Forza Monthly Stream Today Will Feature More Forza Horizon 5

Forza Horizon fans have another reason to look forward to this month’s Forza Monthly stream. Playground Games will be talking some more about Forza Horizon 5, revealed earlier this month.

The special segment — called “Let’s iGo!” — will form part of the usual Forza Monthly program, following on from this month’s Forza Horizon 4 show.

According to the official social media feeds, this episode will center on “lighting and sky tech in the game”. That will likely cover some of the details already mentioned in the launch trailer — such as how the team recorded the Mexican skies for 24 hours straight in 12K.

With FH5’s launch now only just over three months away, we wouldn’t be surprised to learn some more new things about the game too, though this isn’t explicitly in the program schedule.

Of course current-gen will be right at the front of the stream as usual, with FH4’s Series 37 starting this week. PG has dropped its usual clues for the contents of the update, including the images of the Vuhl 05 you can see in the video thumbnail above.

The infamous office whiteboard also seemed to reconfirm the Vuhl, along with a suggestion that the much anticipated Super7 High Stakes mode might be coming along in Series 37 too. Any further new content for the next four weeks is still under wraps though.

If you want to tune in, you’ll need to be aware that this month’s stream starts at the earlier time of 1600 UTC — two hours earlier than usual — and you can watch the entire event right here.

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