Curren$y and Statik Selektah Release “Gran Turismo” Rap Album

Gran Turismo Series 37 May 20, 2019 by

If you think of a music album bearing the Gran Turismo name, it’s likely there’s only one that springs to mind. The Cardigans’ Gran Turismo, including the Gran Turismo 2 title track My Favourite Game, is legend.

Well, it’s about to get some interesting company. Rap artists Curren$y and Statik Selektah (Shante Franklin and Patrick Baril) have released their own Gran Turismo, and it has something of a different flavor.

Coming in at nearly 28 minutes long, the 10-track album features a number of collaborations with big names and newcomers alike. Tracks include “Clear”, with New York’s Jadakiss, and “Nothin New” featuring Wiz Khalifa, while Jim Jones and YBN Cordae also make appearances. Please don’t ask what that’s an abbreviation of.

We’re not entirely sure what the music actually has to do with Gran Turismo. Curren$y and Statik Selektah both make references to cars in their previous body of work, but it is a curiously specific title.

Nevertheless, we do have to give some serious credit to that cover art. Created by Canadian director and long-time Curren$y collaborator CJ Wallis, it’s an impressive homage to the game series. The back cover features an adapted version of the Gran Turismo 2 menu screen, with a GT6 course-maker version of the Jet Life Recordings logo.

You can listen to the entire album below. It probably goes without saying, but do be careful of listening to it around young and sensitive ears…

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