Gran Turismo 7 Update 1.48 Now Available: Volvo Returns, Five New Cars, New Extra Menu, & New Engine Swaps

The 1.48 update for Gran Turismo 7 is now available, with one of the larger car drops in the game’s life which sees a selection of cars from previous GT games coming back after a long absence — including a welcome return for an entire brand.

This five-car update comes in at just under one GB on PlayStation 5, which does — as expected — mean it’s not quite the size required for a new circuit location or variation this month, as fans continue the lengthy wait for more courses.

However now the update is available there’s still a fair bit of detail to get through in addition to what we already knew from teasers earlier in the week, so read on for more!

Gran Turismo 7 Update 1.48: New Cars

The pricing and availability for the five cars is now known with the update going live:

  • Honda Civic (EG) SiR-II 1993 – Used Cars – 52,100cr
  • Honda NSX GT500 2000 – Legends Cars – 1,500,000cr
  • Nissan Skyline (R31) GTS-R 1987 – Used Cars – 176,600cr
  • Volvo 240 SE Estate 1993 – Used Cars – 40,800cr
  • Volvo V40 T5 R-Design 2013 – Brand Central – 40,000cr

There are a couple of small surprises here, although they are largely pleasant ones. The first is that the really rather rare, homologation special Skyline model finds itself in Used Cars rather than the Legends Cars dealer, meaning it will become available to buy a good deal more often once its Hot Picks status expires.

Conversely, the JGTC NSX drops into Legends Cars, becoming the newest vehicle available there (replacing its Skyline peer) and the first car from the 2000s to appear in the store. Feel old yet?

Much though series fans will love the NSX and GTS-R, the return of Volvo is probably the major detail in this update. It’s the second successive content update to add a new manufacturer, although reaction to the electric Afeela and Skoda Vision GT car was more mixed.

The only all-new car in the update is the 2013 Volvo V40 T5 R-Design. This compact hot hatch is not too distantly related to the second-generation Ford Focus ST — itself a car that hasn’t been seen since GT6 — sharing the C1 platform and the 2.5-liter straight-five (although in a different state of tune).

That’s joined by the classic Volvo wagon, the 240. This is in a slightly different specification than the car seen from GT4GT6, now appearing as a late-model, 1993 SE rather than the previous 1988 GLT. It’s the first wagon to appear in GT7 and we hope it’s far from the last.

The five-car selection ends with another Honda, and another car from 1993, with the Civic SiR-II. This joins the elite ranks of cars that have appeared in every numbered GT game to date, and will no doubt hold a special place in many GT players’ hearts as a starter car from previous titles.

Gran Turismo 7 Update 1.48 – New Events & Extra Menus

There’s one new Extra Menu Book month, featuring a vehicle collection task and starring one of the newly added vehicles. The official title of Extra Menu Book 39 is “Racers of Japanese GTs” and unsurprisingly that puts the Honda NSX GT500 at the center.

You’ll need to collect all three of the classic GT500 cars — the 1997 Toyota Supra, the 1999 Nissan Skyline, and the 2000 Honda NSX — for the book, which will mean a potential wait to complete it as all cars are in Legends Cars.

The NSX of course appears as a Special Pick for the next few days, so if you already have the other two it’ll be no wait at all. Your reward for owning (and that’s in your garage, not just your Collection) all three is a engine-specific six-star roulette ticket.

  • Extra Menu Book 39 — Racers of Japanese GT — Six-Star (Engine) Ticket

This update doesn’t add a new Bonus Menu Book in GT Cafe, but there are four new races in a range of series in existing events in the World Circuits section. The expanded offering gives you something for which each of the five new cars is appropriate.

A European Sunday Cup 400 at Kyoto Yamagiwa will suit the two Volvos, and victory is worth 25,000cr. The Skyline is ideal for the Japanese FR Challenge 450 at Autodrome Lago Maggiore West, with a 40,000cr winner’s prize. A similar event for FF cars is a natural home for the Civic, with Autopolis Short hosting the 25,000cr event. Finally the WTC800 race at Circuit de Sainte-Croix A, with 200,000cr up for grabs, will be a good fit for the Gr.3 NSX.

  • Autodrome Lago Maggiore East (3 laps) – Japanese FR Challenge 450 – 40,000cr
  • Autopolis Short (2 laps) – Japanese FF Challenge 450 – 25,000cr
  • Circuit de Sainte-Croix A (8 laps) – World Touring Car 800 – 200,000cr
  • Kyoto Yamagiwa (2 laps) – European Sunday Cup 400 – 25,000cr

Gran Turismo 7 Update 1.48 – New Engine Swaps

The engine from the SEMA-winning Garage RCR Civic is at the center of this month’s swaps, with four of the five applications using the 2.4-liter engine.

Cars with this new option are the ’97 Civic and its Touring Car, the ’95 Integra, and the Nissan SilEighty.

The final swap this month is a mild upgrade for the new Civic SiR-II, which is the first car to get an engine swap out of the box. That will have the option of the ’98 Integra’s 1.8-liter.

You’ll need to be Collector Level 50 to buy the engines directly from GT Auto, where they are quite steeply priced, although you can also receive them as prizes in some Roulette Tickets — including Six-Star (Engine) tickets — at any level.

Gran Turismo 7 Update 1.48 – Scapes and Other Changes

A new set of 18 Scapes focuses not on one location but on additional freedom. The slightly clunky title of “Move the Camera Up and Down II” is, to be fair, entirely accurate and follows on from a similar set in update 1.29.

These 18 locations, quite simply, give you more freedom to adjust the camera through the vertical plane for some further versatility in your photography.

There’s also changes to the Hagerty prices, and an update for the physics of certain electric vehicles with regards to mechanical damage.

Of course it wouldn’t be a GT update without the note that “various other issues have been addressed”. Our community will be uncovering further details over the coming days in a dedicated Undocumented Changes thread.

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