Your "secret car" that no one knows about....

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  1. cornjedi


    I've been surprised how little the silhouette has been mentioned as a good racing car. I've won more races than I would have expected from such a funky car..


    hey all im kinda new to this game and need some help if anyone can send me even a page of helpers or tips or sites or more please send it to me
  3. MistaY

    MistaY (Banned)

    Beh, it's the same freaking race mod that's used for the A4 2.8. And it's based on the BTTC Audi A4 which was FF.

    Mah, favorite overlooked cars are...

    Momo Course MR2: Actually this car is pretty crappy, almost as bad as the Weds Sport Celica (Yuck), but it looks nice.

    Lotus Elan S2: Meh, well there are two of these old elans and i'm reffering to the slower older one. Take that heavy muscle car!

    Lancer Evolution 5 RS: Not the GSR, the RS is like 200kg lighter than the GSR. Bloody hell this car has to be the quickest (or near quickest) 280bhp Japanese car.

    Plymouth GTX: Uh, this car just told me to buy it. It even said in the Information that it had a 426 Hemi engine (well those were the only few words in english, among the Japanese Text). 3 gears, handles like a cow and has a top speed of 20mph stock, it dissapointed. But I tuned it (to a dissapointing 600bhp, I thought hemi engines were able to get about 5billion bhp with tuning) and with allot of suspension tweaking I used it to beat the pure sports car cup, maybe i'll de-tune it and run it in the pacific nationals.

  4. LanEvo


    it only got 600hp because of the japanese bias tuning :rolleyes: yes hemi engines have been known to push well over 1,000bhp..
  5. MistaY

    MistaY (Banned)

    Meh, well 600bhp is enough for racing on a track with corners. Although it would be nice to thrash one of these around the test course with 1000+ bhp. The wierd thing about the car was that it understeered like hell. I thought muscle cars were meant to oversteer because of the heavy front and light rear. Mind you in GT2 the FF cars seem to have no understeer whatsoever and the MR cars feel like they don't have any grip mid corner.

    I do like GT2 though.
  6. LanEvo


    yeah...the physics engine is completely different on GT3. the FF cars are hell to drive! same for AWD. GT4 is bringing back the muscle cars, we'll see how they handle :) i'm pretty sure the cars will handle similarly to the way they do in GT3. they revised them a bit...just trying to get the lap time of the car in the game similar to the lap time of the car in real life.
  7. MistaY

    MistaY (Banned)

    What the hell happened to my post? :confused:

    Edit: Nevermind I had a brain lapse.

    Yeah, i'm just hoping that GT4 is simmilar to GT2 in gamestructure and amount of cars (well with even more cars), with slightly revised handling from GT3 (although I don't know how much better they can make it).

    Some AWD cars in GT3 handle better than others although I have mannaged to conquer the the FF understeer thing with lighter tuning and good (oversteery) suspension setup. :D
  8. Joey


    Really? Care to elaborate?
  9. MistaY

    MistaY (Banned)

    In GT3? or GT2?
    I doubt my settings are great, but I tend not to use many power mods (the Civic Sir I used in the PRO FF cup only had about 220/250bhp) I usually set the rear spring rate higher than the front one, put some negative toe on the front and rear (usually a little more on the rear), then reduce the rear camber and increase the front camber (although I have no idea if this is actually the correct thing to do) also I like to set the rear brake bias a little higher than the front. As for LSD, I have no idea how to work that shizit.

    That's probably completely wrong, but that's how I do it.
  10. DelBoy


    It makes a sound :p

    Anyways mine is the Mini 1.3i its a go kart with a roof :D
  11. LanEvo


    the whole thing you are trying to do to get the car to oversteer is making the rear end tighter while making the front end looser. high stabilizer bar, high spring rates for the back, opposite for the front. more negative camber increases you have a higher number for the front than rear. also using different tire compounds for the front and rear will help to enduce oversteer ;) as for the LSD..i always use 50 50 on everything i try :D
  12. Joey


    I referred to GT3. Much obliged; now I can finally feel good about racing a del Sol :) :).
  13. MistaY

    MistaY (Banned)

    Yup, thats about it.
    Another thing I do is usually have the rear dampers and stabilisers slightly higher than the rear. In GT2 I don't fit the LSD to the FF cars. Although with a decent setup the FF cars seem to drive like they are on rails. In GT3 I have managed to make the cars oversteer too much and it goes into an odd FF understeery slide thing, which is not good (although I can make a FT0 GPX drift pretty good with the use of those settings and the E-Brake :D ).


    No problems Joey, I hope you enjoy drivng your, err delsol. :D
  14. chazzyboy


    fully modded spoon integra type r, faster than ne other ff in da 300-400 hp range(wel i think anyway)...and has great handling.
  15. lefrog


    Yeah! I'm a big fan of this Spoon, I just wish you could get it other than white'n black.

    I tried to mod two Celica GT-Four yesterday, one 91 RC and a 95 model. I was really nicely surprised! They're really fun to drive & drift. But please, forget about the uglty race mods! In terms of performance they both do the trick against 591 HP cars.
  16. Elstro


    Old thread revival I know, (LSUtiger will be onto me - if he was still here) but i jsut thought that another 'secret' sleeper car is the Vauxhall/Opel Vectra 2.5 V6 - doesnt look too good at 321hp fully modded, 1227kg and FF, but with a little suspension and tranny mods it will scatter Skylines, RX-7s, Vipers and WRXs in its wake (I have both versions: Opel and Vauxhall versions - I got the Opel variant from switching the language)
  17. Impreza STi

    Impreza STi

    Mitsubishi minica pj, when fully tuned, can blow away most any Kei car!
  18. pimp racer

    pimp racer

    Mine is the 93 supra turbo. Best car to buy in the begineing
  19. Nemo2


    United States
    the 3000gt was the secret for me, got over 1000 hp, insane, i would put a weight on the accelerator and leave the room and come back to an endurance race win! wonderful find
  20. Racing_Vitz


    My secret car is the R390 GT1 LM car, that car handles well even at high speeds it turns incredibly sharp. Even if I throw the car into a high slip angle I can pull it out with relative ease, I got 1:33:?? at the Rome at Night course with the R390 :)

    VIPFREAK (Banned)

    Uh, ok... whateva you say. :odd:

    I guess it would be my toyota mr2, Lotus LM Gt2, and Supra RS(R)
  22. MR240SX


    Alfa Romeo 156 2.5 V6 24V - great, well-balanced handling in an FF layout. This car was one of those pleasant surprises that got overlooked until I did the factory races. 463hp/2484lb

    RX-7 GT Turbo(1983) - this car, like most RX-7s, can hold its own against cars which vastly outclass it. 433hp/2067lb
    [R] Cusco Impreza - bought because it looks good, kept because it races well :) 453hp/2160lb
    [R] TVR Cerbera 4.5 - looks great in racing trim, and is one of the better-handling TVRs. 564hp/2162lb
    [R] Altezza LM - it was worth the effort to win this car. 590hp/2270lb
    BMW 840ci - not especially fast or terrific-handling, but a lovely engine sound and a classic BMW design. 381hp/3716lb

    [R] ZZII - drop-dead gorgeous body and wonderful handling. 588hp/2248lb
    Venturi Atlantique 300 Biturbo - Test Drive 6 introduced me to the Venturis, GT2 made me fall in love with this one :) 590hp/2451lb
    Tom's Angel T01 - nothing too special numbers-wise; just a terrifically fun little car here. 244hp/1419lb

    Mazda Protege GT-X - this car is surprisingly good for the lower-power classes. 326hp/2433lb
    Mitsubishi Galant VR-4(1996) - not too fast, but really fun when completely tuned. 403hp/2903lb
    Skyline GT-R33 4-door Autech 40th Anniversary - neat Skyline. <3 R33. 716hp/3059

    And of course, the requisite R30 Skyline Silhouette and the GT40.

    Some of these have been mentioned before, some not. I'm just trying to be thorough :D

    - Ben
  23. Solid Lifters

    Solid Lifters

    United States
    You listed most of favorite cars in the game!

    The Demio A-Spec is just awesome for a little car, in my book.
  24. Jtek1980


    1. Honda Del Sol LM
    2. Altezza LM
    3. GT One
  25. gt2_drifter


    My cars would be:

    1. Chevrolette Corvette Stingray '69 427
    This car is awesome, i tried to drift it, it spun, i tried to race it on super softs, it spun, i tried the quarter mile, it was tooo slow (11.2), i tried top speed it only hit 232mph. But trust me you'll find a use for it.
    2. Toyota Soarer 2.5GT-T
    This car is hella fast, perfect handling, and can drift perfect long turns.
    3. Nissan Sileighty (if u can get one)
    Beautiful car drifts at the touch of a button. pulls sic speeds for an sr20 and it's awesome. (Rare)
    4. Penzoil GT-R R34 Skyline
    5. Renault Espace F1
    This car is 818hp cant be upgraded and can burn a escudo by miles if properly tuned. handles like a dream. the back looks like pikachu staring at you. And with a hefty price tag of $2,000,000 its not something you just go out and buy, unless your like me and is hooked on GT2 and has over $40,000,000!
  26. High-Test


    The dodge concept LM. that car won half my races. and not to mention the delta S4 why wont my gt2 disc work.....:banghead:
  27. puricele7e


    Well.....that would be all MINES, SPOONS and the Integra Type R ---> Such a nice sound :mischievous:
  28. corts007


    Mazda AZ-1.

    Yeah, I know it sounds stupid but in the 197HP races this thing kicks ass. The stearing is awsome allthough you shouldn't touch the steeringwheel when driving 130km/h + :D

    Above all, I think this little car looks very good for it's size, hehe.
  29. AP1


    My first arsenal is S2000 GT1. Or, you can laugh at my Lexus GS400. Pumps out 503 hp. Does lots of 180s, 180Rs, and 360s.
  30. Tokyo Drifter

    Tokyo Drifter


    :D I beat as much of GT2 as I am going to beat and have put it aside in favor of GT3 but when I played the game last. A friend and I had organized our own little one on one time trial competition between us. (No one else to compete against so) And my hands down winner in that competition is my definite favorite car at the time I left GT2 in the dust for GT3.

    My choice is the race modified S2000. The normal car you can buy from the Honda dealer but with the race modifications done to it. It had the maximum horsepower I could get from it. 364-horsepower. I think I had some Falken tires slapped on it. I started out with a red one. I love that shade of red that the race modified S2000 gets and it looks great to me with the black hood on there. And while it was a very stable car for our little time trial competition, I wondered, can I push the S2000 farther? I didn't want to change the settings on my red one so I made a second one. This time, a race modified S2000 in blue with the black hood instead and after some changes in my plan, like changes to the gearing in the transmission, I found a new limit of speed with the blue S2000.

    And he isn't on these message boards or anything but his choice was the race modified Lancer Evolution 6. 394-horsepower. That was one of our rules. No car could surpass that horsepower limit. (chosen since it's the usual limit for the first race in several of the race series like Super Touring Trophey, I think the name of it is?) He found no car he would drive faster than that one. I borrowed it for the endurance race on Seattle and used it to beat down the 500+ horsepower cars there easily. Seattle was the one course he beat my S2000 on, so it seemed logical to use it, but I think he only over came my red S2000, I don't think my blue S2000 ever made a run at his Lancer Evolution 6's time on Seattle.

    So there's my choice for my car that was special to me. It's actually two cars I guess, since you can count both the race modified red S2000 and then the blue S2000 as two different cars. And I know my friend's choice was the race modified Lancer Evolution 6.