Forza Horizon 5 Season Change: Meet Your Maker

It’s the final week for the current Forza Horizon 5 Series, with one last set of new Playlist events and rewards for players before the next update.

Officially called “Horizon Creatives”, the Series — somewhat unsurprisingly — focuses on the act of creation. More specifically, it’s all about EventLab.

That sees the debut of a new location in the game, although it’s fair to say it’s not the most interesting place to start with. EventLab Island is a 1.5 square mile (4 square kilometer), and literally square at that, slab of concrete in the middle of the Gulf of Mexico.

It doesn’t strictly feature on the playlist (although there is a Daily Challenge this week), but EventLab itself does with three player-created courses most weeks across the Series. Sadly the fun Treasure Stunts we’ve seen recently don’t return this week.

Naturally there’s new cars to race for, with seven vehicles up for grabs this month and an appropriate Evolving World Accolade for owning them. One of those in fact comes from one of the EventLab challenge this week, in a nice synergy. Players who start their Forza Motorsport journey this month also have a chance to own an eighth vehicle as a bonus.

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Series 25: Horizon Creatives

Completionist players will already own the first of the reward cars this Series — the only all-new one — while the other will become available for the first time this week.

That 80-point car is the BMW 850CSi, a classic 1990s grand tourer and one of the rarest BMW series-production vehicles ever made.

The 850CSi was an M-car in all but name — BMW did make, but repeatedly denied making, one M8 prototype — combining a 5.5-liter, naturally aspirated V12 with the excellent 8 Series shape.

As well as being a rarity in its own right, BMW would develop the engine into a more famous form to slot into the back of the McLaren F1.

Scoring 160 points will earn you the rather wordy Porsche 911 Carrera 2 by Gunther Werks — officially called “400R” (not to be confused with the Nissan) by the tuner in the real world.

It’s a restomod that takes the concept to a whole new level, with modern underpinnings and a GT3-level, 400hp, four-liter flat six in the back of a bespoke carbon-fiber body based on the 993-generation 911.

Series 25 Spring/Hot Season Rewards

German cars remain the theme for the weekly rewards as they have done all Series long. This week it’s all about a very old school performance car and a very new school machine.

Hit the 20-point target and you’ll collect the new-to-Forza BMW i4 — an otherwise entirely ordinary BMW 4 Series Gran Coupe that happens to be an electric vehicle.

In this version, the eDrive40, the car uses a single, 335hp motor powering the rear wheels only. Despite the additional weight of all the electrical systems, it’s still good for a sub-six second sprint to 60mph — with a 118mph limited to speed.

This week’s second reward car, available for 40 points is a little more notorious: Porsche’s road-going race car from the 1950s, the 550 Spyder.

A mid-engined, lightweight sports car packing just 100hp, the 550 gained infamy when actor James Dean — who had bought the car with the intention to race it just a week later — crashed his example (called “Little Bastard”) heading to the track and died.

Spring comes to an end at 1430UTC on Thursday October 12, bringing Series 25 to a close at the same time. We’re yet to learn what Series 26 — called Dia de Muertos — will bring when it arrives, but we’re expecting a informative stream soon.

Series 25 Spring Playlist: Forzathon Events

Renault Sport, the former racing brand of the Renault company, is this week’s star on the flagship-focused Forzathon Events. Own and drive the sprightly 2018 Megane RS to get Conquer Every Corner underway.

You’ll need to score two stars at the Pequeno Puente Speed Trap — the “little bridge” — on the outskirts of Mulege to start you progress. This only requires a 110mph speed and can be done stock if you take advantage of a downhill start…

After that, take the Megane to victory at any circuit-based Road Racing event — point-to-point races won’t count — then rack up six stars at any Speed Zones.

Completing the set will earn you five Playlist points and 80 Forzathon Points — the latter of which is doubled if you own the Casa Solariega player house.

Weekly Challenge: Conquer Every Corner

  • Car: Renault Megane RS ’18
    • Chapter 1: Own and drive the Renault Megane RS ’18
    • Chapter 2: Earn two stars at the Pequeno Puente Speed Trap in the Renault Megane RS ’18
    • Chapter 3: Win a Road Racing circuit event in the Renault Megane RS ’18
    • Chapter 4: Earn six stars at Speed Zones in the Renault Megane RS ’18
  • Reward: 5 points, 80FP

Seven final Daily Challenges are available for the series, popping up — as the name suggests — at the rate of one a day, starting at 1430UTC. You’ll have a full seven days to complete each one, even if that runs into the next Series, and you’ll earn you one point towards your playlist total for doing so.

Completed It, Mate starts you off, requiring you to finish any EventLab event. Oddly, the three on the Playlist don’t count…

Win a Street Race in any Vans & Utility vehicle next to complete Vincent Van Go!.

You’ll be saying Beem Me Up next as you earn two Ultimate Air Skills — for getting a car entirely off the floor for a couple of seconds before landing safely — in any BMW.

Draw a Crowd after that, as you slide, speed, and smash your way to 100,000 Skill Score.

Next get a Pocket Rocket and reach a speed of 150mph (241km/h) in any Abarth.

Visit EventLab Island and photograph your car there to be Pretty as a Picture.

Round out the Series with three Awesome Clean Racing Skills — earned for passing through several checkpoints while racing without heavy contact — to prove that Easely Does It.

Daily Challenges

  • October 5 – Completed It, Mate: Complete an EventLab event
  • October 6 – Vincent Van Go!: Win a Street Race in any Vans & Utility vehicle
  • October 7 – Beem Me Up: Earn two Ultimate Air Skills in any BMW
  • October 8 – Draw a Crowd: Earn 100,000 Skill Score
  • October 9 – Pocket Rocket: Reach a speed of 150mph (241km/h) in any Abarth
  • October 10 – Pretty as a Picture: Photograph your car at EventLab Island
  • October 11 – Easely Does It: Get three Awesome Clean Racing Skills

Series 25 Spring Playlist: Season Events

We’ve got eight solo challenges this week, as the EventLabs increase back to three this week, along with the three PR Stunts and two Seasonal Championships.

The EventLab races offer three points each, and unusually each event has a small AI grid. That means you’ll need to win, rather than just drive.

Stadium Supercross is the most important for completionists this week. You’ll need an A Class (701-800PI) Unlimited Offroad or Buggies vehicle for this bouncy course set inside the stadium, and the prize is the Rivian R1S.

Bahia de Plano hosts White Sands Full Circuit, a test course complex for which you’ll need an S2 Class (901-998PI) Extreme Track Toy. There’s a Surf’s Up Emote bonus prize for winning.

Finally there’s Atlantes de Tula Road Circuit, which is exactly what it sounds like. You’ll need an A Class (701-800PI) Retro Supercars vehicle, and you’ll receive a Super Wheelspin — but watch out for the disappearing driving line, and the sharp right-handed the AI cannot deal with…

Again the three PR Stunts this week are all set to the same specific car and event type. This week that’s Speed Zones, for an S1 Class (801-900PI) 2008 Dodge Viper.

This week the targets aren’t particularly terrifying, as they all come in below the three-star score. 120mph through the Rio Fuerte Zone could be the hardest, with the same speed at La Silica being a much easier ask. Mountain Pass requires a 130mph score, which should be fine if you can get the fast left/right down.

The Seasonal Championships return to best-of-three events this week, with two challenges against Highly Skilled AI — starting you off in each race in eighth position. You’ll need to top the points table at the end of the event to win the five points and bonus reward.

Rearing to Go is a Road Racing event for B Class (601-700PI) Rear-Wheel Drive cars, offering a BMW M5 ’18 for overall victory. You’re heading to Dirt Racing for Trail Happy, requiring an A Class (701-800PI) car from the custom “All Weather Warriors” hopper, awarding a Volkswagen Type 2 if you run out as the winner.

EventLab: Atlantes de Tula Road Circuit

  • Car: A Class, Retro Supercars
  • Location: Atlantes de Tule
  • Challenge: Win the race
  • Reward: 3 points, Super Wheelspin

EventLab: Stadium Supercross

  • Car: A Class, Unlimited Offroad/Buggies
  • Location: Estadio Horizon
  • Challenge: Win the race
  • Reward: 3 points, Rivian R1S

EventLab: White Sands Full Circuit

  • Car: S2 Class, Extreme Track Toys
  • Location: Bahia de Plano
  • Challenge: Win the race
  • Reward: 3 points, Surf’s Up Emote

Speed Zone: La Silica

  • Car: S1 Class, Dodge Viper ’08
  • Location: Bahia de Plano
  • Challenge: 120mph
  • Reward: 2 points, Super Wheelspin

Speed Zone: Mountain Pass

  • Car: S1 Class, Dodge Viper ’08
  • Location: Gran Caldera
  • Challenge: 130mph
  • Reward: 2 points, Super Wheelspin

Speed Zone: Rio Fuerte

  • Car: S1 Class, Dodge Viper ’08
  • Location: Copper Canyon
  • Challenge: 120mph
  • Reward: 2 points, Super Wheelspin

Seasonal Championship: Rearing to Go!

  • Car: B Class, RWD
  • Location: Tierra Prospera
  • Challenge: Win the Championship
  • Reward: 5 points, BMW M5 ’18

Seasonal Championship: Trail Happy

  • Car: A Class, “All Weather Warriors”
  • Location: Tapalpa Trail
  • Challenge: Win the Championship
  • Reward: 5 points, Volkswagen Type 2

There’s two multiplayer events again this week, each requiring an Xbox Live subscription to access on console — although it’s free to take part on PC — and there’s a touch of oddness here.

That comes in the Horizon Tour, although the event format is not the oddity.

It is a three-race, team challenge for up to six humans against an AI squad of six. You can start the event at any of the three Tour locations, and car choice depends on the hopper into which you drop.

Each player on each team scores 100pt for every opponent they beat but — and this is important — nothing for beating a team-mate (other than the tie-breaking 50pt win bonus). That means helping each other out is key, although the Highly Skilled AI opponents aren’t too much of a challenge usually.

You’ll also need to drive from each race end point to the start of the next, across the terrain, but there’s no bonues for doing so.

However the event is worth a massive eight points this week — far more than normal — making it a tough week to not have Xbox Live…

The Trial sits in the other slot, with a very similar format except the AI is hopped up to Unbeatable and it’s a best-of-three challenge (with regular teleporting between races).

Co-operation is much more important here with the tougher AI, and as it’s a Street Racing event this week you will need to watch out for NPCs ambling about.

You’ll need any A Class (701-800PI) car from Germany to take part, so the relatively low power and hard surface racing should mean fewer out of control humans. It ought to be an easy win inside two races, for ten points and a Porsche 911 GT2 RS ’18 each.

Horizon Tour: Co-op Championships

  • Car: Any
  • Location: Horizon Tour
  • Challenge: Win the Championship
  • Reward: 8 points

The Trial: Cut to the Chase

  • Car: A Class, Germany
  • Location: Teotihuacan
  • Challenge: Win the Championship
  • Reward: 10 points, Porsche 911 GT2 RS ’18

Series 25 Spring Playlist: Challenges

There’s only one Challenge this week, which is the permanent fixture of the Photo Challenge.

You’ll need to grab a 2017 Ford GT and head to to Hotel Mirador to go butterfly hunting this week.

Although quite tricky to see, there’s plenty of the orange monarchs flapping about between the Puerta Petrea Trailblazer start gate and the XP board at the hairpin to the west. Photograph car and any of the lepidopterans to earn two points and an “Is This a Pigeon?” Forza LINK greeting. Yes, really.

Photo Challenge: #FlutterSpeed

  • Cars: Ford GT ’17
  • Location: Hotel Mirador
  • Challenge: Photograph the Ford GT ’17 with the monarch butterflies near the Puerta Petrea Trailblazer
  • Reward: 2 points, “Is This a Pigeon?” Forza LINK

Series 25 Spring Playlist: Monthly Events

It’s the final week for the four Monthly Events, unless you have already completed them. Each of the challenges awards a total of four points, with one added to each season regardless of when in the Series you complete them.

All four take the usual monthly Rivals format: you’ll be loaned a car to set a clean time at a specific course. Only clean lap (or route) times count, so keep it away from immovable objects and don’t use the Rewind feature.

As you have two point-to-point runs this week, and two high-powered EVs, that won’t be so easy, so be careful.

It’s BMWs in Monthly Rivals, with the new M2 set to take on the Lookout Circuit, while the 850CSi runs the point-to-point Ruta Norte Street Race course. Forza EV is all about the Rivians, with the R1S at the figure-eight Herencia Cross Country Circuit and the R1T at the Baja California Trail point-to-point route.

Forza EV: Baja California Trail

  • Cars: Rivian R1T (provided)
  • Location: Dunas Blancas
  • Challenge: Post a Clean Lap
  • Reward: 4 points (1 added to each season)

Forza EV: Herencia Cross Country Circuit

  • Cars: Rivian R1S (provided)
  • Location: Teotihuacan
  • Challenge: Post a Clean Time
  • Reward: 4 points (1 added to each season)

Monthly Rivals: Lookout Circuit

  • Cars: BMW M2 (provided)
  • Location: Horizon Rush Outpost
  • Challenge: Post a Clean Lap
  • Reward: 4 points (1 added to each season)

Monthly Rivals: Ruta Norte

  • Cars: BMW 850CSi (provided)
  • Location: Bahia de Plano
  • Challenge: Post a Clean Time
  • Reward: 4 points (1 added to each season)

Series 25 Spring Bonus DLC Events

The two DLC expansions offer the chance to earn seven bonus points each, with each location hosting a two-point PR Stunt and a five-point Seasonal Championship. This isn’t required for Playlist completion, but when there’s eight points up for the multiplayer Horizon Tour, probably useful.

Both locations have the same stunt type — Danger Sign — and require the same, A Class (701-800PI), Mitsubishi Lancer Evo VI GSR.

You shouldn’t have much difficulty with either. The Dunes jump in Rally Adventure might require a bit of a cross-country initial run up to clear the bump in the landing zone so you can hit the 160m goal, while 250m at Hot Wheels Forest Escape is tricky but acheiveable.

The two Seasonal Championships consist of a race for S1 Class (801-900PI) Track Toys in Rally Adventure, with Track Ready awarding an Audi TT RS, while There Goes My Hero in Hot Wheels awards a Unimog for completing the challenge for A Class (701-800PI) Sports Utility Heroes.

Hot Wheels Danger Sign: Forest Escape

  • Car: A Class, Mitsubishi Lancer Evo VI GSR
  • Location: Hot Wheels Forest Falls
  • Challenge: 250m
  • Reward: 2 points, Super Wheelspin

Hot Wheels Seasonal Championship: There Goes My Hero

  • Car: S1 Class, Saleen
  • Location: Hot Wheels Ice Cauldron
  • Challenge: Win the Championship
  • Reward: 5 points, Mercedes-Benz Unimog

Rally Adventure Danger Sign: Dunes

  • Car: A Class, Mitsubishi Lancer Evo VI GSR
  • Location: Sierra Nueva Bike Track
  • Challenge: 160m
  • Reward: 2 points, Super Wheelspin

Rally Adventure Seasonal Championship: Track Ready

  • Car: S1 Class, Track Toys
  • Location: Sierra Nueva Joya Marron
  • Challenge: Win the Championship
  • Reward: 5 points, Audi TT RS

Series 25 Spring Forzathon Shop

This week’s Forzathon Shop stocks two cars sporting eight-liter engines: one that’s fictional and one that has scarcely believable speed.

It’s the latter car lining up first, with the record-breaking 2011 Bugatti Veyron Super Sport. Based on the original, 253mph Veyron, the Super Sport sees the quad-turbo, W16 engine turned up even further — to nearly 1200hp, compared to the 986hp of the original.

This helped the car hit a remarkable 267mph (431km/h) average top speed, having hit 269mph on the return pass, setting a then world record.

You won’t be breaking any speed records in the second vehicle, despite quite impressive power from its V8 and over 500 years of automotive development. That’s because the M12S Warthog CST is an all-terrain buggy from the Halo games.

The Veyron would ordinarily set you back 2m credits, so the 700FP prize is worth consideration. At 400FP against 850,000cr, the Warthog isn’t bad value either.

Other store items this week include the Halo Theme Part 1 Horn and Star27 Ankle Socks at 75FP each. The Wheelspin (60FP) and a Super Wheelspin (150FP) occupy their regular spots.

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