Kazunori Yamauchi Talks Gran Turismo Engine Sounds on Polyphony Digital’s New “PitStop” Blog


pitstop-gtPolyphony Digital has launched a new blog called the “PitStop” as a place to provide more frequent and informal communications with the public. A “variety of authors” from around the world will be contributing to PitStop, and comments can be posted via Facebook.

The first posts offer an interesting “behind-the-scenes” look at several new Polyphony Digital team members making their first trip to the Nurburgring 24 Hours.

Most notably, however, Kazunori Yamauchi himself will be using the new blog to answer your questions posted in GTPlanet’s Kazunori Q&A forum.

He’s tackling the most popular question first, addressing the frequent complaints about Gran Turismo’s engine sounds head-on in a multi-part series. In the first post, he apologizes for the sounds, and re-iterates that he, too, is not satisfied with them:

“Of course I myself am not satisfied with the sound in Gran Turismo, and to the players out there I can only say, uum, I’m really sorry.”

He goes on to document how Polyphony Digital’s sound capturing process has evolved over the years, starting with the original methods used for GT1-GT4. In Part 2, he describes how things begin to change after meeting Hideki Tanabe, the founder and president of Amuse performance, who sadly passed away in 2008. The next chapter of the sound story, Part 3, will be posted soon.


Kazunori will be addressing more questions from our Kazunori Yamauchi Q&A forum – be sure to vote for the questions you’d like to see answered, or submit your own. As always, we’ll be keeping a close eye on Kazunori’s comments and covering further announcements as they develop.

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Comments (154)

  1. JASON_ROCKS1998

    These pictures give me hope, hope that I can finally hear the proper V8sound from an SRT Challenger, or that V12 soundtrack from a Ferari Enzo, this microphone at exhaust capture is amazing and I hope it gets implemented to GT6 quickly.

  2. scalman

    Acrualy sound is very good in gt6. Just not all sounda u will hear from cockpit. U need to change cam to hood view to hear alk engine sounds, there is everything, all those psshhh psshhh from turbo when lower gear and alk rotary sounds from mazda rx7 there too.
    Then u change cam to back car and u will hear all that comes from exaust only and not engine. And if normal sound is too weak, just install racing exaust, and u will hear all that powerful monstrous music that gives racing exaust. And no need sports car for that, just any 4 cil engine with racing exaust will sound like beast and realy thats how they sounds in real life.
    I heared lots complains about gt6 sounds and i rly dont understand were those coming from. From deaf ppl maybe… :/
    Its perfect racing game, compare to forza 4 its another lvl in how car feels and sounds. Yes maybe project cars or assetto corsa sounds louder and more insane, but i dont think thats how realy car sounds.gt6 has most precise sound from car, u change cam and u hear diff sounds all over. And in the cockpit… Well car makers dont put exaust inside car as far as i know. Its not supose to be too loud.
    Pd did best job that they could for game, how tires feel how handling feels, every car has its own soul. And thats what we love about cars.
    I played gt4 for yrs… Rly years, not months, like 4 yrs or more, becouse its rly more then a game.i skipped gt5 , i liked shift a lot, i played f4 many hrs, but this, gt6 is just something else.

    1. SDSPOWER01

      I totally respect your opinion towards the the sounds but what you said I can assure you its incorrect, example: BMW Z4 GT3 ’11, last time I checked it had an awesome and brutal V8 sound and lots of pops and growls, carried over to GT6 and pick the same car it did not sound anything like a V8 whatsoever. Now hearing it made me really dissapointed. Comparing GT6 to games such as Project Cars, Asseto Corsa and Forza Motorsports all I can say is its NOT even close to those racing sim titles in the sounding department. Don’t get me wrong here GT6 is a great game but the sounds sometimes put you off and break your immersion. Many people are not ‘deaf’ as you said but are are disatisfied with the sounding system in general, while some sound really decent but they still lack character and feel plain. Sure you can hear the turbo go ‘psshhh’ but thats not how it always sound it needs variation.

  3. mister dog

    He’s aware of it and he’s sorry and the fans say this is wonderful news? Seems a bit pathetic that this ‘no news’ is able to make people excited and they start praising PD again.

    1. MeanElf

      Just says that a lot more people have, or want to have faith in PD – that’s all. Nothing pathetic about it, unless you like people being miserable together.

    2. Maddens Raiders

      You have got to be one of the most miserable people on the planet. I’ve tried to have faith in that once in a while you would say /something/ positive, but it’s just incessant b*tching and whining from your camp. Why don’t you go and create your own racing series from scratch so that when you release it, we can all vomit on it and cover it in feces as is your wont. Pathetic…smh.

  4. jlmcmillan1978

    This is such positive news, to get some acknowledgement from PD regarding one of the games shortcomings and a commitment to better communication with the fans. I’m very pleased indeed! :)

  5. biftizmo

    Long gone are the days were we scrap everything and start again to do everything better..allthough othere games do seem to follow this trend….GT has the ability to incorporate the old and the new simutianiosly…like we all know trail mountain is dated and could do with a facelift .but we love it and don’t want it to go. keep it as it is ..no need to get rid of any thing…
    Some times theirs a tendency round here to call for features to be removed..theirs even a question that states ” will it be possible for features to be voted out by members” ..ludicrous!
    Why get rid of stuff? just don’t use it..leave the choice not lose choices because some people assume know one likes it…I personly want all the cars to remane in the game with old sound screams or not…and it would have seatle track back right now just as it used to be…things can always be updated at some point in the future…keep everything. this is one of the wonders of GT that othere developers would love to be able to do…but they can only give you a remake of the same thing every 12 months or so.. GT is massive and is getting bigger and better as time goes by…so live with old and look forward to the new I say….

    1. Johnnypenso

      I challenge you to go out and purchase any AAA game released in the last 6 months that has stuff from 2004 in it. They don’t, and neither should GT7. End of story.

    2. Johnnypenso

      You liking something and something belonging in a next-gen game are two different issues. I like the track too. I drive some standard cars although not many. They still don’t belong in a next-gen game.

    3. biftizmo

      Why not? I give a good reason…because they can be. If there in the game you need not let it affect you…. If it’s taken out then it’s gone…and maybe more than a few will miss out…how’s that good…and a which point in GT history have decided it’s old gen or new gen…I suggest you give up on old gen new gen thing and go with the flow..and you will get new content as and when it’s ready…it’s called evolution.the point is it can be done now..unless you still believe half the content in GT6 should be scrapped for no reason and left out until it comes up to your personal satisfaction what ever you might deem that to be.
      There’s no debate here only an old notion of how you think it should be. GT1 2 3 4 were don and dusted GT 5 onwards is evolving into something fantastic…go with it bro!

    4. Johnnypenso

      ev·o·lu·tion – the gradual development of something, especially from a simple to a more complex form.
      synonyms:development, advancement, growth, rise, progress, expansion

      Interesting choice of words. By definition the old thing dies off and is replaced with the newer, better, faster, stronger thing. Kind of like when videogames release new versions on new consoles and drop all the previous content completely.

    5. MeanElf

      In truth though JP evouloution allows for both the old and new to survive side-by-side, for a while at least. I think that’s biftizmo’s point.

    6. Magic Ayrton

      If you want old features maybe play GT5 or 6, GT7 should be a complete rethink, but would obviously need to carry the traditional Gran Turismo DNA, therefore the simulation part being key with maybe some slight improvements.

      I do miss the animations (oil change) in GT, but instead of improving them, they just deleted them. Hopefully we will get more animated menus with the more powerful PS4.

    7. Adamaw11

      I agree with leaving as much content in as they can. Removing stuff just because its seen as “old” goes against the whole logic of the game. GT pretty much created the genre. Now there are a lot of other games in the same market, but most have a lot less content. To think GT should copy the lesser games by cutting down content “any AAA game released in the last 6 months that has stuff from 2004 in it. They don’t, and neither should GT7” IMO is ridiculuous.
      As long as it doesn’t slow things down, more is better, old or new. End of story.

    8. Johnnypenso

      If you take away all the standard cars and tracks, GT will still have more cars and tracks than any console game. They’ll of course add more tracks and cars between now and release so you could easily see 500 cars and 60+ tracks and variations. If that isn’t enough for you..play GT5 and GT6, it’s not going anywhere. It’s not copying lesser games, it’s actually just following the marketplace. New sells, old does not. If all people wanted was massive numbers of cars and tracks then GT6 would be flying off the shelf, setting sales records every day, because it has the most numbers of cars and tracks of any console game in the history of the world. Quality counts much more than quantity.

  6. wvmgmidget

    Great news! This could take some time though and I disagree with eliminating a ton of standard cars. Maybe this could be a large patch for the premiums but for all cars however we’ll have to wait for gt7. I don’t think the number of cars should be cut too drastically then it would just copy forza. Also there should be career events for specific cars like in earlier gt’s. Though it will take some time I’m sure this issue will be resolved

  7. CallmeDan

    I think this is a sign of good things to come. :)

    To the people who are considering getting rid of GT6 and abandoning the GT series as a whole, just stick around a little while longer.

  8. ITCC_Andrew

    Where is the news article “like” button? I want to click it!

    Seriously, this is absolutely wonderful. I’m happy to hear this, even though I couldn’t care less about the sounds.

  9. MerleApAmber

    Wonderful news.

    I’m very pleased to see the commitment the man has to the family he’s created indirectly.

    It’s also going to be a growing tribute to the people who do the code and figure out the magics required to take reality into the obfuscation which is computer gaming / simulation.

    I hope we also see some of the homey story telling of things he finds along his travels – good stories around the fireplace after a long day of driving, or just coming back from a journey are always welcome among family.

  10. kekke2000

    I’ve been playing GT since GT2. I don’t even care about the sounds anymore, I think the big promises that go unfulfilled is the big let down. Where is the track editor, the Endurance Races, the Nascars smashed to little boxes? My PS3 is slowly dying and it’s soon time for PS4. It’s been half a year and a feature that was hyped long before the release is still not here. I bought GT1, GT2, GT3, GT3 Tokyo-Geneve, GT4 Prologue, GT4, Tourist Trophy, GT5 Prologue, GT5, GT6. I don’t even know if I will get GT7 seriously…

    1. Magic Ayrton

      Totally agree, GT7 seems so far away and when it does come it will be the same old laborious and tedious experience. Having said that, I have had some fantastic races on GT6 on the Redbull ring and in the new Lexus, online.

  11. Gwenbors

    A little slow off the line, but glad to see they’re finally working on improving communications with the players. Big step into Web 2.0 for PD!

  12. MLRSparco

    I’ll accept your apology when the sounds have been fixed,or at least a ETA,tbh it seems like he dodge the question again,I believe the question was “Where is it? When will we finally get an update for the sound?”

    1. Bluntified

      The first step toward progress is acknowledgement. At least he finally admitted there’s a problem and they can now move toward fixing it. Still a great leap IMO.

    2. MLRSparco

      True but I believe he admitted he wasn’t happy with the sounds back when GT6 was being announced so saying it again serves no purpose.I was hoping to hear that he was almost done but instead we still have no idea when to expect it.

      I am glad that they now have there own blog were we can communicate more but still an ETA would’ve been nice since that was the original question after all.

    3. SZRT Ice

      I think after seeing how Project Cars is using 16 microphones to do all of their audio recording inside and outside of the car from all camera angles, Kazunori realized that his updated engine sounds weren’t gonna make the grade.

      Expect PD to follow after Evolution studios and use the similar techniques.

    4. Aussie_HSV

      I think you mean Driveclub Ice.
      And yeh, the setup at Evo. Studios does sound impressive.
      Excuse the pun.

  13. Lambofanghini

    Hopefully an evolution in the sound department of the GT series is at hand. Thanks for being honest, Kaz. I love my collection of cars in GT6, but I just don’t feel as compelled to drive them because of sound(Lamborghinis, V8’s etc.). I played the heck out of GT5 because it had so many firsts as a GT game, but if the key motivator(IMO sound) is improved upon greatly, that will significantly boost my interest in GT6.

  14. gast1976

    hey Yamauchi
    why as a simple update (because PS3 doesn’t allow to do better sounds?) don’t you put the engines’s sound of the outside view in every view?
    i never play in outside view but i prefer the sound from the outside…

  15. ExplodeTheApex

    Great news! Improvements are slowly being made to improve the way in which PD work. Why this couldn’t have come sooner though I don’t know… But I’m not complaining.


    Wow PD finally reaching out to the community and responding to feedback. That’s seriously amazing news!!! :)

    1. Mike-ZENKAI

      My thoughts exactly. It was long due…
      Hopefully this will grow, with regular updates, into something very good.

  17. SynthManiac75

    It’s all good and well to hear Kaz apologize for the sounds, but I don’t think many of you realize the massive undertaking that will be involved in “patching” the sounds in GT6.

    First, “if” it is accomplished there is just no way they’re going to be able to patch the entire car list. That would be a MASSIVE patch. What seems more likely is Kaz selecting a group of popular cars and updating those. Even that would require a patch very large in size.

    Do any of you have experience working with audio? I’m a musician and I have a small personal studio in my home. I use DAW applications every day, and I can tell you that audio files can take a big chunk of space (even if they are compressed). Keep in mind the more compression, the lower the audio quality. Kaz would no doubt have to do some serious compression with these updated audio files, and I’m quite sure he’d be considerably limited with the number of cars he can update. He’d probably play with the samples and have to “digitally enhance” some sounds to “reuse” those sounds to get the most out of update.

    It is A LOT of work, and keep in mind all this being done while finishing up GT7. What I hate seeing done is audio recording done on dynos and with vehicles being in PARK. Sounds need to be recorded with the vehicles under load.

    1. jhw93

      I completely agree with your post. Although the new recording techniques are great news, the process of re-recording all of the cars is a massive task. As of this, I would expect new cars and some selected cars of the existing GT6 rotor to get the sound treatment. I doubt there will be an ‘update’ for sounds to be honest, I think we will see sound changes in their next game.

    2. sangdude82

      May be they can get rid of some of the cars that nobody will use then there will be less engine sounds to record. Be like other games. Have mainstream cars from the manufacturers around the world. I agree with the comment that patching up the engine sounds for every single car on GT6. So may be Kaz will give us the new/improved engine sounds on GT7?

    3. SynthManiac75

      A huge part of the problem that Kaz faces is IMO a major mistake made with the release of GT5.., and that’s way too many damn cars. Kaz shot himself in the foot before the title was even released by having such a huge car list.

      When I saw the pre-release info on GT6 regarding the car list I knew Kaz shot himself in the other foot. Kaz could have provided great audio if he kept the car count within reason.

      If GT6 had anywhere from 3-400 cars (which is more than enough), they could have made a huge improvement with the sounds.

      They could have taken all the standard cars, put them on a server and allowed everyone to PICK and CHOOSE which standard cars they wanted. GT fans would have been all over a system like that, and hell they could have even made a few bucks off them. They could have charged a very small fee per car or reduced rate with numbers purchased at one time and used those proceeds to simply maintain the Standard Cars server.

    4. Griffith500

      The sound patch, should it come, will mostly be code. The “presets” (or “patches”, in the DAW sense, really) that control the new method will, with any luck, already be on the BluRay. They won’t be recordings / loops in the traditional sense, either.

      Kaz addresses the “load” issue, and actually to the point: the throttle needs to be open fully.

      The above-mentioned improved recording process has been in place since 2003. Recordings aren’t holding them up.

    5. SynthManiac75

      Even if that patch is code, the core audio has to be addressed. I know they’re not making loops ect in the way we do in music applications, but the principle is still the same in terms if capturing raw audio “regardless of its intended post recorded use”. It’s simple really in looking at it as what you put in will greatly determine your final results. Capture mediocre raw audio and no amount of post processing will make it sound life like.

      The most simple and IMO logical approach they can take at this point is simply remastering the code they already have in place. IMO so much of the problem is due to sounds and nuances being out of balance. They need to get a better sound engineer in who knows how to properly master and mix audio.

      Much of that vacuum cleaner sound in GT6 is because the balance levels of engine noise, exhaust sounds, transmission whine, and blow off valves are off. They have clearly done post capture enhancements to the audio and a remastering could make a big difference.

      However, as simple as this logic is it would surprise me if Kaz hasn’t already considered this, and perhaps the raw audio engine recordings are really that poorly recorded.

    6. sangdude82

      I agree with you SynthManiac75. Other racing games don’t have 1200 cars yet can offer fun and excitement to their fans.

    7. MerleApAmber

      I’m interested in a couple of things, the gestalt of the exhaust note outside of the car, and the sense of sound within the cockpit. Outside, it seems to me we’re not just interested in the exhaust note, but also those low and high frequency nuance coming from the power plant itself. Inside, well… that’s a bag of worms because weight reduction measures take the cars from what the coach builder intended to what becomes a place you wear noise cancelling headsets and -32dB foam cores in your canals and still wish you could do more over the run of a days work.

      As someone tossed earlier, the real deal may actually be real time generation off a variable factors performance look up table. If the math is there, the loading on a current GPU should be a fraction of light tracing work.

    8. SZRT Ice

      I believe there will be recordings by engine type and then a filter or synthesizer will be used to adjust each sound according to exhaust note and car make. So V6’s sound like V6’s and V12’s sound like V12’s etc. Although, most cars sound radically different to each other according to exhaust note and such, the aound of an intake and turbo spool should be easy and portable from car to car.

      The Drive Club Method works because they only had 55 cars to do this for whereas PD has 1,200+. There will likely be premium sounds and standard sounds until the Standards are phazed out/premiumized/whatever for GT7.

    9. Griffith500

      Actually, they currently are using samples. I’m saying the new method doesn’t / won’t.

      The mastering is nothing in comparison to the missing sources, which hopefully the new system will solve.

      We’ve all heard the raw recordings in the game (start-up sounds), and they’re fine.

  18. TokoTurismo

    After reading, apologie accepted Kaz. And for that, I forgive you and you earn back my trust again. :)

    1. vr6cas

      ^This guy. Your probably the last person he is apologizing to with some of your comments over the past few months. Kaz to Toko: Wait, I thought I read that you was rooting for the other guys and that you hope I fail? True fans ride or die with me.

    2. TokoTurismo

      I still have this belief you’re that Rubby, rabby, whatever that guy’s name is who worte me that message on PS3…

      Don’t lie to me.

    3. JulesJackson

      It ain’t as easy to edit sound iracing and all those others games have 1/10 the cars gt has gt is a much bigger game. People got to understand just how complicated this is to do for 800+ cars. Compression is the killer of audio files. Hence why flopza has the same sound for different views.

    4. vr6cas

      My GTPlanet name is also my one and only psn name so no I didn’t send you any messages on the ps3 but awww did you get your little feelings hurt, he must’ve said something right and that a lot of us feel about some of your post, views and comments on the planet. But hey, your entitled to your opinions at long as your within the aup and I respect that, but you even said so yourself that you have been, let’s just say “anti GT”.

      I myself will always be Pro GT, and for several reasons. Yes Gran Turismo has it faults, nothing made by the human hand is perfect, but Kaz is in another league when it comes to the passion for automobiles and GT that other developers just do not have and it shows in the product, and his public apology just makes me respect him more not as just a business man, race car driver and game developer but more importantly, as a man.

    5. TokoTurismo

      Nah. No feelings were hurt, but he was aggressive and random, dat rage. lol. So strange that guy. >_> He must be related to you then, AHA! >:( Anyways putting that guy aside, I wasn’t being anti-GT, but was just annoyed is all. Before you get carried away by seeing me act like this, let’s back on topic shall we?

      Still happy to see Kaz and PD communicating. :)

    6. PepeMickey

      I think people need to realize that the new sounds won’t come until (I hope so) GT7 is released, the point in the question was to know more about their status on their sound project not to demand an update for a PS3 GT6.

    7. TokoTurismo

      Ahh nvm. He must have been someone who was incredibly butthurt over my awesomeness. HAHA!! XD

    8. SZRT Ice

      All comments, constructive or critical, can serve a purpose. (Was uncertain about posting this, but went for it anyways, I’m curious if anyone can accept my pov on this)

      Toko’s comments I usually hold in high regard. In the case of GT6’s criticisms… Sometimes, It’s when people bash you, push you to the ground and kick dirt in your face that you can rise from the ashes and come back with a vengeance.

      If people always “it’s okay” you, and tell you “don’t worry, you’ll do better next time”, without the pain of scrutiny and harsh criticism, you can find yourself becoming passive and complacent in your efforts and being idle, or moving without direction or a clear focus/path and moving aimlessly. Knowing that you’ll always be accepted/forgiven, regardless of how little/much you strive, and regardless of whatever you do.

      When I tell myself “I’m not able to do this”, I believe it and get discouraged. At this point encouragement can be good and can uplift someone that’s down.

      But when someone else tries to discourage me, I am motivated to prove them wrong. This is the opposite to encouragement, but at times can have a stronger much fiercer effect.

      And when I know I’m doing well, or believe highly of myself. I can start to lack in my efforts and lose my touch at what I once did best, above and beyond all others, by not staying on top of my game, and observing my competition and what’s trending. Believing I am already the best, so I have little to nothing to prove. Criticism could strike a motivational spark in me, but encouragement and reassurance could lead me back into self arrogance and laziness due to my stroked ego. Thus leading me back into complacency.

      Like a boxer who’s gone undefeated, and got comfortable/lazy and overzealous, and didn’t train for his fight against the an up and coming new fighter. Brushing him off as an insignificant rookie. Meanwhile the “rookie” trained night and day, studied the champions ways, and seeking to monopolize on his flaws and weaknesses, whilst improving on his strengths, trained harder than the champ, and became faster and stronger than the champ. Inevitably flooring the champion more than once in more ways than one during the 1st round of their match.

      It’s healthy to keep the “Champion” in shape and on his toes, and in more ways than one. Whether it’s harsh criticism, gentle encouragement, or anything in between. They all can be beneficial and motivational in their own ways. The payout will be a champion that can hold “his” own and maintain the throne against a field of young innovative rookies that are all seeking to steal the crown.

  19. biftizmo

    GT6 is a ensemble of origanal recordings. There’s no need to apologise for great achievements made nearly a decade ago….but he will because he’s a perfectionist.the only way to over come this in an ideal world is to redo every single car using modern methods and technologies.
    But as Kaz already knows the draw back with that is technologie moves foward so what is the norm now may not be suitable in the future so you will always find your self back were you started..thank you Kaz for enlightening us to the way things are done…keep moving forward and ocationly redoing some of the classics..perfection is always just out of reach that is what makes it perfect…Bif 2014

  20. vr6cas

    It takes a real man to admit their mistakes and to to humbly with humility apologize for them. Apology accepted Kaz. Respect.

  21. TokoTurismo

    PD are actually communicating? YES! This is all I ever wanted, and now it’s finally happening. :’) Thank you so much Kaz and PD. :D

  22. forzaturismo

    KAZ:“Of course I myself am not satisfied with the sound in Gran Turismo, and to the players out there I can only say, uum, I’m really sorry.”

    Thank you for admitting this KAZ san :)

  23. Lawndart

    Sorry for the double post, but I just looked at he photos… Thats what they have the LFA hooked up to, an axle dyno… $10 says thats the trick his buddy had.

    1. TTownEP

      A Dyna-Pack dyno, as mentioned in the article, is definitely an axle dyno. We have one at work. I can vouch for the amazing noise coming from our dyno cell. The engine is loaded, wide-open throttle, and no tire noise. The only real problem I see is that you have to have all those fans when you are on a dyno, and it would be hard to not pick up that noise as a replacement for the tire-on-roller noise.

  24. Lawndart

    Impressive, Kaz really is listening… And even calling this community out directly…

    Perhaps I should call Kaz and explain how other games are getting the great engine noises… It’s a pretty standard procedure now… Pulling out the dyno noise is pretty common but you can avoid it all together with an axle dyno with an extended shaft… Thats exactly what we did back in 2005 for a game… Worked perfectly and saved us a bundle of cash in post processing…

    1. MerleApAmber

      I’ve got that look on my face; you remember, in the animated “Puss-in-Boots” Banderas did? That look the onlooking audience cat in the cantina gave with big round eyes and it’s paw in front of face while the voice-over went “Ohhhhhhh?”

      (/chuckles with Griffith500 too)

  25. Jack The Ripper

    He really said, “sorry”. Instead of apologizing for the crappy engine sound, how about you make it better. The only person who’s sorry is me for buying gt 6.

    1. MeanElf

      Yes, he said sorry and if you had been paying attention at anytime in the past years or so, then you’d know that a fresh start has been made on the engine sounds – it may not be ready for GT6 but itr is being worked on.

      So now, now about you apologise…

  26. Foxiol

    It’s happening!!!! That’s the important thing. The only thing that puts me away from the game are the sounds…they don’t make you feel immersed at all while you drive. FFB also has a part in this though, but the sounds is a big issue and hope they can make them great for the future and the sake of the saga.

  27. HuskyGT

    I feel like a douche… I never realized that Kaz felt this way about the sounds. And him apologizing makes me feel really bad.

    Thank you, Yamauchi San for taking your time to deal with us. I don’t play GT too often anymore, but know that you are aware and not pleased with some of the negative aspects of this game that concern the most of us makes me love this game much more.

    I’ll wait as long as I have to…

  28. lbpomg95

    Good to see PD communicating, but I can’t help but concentrate instead on the Honda S Coupe in the picture. That car is SWEEEET.

    1. lbpomg95

      Still, when used to no improvement whatsoever, this may lead to something. Any improvement is better than what we currently have. Especially for some of the larger displacement cars with more unique sounds. And how about some beasty supercharger whine?

  29. shmogt

    I’m pretty sure that LFA photo is the only car they actually recorded. Most of the cars sound fake. He had like 7 yrs to get the sounds right since GT5 took so long and now GT6 is out, yet still nothing has been done. We waited so long and we just now got a sorry. For a game that has one of the biggest budgets ever I don’t want to see sorry, I want to see progress into fixing problems.

  30. GBO Possum

    This is awesome! We should not underestimate the significance of “I’m Sorry”.

    What would be great would be the ability to log into Pitstop using our GTP credentials (or pretty much ANYTHING except for Facebook).

    1. Shahar

      Why to see everything in black, it’s doesnt matter if previous claims by PD were slightly misleading (or very misleading) doesn’t mean they can’t repair the damage, so let’s see the beautiful side. Gran Turismo sound update !!

    2. Normalaatsra

      Kaz’s claim of the sounds being too real is because the source of the majority of the sounds derive from recordings from the engine bay, not the exhaust product.

    3. research

      BOOM. Normalaatsra with the knockout punch.

      Give us sound sliders and all this is over!

      (except for the v10 notes on v12 cars and such that HuskyGT has explained many times)

  31. SDSPOWER01

    It’s really great to hear PD and Kazunori communicating with the community, I expect great things to come in the near future.

  32. mikronimo

    He admits only a fact, an evidence, that, anyway, he did not admit before; maybe this is the way to come to a solution, that obviously exists, since other games have not all this problems; lately it seems that something is moving in the right direction…

  33. masterrawad

    Wow, first a surprise update and now an informal blog that will ACTUALLY communicate with GT fans? This is too good to be true.

    I’m probably still sleeping, and when I wake up, Kaz will still be beating around the bush on why the sounds are bad and now evn apologizing.

    But seriously, I’m too hyped up about this!!!

  34. mickoafna

    Yamauchi San, I am glad for all the improvements you’re doing there at PD. I don’t have any complaints like other people do.

    Keep it up, Kaz!

  35. SnakeOfBacon

    I’m very happy that there is a PD blog now, this will certainly ameliorate the concerns many people had about their lack of communication.

  36. ALB123

    This is wonderful to hear that Kaz and the GT developers are going to have finally start addressing some of the issues we all have with the game. Hopefully more is said than “I’m sorry…”. If actually answers can be given, detailed information on how PD plans to improve the shortcomings of GT, this could turn into a wonderful experience. Let’s keep our fingers crossed.

    Of course, as soon as I read the very first post by the PIT STOP Editorial Team I had to cringe. After two polite comments is a childish comment of “What happened to B-spec?” and predictably a litany of “Where is car X?” One person actually asked why we don’t have the Need For Speed Mustang (from the movie)!!!

    We have an excellent opportunity to interact with the people who make the game, but if we don’t stick to the topics at hand and instead flood every blog post with questions on why don’t we have this car, or that car, it’s going to get us absolutely no where. And then people will start whining about how useless the PIT STOP Blog is. Ugh….

  37. Dude27

    so is that it? a pitiful “I am sorry?”???? Seriously? to tackle one of the biggest flaw of GT? hopeless…

  38. TomBrady

    The mic’s are way too close, that’s one of their problems.

    The LFA is actually one of the best sounding cars in the game but even there, they put the mic’s too close to it. That’s why all of the exhaust notes in GT sound like crap. You can’t properly capture the sound of an exhaust with the mic that close. Low frequencies have wavelengths between 3 and 56 feet. By putting the mic 3 feet away you’re missing so much, not to mention reverberations.

    After hearing the Lotus 97t and the new Red Bulls, I have faith they can make some huge improvements, but I doubt they’ll be rivaling iracing or pCars anytime soon.

    1. Magic Ayrton

      Yes and it would help if they recorded outside or at least in a place that has no echo.. then add echo only in tunnels not all the time.. but hey what the hell do I know.. just consult a sound specialist.. because sales will drop quite a bit if nothing changes in future versions I’m sure.

    2. Griffith500

      You put the mics as close as they will go without clipping / saturating, always. Otherwise you get too much background noise.

      That thing about wavelengths is nonsense; if anything, it’s the higher frequencies that are more sensitive to mic position. The long wavelengths of bass notes means there is little phase difference for any useful recording position, so they’re picked up everywhere. Shorter wavelengths are subject to all sorts of interference patterns at those same length scales (mic position / distance vs. source size).

      The Senna and Red Bull cars don’t even use recordings. That’s going to be the real news, mark my words. :)

  39. Blood*Specter

    I have previously said that I thought KAZ and PD would open up communications between them and players/customers. It’s the only way to continue the brand. Unhappy PAYING customers have a bad effect on business. He’ s doing the right thing. And it proves to some degree that he still cares about his product and those of us who use it.

    That said, I wonder how many of us know how big it is for Kaz himself to admit he is not happy with the GT sound track. That admission is huge. And I take my hat off to him for addressing the problem and apologizing. That took stones. So I have no doubt that the perfectionist that is Kaz will solve this problem. Kaz deserves props for not dodging the issue.

    Also remember, not all the cars sound lousy in GT. Some are damn good. So because he manned up, I think we should give him another chance to fix it. I believe he will.

  40. Pete05

    Why have another blog on bookface? What’s so wrong with communicating with us here on GTPlanet? This is where the community is already based AND where the questions are coming from in the first place.

    I like that Kaz & PD are opening the lines of communication. I just hope that we get detailed answers & not vague responses.

  41. Firedragon

    Recently there were a few hints and there that there would be more communication from PD’s side and I’m very delighted to see this blog emerging. It is so nice to see that PD are indeed aware of what the community is feeling about the game at the moment.

    Together with the excellent last two updates (Senna content and the the Red Bull Ring update), I hope that PD will continue this positive line of game support, resulting in a better gaming experience. Very appreciated.

    1. MerleApAmber

      These last two updates really have been a Quantum jump from before. It’s interesting to see it come along – finally – at the end of GT5 online support. I hope it is only the beginning.

  42. Rafael F

    Very good news about this blog, but the “I’m sorry” sounds like we will have to deal the bad sounds in the game :/

  43. VBR

    This is a great step forward! Thank you very much Kazunori San & PD for setting up this blog to communicate with us more. We certainly appreciate it.


  44. Steph290

    I think these last two months, Kaz and the PD team have been putting in a good effort in trying to reconnect with their fans. Keep up the good work, this communication is what’s needed.

  45. IngRobNy

    Thank you gtplanet for all the good work for us fans of Gran Turismo.
    And a big thank you to Kazunori Yamauchi for not only give us a thorough answer to this question about sound, but he is also give us an apology, and it is somehow comforting to hear that neithter he is satisfied with the sound.

    1. MerleApAmber

      Hear Here! Thank you GTPlanet! (You and our wonderful community of actively interested, and boisterous players!)

  46. Madertus

    PD… why are you communicationg? This isn’t like you! :D

    This is fantastic news, I never thought I’d live to see PD trying to share things with us!

  47. GTHEAD87

    thanks for this info :). glad Kaz is finally realising the fans can give the best info on where the game needs improved.

    I accept your apology Kaz :)

  48. GTboyz

    i’m still a bit curious as to how did they produce quite a bit (sorry) less realistic engine sounds unlike other games

  49. 01Michael

    I really like Kaz’s approach to Gran Turismo. He never sees a finished product and is always finding areas to improve. I think sounds should’ve been improved already but if the Lotus 97T and WSR F3 car are anything to go by, GT has a promising future! Thanks Kaz :D

    1. MerleApAmber

      I’d like to believe, going forward, this is an area of consistent and continuing development. As others have mentioned, with the sonic power house of Sony to leverage, audio capture and aural presentation should be a natural. If it isn’t; what a sad loss of profitability to both Companies.

  50. FrzGT

    All I have to say is, thank you for all GTP members that voted “sounds” question right to the No.1 top question. :) Finally, PD/Kaz is finally communicate to ours about this issue.

    Lotus 97T is possibly the most realistic sound in GT. Keep it up on the other cars PD.

    1. FrzGT

      But at least we can reassure it. They have proven it on the Lotus 97T as well as handful of cars.
      Hope they REALLY fix it this time arround.

    2. Swagger897

      Really it is a waste of our time as we will recieve the same info like we always have. There were some far more better questions that have never before been answered/explained thoroughly by PD which should’ve been addressed long ago.

      I’ve never seen a company not communicate as little as PD does, but when we ask questions it seems we always ask the same stupid, repetitive questions..

      “How do you tie your shoes Kaz?”
      “Left over the right”

      Simply stupid we all applaud these sound Q’s because it will be the same until they announce a change will come. What needed to be addressed is the lack of communication and hopefully this blog will have shown the light PD needed to do long before..

  51. Outsyder84

    I like the new community oriented approach and hope that the collaboration with players will bring us all the results we wait impatiently.

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