on my fave tracks for 42km in an N400/500 car.


    Doing this nets $160k a day which is fine by me so I doubt they will retroactively give you money for DWG cars given that many of us will be multimillionaries if they do!

    330p4s for everyone!!
  4. isamu


    Holy smokes!!! 600 Online wins???

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  5. RichiPuppy


    Nope, not it at all.... I have every car in this game and haven’t got any of the expensive ones as a prize to this day. Even after putting in the time, I can still speak for the fact that the rewards process in this game is completely broken. I put more hours in GT games than anyone and this is the worst one yet when it comes to pay outs and prizes. It isn’t entitlement to want a game that rewards people well still having fun, it is the utter definition of what a game should be, a game.
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  6. KMGMC


    I wouldn’t mind being able to sell some rewards cars, I’ll give you an example.

    This week the Gr.3 huracan seems fast on RBR, but I’ve only had the game 2 weeks so I don’t have the credits to buy it and try it because I also wanted to try the Gr.3 AMG If I could sell my doubles or some of the useless rewards cars I have then I could get the huracan.

    I just really don’t enjoy the GT League races because there way to easy, it’s not competitive, nor is it really realistic, to just jump in a car mid pack and go. So I pretty much exclusively do the sport mode races.

    I’m not complaining either way but it would be cool if I could sell some of them off and buy a car that I’ll actually use.

    I do realize it wouldn’t take a ton of time to do some GT League races to get the credits but I want to play and have fun not just mindlessly drive around a track.
  7. GTV0819

    GTV0819 (Banned)

    It's sad that players can't find ways to earn credits in the game other than grinding. :indiff:
  8. RacingFan1


    Or at least to have a button to "reject" the gifted car when you have got it gifted 288 times already