GT6 Sales Total 4.71 Million, Franchise Over 76 Million Units

Gran Turismo Series 57 December 15, 2015 by

A complete redesign of Polyphony Digital’s website went live earlier today, and with it, the company has updated us on the subject of sales for the second time in 2015. During GT Sport’s first unveiling in Paris, PD had snuck a quick mention of a rough series total into the game’s website. Over 75 million units had been sold as of March 2015, while today’s newer tallies come from September of this year.

The first number most will take note of is Gran Turismo 6’s total. At 4.71 million worldwide, it narrowly beats 2009’s GT PSP, while remaining some way shy of the next-highest title in the series, GT5 Prologue. As GT6 just celebrated its second birthday, it’s unlikely – though not impossible – the game will sell the additional 640,000 or so copies (13.6% of its current total) needed to overtake Prologue. Despite the relatively low numbers versus the rest of the family, it should be noted that no other racing game released since GT6 has sold more, with exception to Mario Kart 8, at 5.87 million as of June 2015.


Of further interest is Gran Turismo 5’s total. Despite the servers being taken offline long ago, the low list price for what is still a massive amount of content no doubt helped GT5 total just shy of 12 million units (11.94). This pushes the 2010 title into second place within the franchise, second only to GT3’s massive 14.89 million.

From a generational perspective, the PS3 titles now total 22 million. The PS2 leads the way with 29.61 million, and the first two games total 20.22 million for the first PlayStation.

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