Gran Turismo 7 Tops UK Physical Sales Charts

Despite only launching on March 4, Gran Turismo 7 has hit the top of the UK physical games sales charts for the week ending March 6.

According to the information from industry data specialist GfK, GT7 was the number one seller in terms of physical, disc-based games across all platforms in the UK for the week of February 28 to March 6. It outsold the previous week’s chart-topping, multiplatform RPG Elden Ring, and Nintendo’s Pokemon Legends: Arceus which had previously topped the table since it launched on February 8.

Notably, the GfK data points to the fact that PS5 versions of GT7 outsold PS4 versions by some 3:1, despite the PS4 itself outnumbering its successor almost 7:1, at 117m consoles to 17.3m at the end of the last financial quarter.

GfK’s data also notes that physical sales of GT7 are down by 28% compared to GT Sport, which also topped the same chart in October 2017, though Sport’s week one figures reflected five days on sale rather than three.

There’s also likely to be a significant number of additional digital sales, with the UK games market now running 2:1 in favor of digital media, up from 1:2 in 2017. Data on digital sales in the UK won’t be available until later in the week.

Currently raw sales figures are not available and no other regions have reported on sales data yet. That makes it difficult to say how successful GT7’s launch is objectively.

However, extrapolating from the data available suggests it’s already beaten GT Sport’s first week tally of around a million units sold globally. We’ll be able to refine that estimate as more data arrives.

Sony will likely not release precise sales figures, as it instead focuses on player numbers, though we may see sell-through data in its quarterly financial reports at the beginning of April.

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