Gran Turismo 7 Sales Data Revealed in the UK and Japan

Sales data from Japan and the United Kingdom reveal that Gran Turismo 7 has so far outsold its predecessor, GT Sport, with approximately 235,000 copies sold between the two territories in both of the titles’ opening weeks.

We already knew that GT7 was the top game by boxed sales alone in the UK in its first week on the market, with figures from industry data specialist GfK placing the title ahead of multi-platform title Elden Ring after just three days.

While that number is 30% down on Sport’s Week 1 boxed sales — reflecting the fact that Sport had five days before the first charts — they didn’t include digital sales for either title.

The GSD data for digital sales in the UK since released show that 57% of GT7’s sales were downloads, almost tripling the figures of GT Sport four years ago. That reflects a shift in the general gaming market which saw two discs per download in 2017, but two downloads per disc today.

Although neither body has made raw data available, it does give us room to generate an estimate of sales in the UK of close to 100,000 copies, beating GT Sport by almost a third despite two fewer days on sale. Of those, PS5 versions of the game account for almost 80% of sales.

Meanwhile Japan’s Famitsu has also released its estimated sales data for the week, and it tells a very similar story for GT7.

Famitsu’s figures place GT7 as the top seller overall in Japan, ahead of Nintendo’s Triangle Strategy, with 137,964 copies sold between PS4 and PS5 versions of the game. The platform split is a lot closer though, at 53:47 in the PS5’s favor.

That puts the new title behind GT Sport, but it’s very close indeed, with Famitsu’s equivalent Week 1 estimates of Sport sitting at 139,000 sales. It’s over the same time period too, as Sport’s later launch in Japan meant it too had just three days between launch and the first charts.

Other markets have yet to release their figures, which usually come monthly. However, if this pattern were to repeat worldwide, GT7 would have hit a million sales within three days of launch. That would set it ahead of GT Sport and GT6, but behind series best-sellers GT3, GT5, and GT4.

Sony has yet to release official figures for GT7’s launch, but it may deliver numbers during its financial year-end report towards the end of April.

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