Volkswagen ID.R Coming to Gran Turismo 7 on September 29

Volkswagen’s record-breaking ID.R time attack car is one of the cars that’s coming to Gran Turismo 7 in this month’s update, scheduled for Thursday September 29.

The car’s rather distinctive profile appears as one of the three cars in the now-traditional “silhouette” teaser image posted by Gran Turismo series creator Kazunori Yamauchi on Twitter earlier today.

Yamauchi’s Tweet confirms that the update will come during the week commencing September 26, however earlier information from Porsche — which also has a car arriving in the update — and confirmed by the Gran Turismo Twitter account states that September 29 will be the day of the update.

The ID.R is unmistakable in the top-left, with styling details like the car’s roof-mounted door as something of a giveaway. Given the lower wing profile it looks to be the blue version of the car, as used for the Goodwood Hillclimb and Nurburgring record runs, rather than in gray Pikes Peak configuration.

We also already know the middle car, thanks to Porsche. That will be a “Spyder” version of the Porsche Vision GT, although rather than being a convertible it’s a roofless model with a 1950’s style monoposto cockpit.

The final car is a little harder to pin down to the same precision. For the most part the details line up with the S14-generation Nissan Silvia, in pre-facelift — or “Zenki” — form, but the low standard rear spoiler rules out the “Aero” models previously seen in Gran Turismo 4, 5, and 6. It could be a regular Q’s or K’s model, and the body also matches the European market 200SX — particularly the RHD UK model.

Of course the three-car silhouette only reveals the vehicles coming to Gran Turismo 7 in this update. We will have to wait until the official update trailer is released — either just before or just after the update itself — to find out what else is coming to the game.

Fans will naturally be hoping for more tracks to race on, and more races in the GT Cafe, and there is still the car selling feature yet to arrive from the roadmap published back in March. The update will likely address some of the game’s known issues, as well as tweaking other details.

There’ll be a short maintenance period ahead of the update, at around 0600 UTC on September 29, and players will not be able to access the game at all during this time and until they’ve installed the update. You’ll need to save well ahead of this time, and as Performance Point values often change in updates it’s advisable to complete any championships you have underway beforehand too.

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