Forza Monthly to Detail Photomode Upgrades, Overlanding Mods, and Hummer EV

A new Forza Monthly stream will broadcast at 1600UTC on Monday May 22 to detail all of the changes coming to Forza Horizon 5 in Series 21 when it begins later this week.

We already know a little about what to expect courtesy of the in-game “Coming Soon” tab and some information covered during the Series 20 stream last month.

The series will be called “Explore the Horizon”, and is set to focus on overlanding. If you’re not familiar with the term, it essentially means trekking with cars across terrain rather than roads and camping out in your vehicles; imagine the tail end of a Top Gear adventure episode and you’re probably about there.

As we can see from the chosen cover image for the stream, that’s going to mean a new range of parts to modify some vehicles — likely the largest all-wheel drive SUVs and pickups — into overlanders. The image also reveals the first brand-new car for the series: the all-electric Hummer EV.

In addition there’s set to be some upgrades coming to the photomode feature, as teased last week in the “Torben Tuesday” post on Twitter, starring FH5 senior designer Torben Ellert.

The Tweet seems to hint that players will be able to control a number of new things when taking in-game images, as the two shots are stated to be “the same photo” but we can clearly see that time of day and steering angle are different between the two. There’s also a suggestion that player avatars will be available to pose with the vehicles.

We’ll find out more when the stream gets underway at 1600 UTC, and you can watch it live below:

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