Porsche Vision GT Spyder Coming to Gran Turismo 7 on September 29

Porsche has revealed a new version of its Vision Gran Turismo, and let slip that it will be coming to Gran Turismo 7 in a game update on September 29.

The announcement seems to have come a little ahead of schedule, appearing only in the “community” section of the official Porsche YouTube channel and not any other social channels or the company’s official press resources.

That means that, at the moment, there’s not a great deal of information to go on regarding the Vision Gran Turismo Spyder, although we can take a few reasonable guesses.

Porsche states that the car is “the open-top variant of the Porsche concept vehicle”, which we can clearly see in the handful of images provided. Rather than the closed-cockpit two-seat original, the Spyder is a speedster-form monoposto, with the driver sitting on the left side of the car and the right closed off in the manner of a 1950s racer.

The styling is otherwise unchanged, with the car also still bearing the #72 that likely refers to the founding year of Studio F.A. Porsche, a design arm created by then-new chairman Ferdinand “Ferry” Porsche for projects beyond just the automotive realm.

It’s likely the underpinnings will remain the same too, with the Spyder toting the same 1,100hp, all-wheel drive, electric propulsion as the original vehicle. However we will have to wait for more detail when the car is officially revealed.

Update: Porsche has subsequently Tweeted about the car, providing a few more images:

This peek at the new car also revealed that, as expected, the next game update will, as expected, come on September 29.

If Polyphony Digital adheres to the update format thus far, it will likely include three new vehicles, of which the Vision GT Spyder will be one — with a teaser over the coming weekend of the remaining update contents.

Thanks to wicken and zawcranejr for the tip!

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