Xenn's GT3 Research Topic (Might not be 56k friendly)

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Counting all of the worldwide high-seller rebrands, the Japanese version of GT2 had updates on only the GT Mode disc for the PS The Best release, but the US Greatest Hits release was after all of the bugfix re-releases, and was identical to the discs that were being pressed at the time (second revision of Arcade, third of GT Mode).
How to restore the bodies of Lancia Stratos, the 6 F1 cars, Porsche 911, Lancia Stratos WRC and several others in PAL version? I've seen a video that shows the bodies of them. I forgot his name though.
Ever noticed that the map have a "GT Logo" in it?
GT2 cities are real maps, dunno about GT3's but yeah i've noticed pretty much since the start. Can't really miss it

Last year one guy made a video which shows GT Lupo Cup Training Version 2. Here is how Fuji Speedway looks in this game.

P.S. As Polyphony started to make more neat demos and games after asian GT4 Prologue maybe this track have some hidden files from 2003