Forza Horizon 5 Season Change: Weapon of Choice

A new week has begun in the current Forza Horizon 5 Series, Community Choice, bringing a fresh set of challenges, events, and awards to the title.

Technically Series 29, Community Choice is positioned as a fan-service month, with four weeks of players’ favorites from across the preceding months.

That includes a mild world makeover, which sees the return of S19’s neon decorations at the Aerodrome, Horizon Street Scene Outpost, and across the various race events. The drone show also returns, as does a collectible item you’ll encounter this week only.

Also worth a mention is the return of all of the Evolving World PR Stunts. Many of these will feature in the Playlist over the Series, but if you’ve missed a chance to get three stars (and Accolades for them) previously it’s a good time to revisit.

Speaking of Evolving World Accolades, there’s a new one for owning all eight of the cars that are new-to-FH5 — but returning from previous games — and available as Playlist rewards. EventLab creations are also a major feature on the challenges this month.

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Series 29: Community Choice

This month’s reward cars aren’t new to the game, but in both cases they are previous Playlist rewards that you can’t just pick up in the Autoshow. That means they’re both well worth the effort of acquiring them.

At 80 points there’s the 2020 Nissan GT-R Nismo, a highly tweaked version of the Nissan GT-R that makes the original feel slow and cumbersome.

It’s developed using knowledge and technology from Nissan’s GT3 racing exploits, with everything from suspension to aerodynamics — and throttle mapping — dialed up a notch. For that matter it uses the turbochargers straight from the GT3 car, allowing for 600hp on tap.

In many respects the 160-point car, Porsche’s 911 GT3, is similar in ethos as it too borrows from the brand’s GT racers.

This 2021 car uses aero and suspension tech from the GTE class RSR, while also sporting an upgraded version of the four-liter boxer six to match the previous generation’s GT3 RS. All in it’s 17 seconds quicker around the Nordschleife, which is no small margin.

Series 29 Autumn/Storm Season Rewards

Extreme speed is the theme for this week, with two 240mph-capable, mid-engined weapons on offer.

Scoring 20 points will land you the Koenigsegg CCX, a heavily reworked version of the Swedish brand’s CCR designed to allow it to sell cars to the US market.

That meant the debut of the company’s own engine, a twin-supercharged, 4.7-liter V8 of its own design and capable of producing more than 800hp on premium-grade US pump gas — while remapped versions in other markets could deliver a whole load more.

Koenigsegg only built 29 of them, but they’re pretty common compared to the 40-point car this week: the seven-unit W Motors Lykan Hypersport.

Designed in Lebanon (but built in Germany) the Lykan is the Middle East’s first hypercar and is equipped with a 3.7-liter, twin-turbo flat six created by Ruf Automobile. It’s a little down on power compared to the CCX, at 740hp, but matches its 245mph top speed.

Autumn will run until 1430UTC on Thursday January 18, with Series 29 continuing for a further two weeks until the same time on Thursday February 1.

Series 29 Autumn Playlist: Forzathon Events

The classic racer theme continues for this week’s Forzathon Weekly Challenge, with Jaguar’s C-Type starring. As with the other events this month, the car is available in the Forzathon Shop — for a pricey 900FP — as well as 5,000,000cr in the Autoshow.

Own and drive the Jaguar to get C for Competition underway, before you start testing the car’s limits.

That starts with a simple enough challenge of getting the C-Type up to 120mph to pass the first stage — well within the car’s capabilities — before taking a photograph of the car to clear the second.

Finally you need to earn six stars at any Speed Traps in the Jaguar to complete the challenge and earn five Playlist points and 80 Forzathon Points. The FP reward is doubled if you own the Casa Solariega player house.

Weekly Challenge: C for Competition

  • Car: Jaguar C-Type ’53
    • Chapter 1: Own and drive the Jaguar C-Type
    • Chapter 2: Reach a speed of 120mph in the Jaguar C-Type
    • Chapter 3: Take a photo of the Jaguar C-Type
    • Chapter 4: Earn six stars at Speed Traps in the Jaguar C-Type
  • Reward: 5 points, 80FP

Again there’s some variety in the Daily Challenges for this week, but as usual they pop up at the rate of one per day — at 1430UTC — and you’ll take one point for each one you finish inside its seven day window.

You’ll be Picking your Poison first, requiring you to select between (Dodge) Viper and (Ford) Cobra and win a race of any kind in your chosen vehicle.

Take a car Up to the Skyline next as you earn an Ultimate Air Skill in any Nissan Skyline. You can double this up with Tuesday’s challenge if you want a simpler life.

Play any EventLab from the Creative Hub — the ones on the Playlist or in free roam don’t count — to sample the Community’s Finest next.

Be a Shutterbuggy after that, as you take a photo of any Buggy or Unlimited Buggy.

Buy any car worth at least 50,000cr next — and it’s unclear right now if that needs to be in the Autoshow or if the Forzathon Shop cars qualify given their value — to add to your list of A-Ford-Able Cars.

You’re Clear for Take-Off on Tuesday as you earn three stars at the Runway Danger Sign. Do it in a Nissan Skyline to clear Friday’s challenge too!

Lastly, prove that you’re The Wheel Deal and send a Gift Drop to any player.

Daily Challenges

  • January 11 – Picking your Poison: Win a race in any Dodge Viper or Ford Cobra
  • January 12 – Up to the Skyline: Earn an Ultimate Air Skill in any Nissan Skyline
  • January 13 – Community’s Finest: Play an EventLab from the Creative Hub
  • January 14 – Shutterbuggy: Take a photo of any Buggy or Unlimited Buggy
  • January 15 – A-Ford-Able Cars: Purchase any car worth at least 50,000cr
  • January 16 – Clear for Take-Off: Earn three Stars at the Runway Danger Sign
  • January 17 – The Wheel Deal: Send a Gift Drop to any player

Series 29 Autumn Playlist: Season Events

Nine events await in the solo portion of the Playlist — if you include the either/or Horizon Arcade event — as EventLab once again stars with a slew of challenges.

Horizon Arcade can be done on your own or as part of an impromptu team as the rewards scale, but Xbox Core isn’t required if you just want to do it alone in Horizon Solo. You just need to complete three rounds of any theme — Air, Chaos, Drift, Speed, or Wreckage — as marked by the pink zones on your map to take three points.

EventLab’s three challenges all take the form of race tracks, with two mixed city circuits and one road-race event. Each is worth the usual three points along with a bonus prize.

Neon Slopes is that open-road event, taking place near the Stadium, requiring A Class (701-800PI) Super Saloons for a three-lap race. You’ll score a Super Wheelspin if you beat the small AI field.

You’ll visit EventLab Island for Kiyosumi Circuit, which is a squared-off half-stadium, half-city track with a couple of savage chicanes. It’s a race for B Class (601-700PI) Audi vehicles, and awards the Kick-Ups Emote if you come home ahead of the five AI cars.

Finally there’s a two-lap — despite the given name — race at Baja Motorsports Park, which has the vibe of a temporary street circuit constructed in a city. It requires an A Class (701-800PI) Ford, and gives a Mercedes-AMG C63 for victory against the AI.

For the PR Stunts you’ll need any S1 Class (801-901) Modern Sports Car, and each awards two points and a Super Wheelspin as usual. You can use the same vehicle for all three (and in fact both of the DLC Expansion stunts too) and none are especially difficult.

It’s again a week for temporary PR Stunts, as they all return for the month, starting with the Metal Bird Danger Sign at the aerodrome. The 70m target here isn’t tricky, but the challenge is setting a valid jump as the cargo containers on the neon runway will fail you if you hit them. Angle well left to land in a clear spot!

The Green Hills Speed Zone and (permanent) Tulum Speed Trap aren’t hard either, with 150mph and 170mph the respective targets.

There’s two Seasonal Championships this week, both taking the form of three-race Dirt Racing events against the usual “Highly Skilled” AI. You’ll need to top the points table at the end of the championship to claim five points and a bonus prize.

By Jeeps and Bounds, unsurprisingly, requires a B Class (601-700PI) Jeep vehicle, and awards you with an Audi RS7 for victory. Muddy Madness puts you into A Class (701-800PI) Unlimited Offroad cars, with a Ford RS200 as the bonus award.

EventLab: Baja Motorsports Park

  • Car: A Class, Ford
  • Location: Bahia de Plano
  • Challenge: Win the race
  • Reward: 3 points, Mercedes-AMG C63 ’16

EventLab: Kiyosumi Circuit

  • Car: B Class, Audi
  • Location: EventLab Island
  • Challenge: Win the race
  • Reward: 3 points, Kick-Ups Emote

EventLab: Neon Slopes

  • Car: A Class, Super Saloons
  • Location: El Estadio Horizon
  • Challenge: Win the race
  • Reward: 3 points, Super Wheelspin

Horizon Arcade: Mini Games

  • Car: Any
  • Location: Horizon Arcade (any)
  • Challenge: Complete a Horizon Arcade theme
  • Reward: 3 points

Danger Sign: Metal Bird

  • Car: S1 Class, Modern Sports Cars
  • Location: Aerodromo en la Selva
  • Challenge: 70m
  • Reward: 2 points, Super Wheelspin

Speed Trap: Tulum

  • Car: S1 Class, Modern Sports Cars
  • Location: Tulum
  • Challenge: 170mph
  • Reward: 2 points, Super Wheelspin

Speed Trap: Green Hills

  • Car: S1 Class, Modern Sports Cars
  • Location: Cordillera
  • Challenge: 150mph
  • Reward: 2 points, Super Wheelspin

Seasonal Championship: By Jeeps and Bounds

  • Car: B Class, Jeep
  • Location: Cordillera
  • Challenge: Win the Championship
  • Reward: 5 points, Audi RS7

Seasonal Championship: Muddy Madness

  • Car: A Class, Unlimited Offroad
  • Location: Gran Caldera
  • Challenge: Win the Championship
  • Reward: 5 points, Ford RS200

It’s another one-event line-up in the multiplayer section this week, requiring an Xbox Core subscription to take part on console — although it’s free to take part on PC.

That remains The Trial, in its permanent home as usual. This week it’s a Dirt Racing challenge for C Class (501-700PI) Pickups & 4x4s vehicles.

For those unfamiliar with it, The Trial is a best-of-three-race team championship. You and a squad of up to five fellow human players will race against a team of six “Unbeatable” AI racers, and the goal is to score more points as a team than the AI do.

To that end, each player on each team scores 100pt for each opponent they beat, but only each opponent; there’s nothing for beating a team-mate. The best tactic then is to help out your team-mates if you have performance to spare, hindering the AI to help as many of your team to beat as many of theirs as possible.

Given the nature of this week’s event — despite the nasty, tight first circuit which will result in a lot of chaotic collisions — it should be a relative breeze to win in two races (even clean-sweeping both) to earn ten points and a Porsche Cayman.

The Trial: Trial and Error

  • Car: C Class, Pickups & 4x4s
  • Location: Guanajuato
  • Challenge: Win the Championship
  • Reward: 10 points, Porsche Cayman

Series 29 Autumn Playlist: Challenges

Two Challenges await this week, with the permanent Photo Challenge joined by a Collectibles event.

The Photo Challenge, #ShowingOff, requires three conditions. Firstly, you need any Porsche model. Secondly, you’ll need to be in Guanajuato — anywhere will do. And finally you must place your character avatar outside the vehicle (which you may have set anyway, given last week’s Challenge).

Take a photograph that satisifies all three of those and you’ll earn two points and an “Eat My Dust!” Forza LINK greeting.

The Collectibles event sees the return of the neon cubes, which this week litter the area around Valle de las Ranas — near the start point for The Eliminator.

There’s dozens of them, so even though some are in hard-to-access areas you won’t face much of a trial in smashing ten of them to pass the task. That will earn you three points and an Air Guitar Emote.

Collectibles: Best in Poll

  • Cars: Any
  • Location: Valle de las Ranas
  • Challenge: Smash ten Companion Cubes in Valle de las Ranas
  • Reward: 3 points, Air Guitar Emote

Photo Challenge: #ShowingOff

  • Cars: Porsche (any)
  • Location: Guanajuato
  • Challenge: Photograph any Porsche in Guanajuato with your character outside the car
  • Reward: 2 points, “Eat My Dust!” Forza LINK

Series 29 Autumn Playlist: Monthly Events

There’s a bumper crop of four Monthly Events for this Series, consisting of a pair each of Monthly Rivals and Forza EV events.

As usual these run throughout the Series and can be complete at any time during the 28-day window. Each one is worth one point for each Season, added no matter when you finish them, for four points apiece and 16 in total.

While similar to Rivals events, you don’t need speed. Just complete a clean run of the course required in the car provided to you and you’ll take the points. That means keeping the car away from solid objects like the barriers, hitting your checkpoints, and avoiding use of the Rewind feature.

The Forza EV challenges this month are both compact affairs, with the Jaguar I-PACE at the Emerald Circuit and the Rimac Nevera at the Arch of Mulege Circuit. It’s a little more open in Monthly Rivals, with the Playa Azul circuit in the Pagani Huayra and the Horizon Mexico circuit in the Nissan GT-R Nismo.

Forza EV: Arch of Mulege Circuit

  • Cars: Rimac Nevera (provided)
  • Location: Mulege
  • Challenge: Post a Clean Lap
  • Reward: 4 points (1 added to each season)

Forza EV: Emerald Circuit

  • Cars: Jaguar I-PACE (provided)
  • Location: Palacio Azul
  • Challenge: Post a Clean Time
  • Reward: 4 points (1 added to each season)

Monthly Rivals: Horizon Mexico Circuit

  • Cars: Nissan GT-R NISMO (provided)
  • Location: Horizon Festival
  • Challenge: Post a Clean Lap
  • Reward: 4 points (1 added to each season)

Monthly Rivals: Playa Azul Circuit

  • Cars: Pagani Huayra (provided)
  • Location: Playa Azul
  • Challenge: Post a Clean Time
  • Reward: 4 points (1 added to each season)

Series 29 Autumn Bonus DLC Events

Players who own either of the two DLC expansion packs have access to seven further bonus points in each location, for 14 in total if they own both. In each case that’s a two-point PR Stunt and a five-point Seasonal Championship, but the points are not required for Playlist completion.

Both PR Stunts require the same S1 Class (801-900PI) Modern Sports Car as the main map and neither should stretch your abilities too far. The 211m target at the Forest Escape Danger Sign in Hot Wheels is no tall order, and neither is the 62,000pt Canyon Sweep Drift Zone in Rally Adventure; you can probably achieve double the goal at each.

The Seasonal Championships are again three-race events against “Highly Skilled” AI, requiring you to top the points table at the end of each to earn the points and bonuses.

Get All Rallied Up in Rally Adventure, with a Dirt Racing event for C Class (501-600PI) Retro Rally cars and a 1973 Nissan Skyline GT-R as a bonus. There’s an Icebreaker in Hot Wheels, for B Class (601-700PI) Subarus, and a Penhall The Cholla for victory.

Hot Wheels Danger Sign: Forest Escape

  • Car: S1 Class, Modern Sports Cars
  • Location: Hot Wheels Forest Falls
  • Challenge: 211m
  • Reward: 2 points, Super Wheelspin

Hot Wheels Seasonal Championship: Icebreaker

  • Car: B Class, Subaru
  • Location: Hot Wheels Ice Cauldron
  • Challenge: Win the Championship
  • Reward: 5 points, Penhall The Cholla

Rally Adventure Drift Zone: Canyon Sweep

  • Car: S1 Class, Modern Sports Cars
  • Location: Sierra Nueva Senda de Montanana
  • Challenge: 62,000pt
  • Reward: 2 points, Super Wheelspin

Rally Adventure Seasonal Championship: All Rallied Up

  • Car: C Class, Retro Rally
  • Location: Sierra Nueva Valle de Pozas
  • Challenge: Win the Championship
  • Reward: 5 points, Nissan Skyline GT-R ’73

Series 29 Autumn Forzathon Shop

With Forzathon Shop being based on the Weekly Challenge this Series, you could probably guess that the 1953 Jaguar C-Type is the headline act this week.

This classic racer secured two victories at Le Mans in the 1950s, in 1951 and 1953 — coming close to a podium sweep in the latter win, stymied only by the extremely fast Cunningham C5-R.

It’s based on the XK120, although uses a custom, lightweight tubular chassis and unique aerodynamic exterior to house the XK’s running gear. As was the requirement of the day, Jaguar also sold the C-Type as a production road car, with a total of 53 made (well… so far anyway), and its victories sparked interest in four-wheel disc brakes as you’ll find on most modern cars.

Alternatively you can pick up a rally-ready Porsche in the shape of the “Desert Flyer”, a Baja class-winning racer based on the 964-generation 911.

The Jaguar is a pretty steep buy at 5,000,000cr, so the 900FP price looks like a pretty good deal. We can’t say the same about the 400FP cost of the 500,000cr Porsche though.

This week’s other items include the Toyota Race Suit and Cat Meow Horn at 75FP each. The Wheelspin and Super Wheelspin are also available at their usual 60FP and 150FP respectively.

Series 29 Autumn Forzathon Shop

  • Jaguar C-Type ’53 – 900FP
  • Porsche 911 Desert Flyer #65 – 400FP
  • Toyota Race Suit – 75FP
  • Cat Meow Horn – 75FP
  • Wheelspin – 60FP
  • Super Wheelspin – 150FP

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