Gran Turismo 7 Review Embargo and Media Live Streaming Dates Revealed

GTPlanet and other members of the media woke up to review copies of Gran Turismo 7 in our Inboxes this morning. We can confirm the international review embargo lifts on March 2 at 11:01 AM GMT (convert this to your local time here). Our written and video reviews of the game will both be published at that time.

In addition, GTPlanet will begin live-streaming the game exactly 24 hours later, on March 3 at 11:01AM GMT (convert to your local time here).

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Of course, we can’t reveal any new details we learn from our hands-on time with the game until the embargo lifts, but you can read our full Gran Turismo 7 Guide, which includes a car list, track list, and more. We also suggest heading over to GTPlanet’s GT7 Forum, which will always be the best place to go for up-to-the-minute news and discussion about the game.

The most recent event dedicated to GT7 was Sony’s official “State of Play” for the title, which provided a fairly in-depth look at game features and overall content. Check out our video recap of the event below.

Stay tuned!

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