Your GT6 Goals

Discussion in 'Gran Turismo 6' started by ameer67, Nov 30, 2013.

  1. JackC8

    United States Minnesota, USA

    Day 1: just experience the game, buy a cheap car, race on a few tracks, upgrade the car, maybe even win a race or two. And probably spend an hour ogling all the cars in the showroom.

    Week 1: have at least one decent car; nothing mega-expensive, just an Audi R8 or Nissan GT-R. Post some stuff in the photo mode forum.

    Month 1: Have unlocked a good portion of the career mode and be experiencing everything the game's got to offer.

    Year 1: hopefully platinum it if there aren't any ridiculous trophies like that Vettel X2010 thing in GT5.
  2. Swagger897

    United States KCCO

    That's unless they have some sorta lock on races not allowing it...

    I pre-ordered from GS so I'll get the 15 R18... I don't care if people say I'm not doing they game the correct way... I've waited 4 years to drive this car, I'll do whatever the :censored: I want..
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  3. Fyshokid

    Denmark Denmark

    My goal is to pass my math exam on the Monday following the release of GT6.
  4. Eric W

    United States Massachusetts

    My only goal is to enjoy GT6 as much as I still enjoy GT5.
  5. Rob192005

    England Backstreets of Paisley

    My main goal =collect all cars and I don't care how long it takes me,my first goal is to get deep into gt mode.:)
  6. Brutaka

    United States Chicago

    Goal 1: buy many LCC rocket's
    Goal 2: buy 2 VW Scirocco GT24's
    Goal 3: compete in a GTP race series
    Goal 4: Buy the Ferrari 330 P4 (missed out in GT5)
  7. matticus88

    England Essex, UK

    Day 1 goal: Get the B licence all gold
    Week 1 goal: Get a GT86 Base model
    Month 1 goal: Own all the astons
    Year 1 goal: hmm, bit long to think of a goal.. 200 cars & A-Spec done all golds.
  8. robbyf

    United States ft worth

    to have fun and live my automotive dreams. Collect cars attack Goodwood and win most of the a spec races.
  9. GTP_CargoRatt

    United States Adrian, Mich.

    My goals.

    1. Complete game.
    2. Make it to D1 Gold in the WRS
    3. Be a GT Academy finalist for my region.

    Pretty lofty goals I know, but I'm sure my heart, determination, and unwillingness to give up will help me get there.
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  10. TF GT1 01

    England York

    Get every colour of the lexus LFA & nurb edition, and buy the diablo GTR.
    @sparkytooth looks like we are competing huh?;):cheers:
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  11. Snake1405

    Argentina Argentina

    Complete everything, with the platinum :D

  12. theofilosz

    Greece Greece

    To buy it used for 10-20 euro.
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  13. I don't really have any goals right now. First I will need to get attached to the new game.

    I imagine that I will play online most of the time and collect premium cars as I acquire the credits to afford them. Career Mode has become a secondary thing for me these days but I will definitely play that too.
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  14. SavageEvil

    United States NY

    1st thing is get past tutorials and then peruse the auto shop oogling all the cars, then finally getting down to mopping the floor with the AI since I hate AI and prefer humans. After that I will begin my always online racing for cash, buy a car tune it test it, toss it in the garage and do more racing. Rinse and repeat. Anyone wonder if the garage limit is double the car count?
  15. FRoSTeD

    United States Iowa

    Goal 1: Stock up on FR cars
    Goal 2: Buy CH tires
    Goal 3: Throw them sideways
    Goal 4: ????
    Goal 5: PROFIT!

    And maybe throw in some 400-550 pp races in between! :lol:

    Edit: Especially looking forward to using the new Boss 302 Mustang!
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  16. wejhvabewjty

    Spain Spain

    To get (At least) all the racing cars in the game, like I did in GT5. (That is my final goal in the game)
  17. Streeto

    Japan UK

    My goal is to play GT6, no more no less.
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  18. Swagger897

    United States KCCO

    you didn't miss much with #4... I got mine three months ago and, well to be quite honest, it looks like a photo from paint slapped on for the dash..

    It is fast though, boy..
  19. seeker589

    United States Amish country, USA

    Strange as it may seem - I wanna balance the time I spend playing the game with the needs of real life. While work and the needs of family and home take time away from the game, the time I spend obsessing about the game takes away from what I NEED to do everywhere else.

    In the game:
    I wanna take my 15th anniversary Shelby coupe and drive it's virtual wheels off!
    Get used to the new physics engine, tire and suspension modelling.
    Explore the new "wall of wheels".
    Get the new Trans Am and see if when I paint it - the "Screaming Chicken" changes color - or goes away. And replace those Butt ugly Snowflake wheels to something far more attractive.
    Get the new El Camino and make it handle well.
    Get Mark Steilow's Red Devil Camaro and paint it white and change its name to Divinity.
    Get Mary Pozzi's Autocross Camaro and drive the snot out of it.
    Get stuff dirty and leave it that way!
  20. ibnumgt1

    Malaysia Kuala Lumpur

    1. Buying the Diablo GT2 and the Diablo GT.
    2. Buying the FXX Evoluzione.
    3. Winning races in online with my Diablo. :D
    4. Trying the lunar rover mission and try jumping around the moon in LOW GRAVITY BABY! :sly:
  21. ildd

    United States Houston, TX

    My goal at 11:59 PM, 12/6/13- Fully tune the El Camino, Nova, GT500, and 2013 Viper, and win the first 2 license tests
  22. pathong

    Australia Melbourne,Aus

    1st month: Create a stop motion trailer using just in game photos
    Do a video comparison of standard cars in GT5 vs standard cars in GT6
    12 months: Own every single car in the game
  23. mister dog

    Online Now!
    Belgium Spain

    1: Drive my premium supra RZ at night on silverstone.
    2: Hotlap with the deltawing
    3: Change the liveries on my racecars if i don't like them
    4: Enjoy the V12 sound of a classic ferrari
    5: Enjoy the new interiors of the standards, and check out their gauges.

    Trolololol :D
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  24. jimipitbull

    Australia Brisbane

    1. Moon buggy
    2. Donuts
    3. ???
  25. ildd

    United States Houston, TX

    @pathong tell me when you upload that stop motion video :drool:
  26. DCP

    South Africa South Africa

    To get a bunch of new cars and rivals cars and do shoot outs on various tracks. I hope we get that Test Track with the option of acceleration and top speed tests.
  27. Bluntified

    Canada Sauga, Ontario

    My ultimate goal is tuning. I kinda slacked off with tuning in GT5 as I didn't care too much about it - enough to figure out a base tune but not enough to fine tune. For GT6, I want to get into the "meat" of tuning, figuring out what everything does and apply them.
  28. jimipitbull

    Australia Brisbane

    2 Sundays 1 cup
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  29. VBR

    United Kingdom London England

    My only goal is to have fun playing it, particularly racing online. :D
  30. Magic Ayrton

    United Kingdom Southampton Hants UK

    I'm Ironside, but I need a throttle pedal :rolleyes:
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