“Gran Turismo Sport” For PS4 Revealed, Public Beta Coming Early 2016

The next chapter of the Gran Turismo series was officially revealed during Sony’s presentation at Paris Games Week today! As early reports indicated, the new PlayStation 4 game will be called “Gran Turismo Sport”, and the previously announced FIA Online Championship will take center stage in the new title.

Screen Shot 2015-10-27 at 2.38.59 PM

As announced on stage by Kazunori Yamauchi, two versions of the FIA’s official competition will be “running simultaneously throughout the year”. First is the “Nation’s Cup”, where a player will represent his or her country. The second is the “Manufacturer Fan Cup”, where players will drive to represent their favorite car manufacturer.

Screen Shot 2015-10-27 at 2.42.17 PM

The finalists in each competition will be brought together for an annual “FIA World Final”, and the winners will be awarded “alongside FIA sanctioned race winners in Paris during the Christmas season”, including the Formula 1 World Championship.

Screen Shot 2015-10-27 at 2.43.25 PM

Kazunori made it clear he has big ambitions with the FIA, as Polyphony Digital is working closely with the FIA to “drive the future of motorsports for the next 100 years”.

Gran Turismo Sport will be launched as a public beta in “early 2016”, which will presumably be distributed via PSN like other high-profile open betas, such as the recent Star Wars: Battlefront demo.

Screen Shot 2015-10-27 at 3.07.52 PM

In one last part of the announcement, Kazunori Yamauchi confirmed that Polyphony Digital is working to introduce PlayStation VR support for Gran Turismo Sport. Kazunori remarked that in their testing, he has found the experience to be “very natural”.

We’ll be closely reviewing the trailer above to go over more details that have been revealed – stay tuned! Also, be sure to stop by GTPlanet’s new Gran Turismo Sport forum to chat about today’s announcements with the rest of the community.

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  1. Chase Hall

    And by the way, I bet that’s exactly why the Bugatti VGT and the Hyundai 2025 VGT hasn’t come to GT6 yet. I bet that’s why the developers said they are “Coming Soon”. GT6 still needs work man. Gran Turismo Sport can wait. PS4 users can be patient.

  2. Chase Hall

    I don’t understand man.. why not for both PS4 and PS3? Look man, these game artists have got to understand that PS3 and Xbox 360 haven’t disappeared at all. They are still made and now game artists are focusing on the new gen and not both old and new. I mean come on man, these game artists have got to understand this. I mean not everyone has a PS4 or Xbox One, most still run off a PS3 or Xbox 360. Do you think it’s fair for PS3 and Xbox 350 users not to have a new game and us suffer to see the new gen get the games and not old gen too? Come one game artists, please understand that PS3 and Xbox 360 haven’t disappeared. It causes the most anger towards us that you game artists introduce a new game for only the new gen and not both old and new.

  3. Pit Crew

    If im not mistaken, this title would seem to coincide with Kaz’s wish to develop an FIA inspired race title with GT branding. I figure the team has gotten pass the troubling legalities issue and are moving forward. I doubt it’s GT7. I believe its a bridge title between now and GT7’s release. Just an opinion. Don’t bite my head off. Cautious enthusiasm should apply here.

  4. dddsprayshop

    A game for people between 7 and 77 <- hint to gt7?
    What's that bugatti VGt doing there? GT6 is waiting for that one (and the hyundai VGT)
    Not much info, i'm not buying the PS4 yet, because i want an SSD in my ps4 ( or an hybrid)
    I wait, GT6 was not bad, but there were some points taken.
    I enjoyed GT5 so i pre-ordered GT6, but i wont do that with the next GT.XX, i wait.

  5. Cobra2245

    I am slightly confused by this…
    Is GT Sport basically what we all have been calling GT7? Or is it just some type of small event or “mini game,” for lack of a better word?
    I noticed that there really weren’t many road cars, mostly race cars (Le Mans and such)….

  6. L0rd_K0jima

    Over a year ago, I switched from Playstation to Xbox for Forza because I wasn’t happy with what PD was doing to the franchise. Now after watching this trailer…I’m starting to feel a little sense of regret get to me. I mean, Forza 6 is one of the best racing games I’ve ever played, but my heart and soul has always been stuck to Gran Turismo ever since I was little. Now I have to spend more money on this sooner or later. Not that I’m complaining, but I should’ve stayed patient.

    1. johnnyman123

      I just don’t see why you regret it? I have seen nothing in this annoucement to warrant any hype…its a GT game centered around the FIA and graphically doesnt look that much better than GT6. It appears to be a prolong to GT7.

    2. Johnnypenso

      The resale on the XBone is still pretty high. You’ll lose a few bucks but if you want to make the switch, the upcoming holiday season might be the right time. Get it up for sale before the holiday bargains kick in though!

  7. Will McCloude

    Also I think that Gran turismo 6 was just a time killer well they work on the big one. so get ready cuz greatness awaits!!!

  8. Will McCloude

    I was skeptical about Gran Turismo 6 and I was right when it came out it wasn’t anything special but all the racing stuff that kaz has been doing and all the GT Academy sh!t they have a lot of money saved up so I’m just thinking they’re going to put all their money towards this and on the plus side it’s on the PlayStation four, more powerful system = better game. I have a really good feeling about this game

  9. S30GodZ

    I don’t think this is GT7, I think it’s a standalone spinoff for a dedicated GTAcadamy game. Sounds as if it exists for the sole purpose of esports racing and maybe scouting for GTAcadamy. This is very disappointing, I was hoping for GT7. I skipped out on 6 because I switched to PS4; I really am in withdrawal from not playing a GT game. And don’t get me wrong, I’m very glad to see a game like this. Traditionally I have been very good a GT games, so this game seems right up my alley; but sometimes I just wanna cruise around in a car I own, or used to own, and just chill.

    1. sumbrownkid

      Nah this is GT7. Honestly after a certain point, I think the numeric system can go. We can still refer to this title as GT7 even though officially it’s “Sport”.

    2. S30GodZ

      Do you think it will have all the content we’ve become accustomed to? As I understood the reveal today, Kaz said it was just two championships, manufacture and country. I had assumed these race series’ would coincide with parallel running series in the FIA. Which, in turn lead me to believe this was not a full game, just a few gt3 class cars and le man’s cars maybe.

  10. ZoidFile

    My Zoid-senses are tingling, something feels really wrong about this game already.

    I think this will be something like Race Room and I hate Race Room with every fibre of my poor soul. They can keep it.

  11. Ozurdin

    Hopefully kaz can put in the required codex’s and drivers and whatever else for us to keep our g27’s and 25’s and stuff. This announcement is all i needed to trade in my ps3 this weekend for a ps4. but i dont wanna buy another wheel. i love my g27 it works great on my pc racing games.

  12. TheEvstar93

    Manufactuer vs Manufacturer eh? Interesting. It’s good to see some of the new cars for the GT series debut in this rather special sounding game. Merc AMG GT, Alfa 4C and of course, Lambo Veneno! Aww yeah! I’ll be getting this. I don’t care if it’s a “Prologue”

    The prologue games did a good job on giving me a taste of what PD has for it’s next big title so far. New cars and new tracks. That sort of thing. I found them rather interesting.

  13. liv4hardstyle

    If we represent our country then i would love to see a good selection of cars for my coubtry’s manufacturers. Same goes for others in other countries. A balance if you will. Bring on holden and ford AU!

  14. wraith of horus

    The “Gran Turismo Sport” name has been thrown about in rumors across the net and on this forum too. Will “Gran Turismo Sport” finally be more of a Pure “Racing Simulator” this time around rather than “The Real Driving Simulator” which it has been since day 1. Or will Kaz include a variety of different sport 4 and 2 wheel driving and racing this time around. Does “Sport” suggest or hint at more than 4 wheel driving simulation or 3 wheel racing simulation I wonder? 2016 will be interesting.

  15. Froudeybrand

    Had a many discussion about ‪‎Gran Turismo7‬ / Gran Turismo ‎Sport‬ unless they put everything in from the start, take notes from previous games and the decline in sales from ‪GT6‬ this game will suck. It will kill the ‎Gran Turismo‬ franchise.
    This game better have things from the start, like a livery editor, a real track maker / editor, non-standard cars and some Australian cars.

  16. sirjim73

    Just been reading the announcement on the official website. Doesn’t add much detail other than the ability to just spectate or to take part in the championships.
    Last sentence did catch my eye though. When the prize giving is held at Xmas 2016 Gran Turismo will officially become a MOTORSPORT. Talk about breaking the fourth wall (or the gaming equivalent).

  17. SonicCharmeleon

    As soon as I decide to buy Xbox, this happens, still not really changing my mind… especially if it’s not till 2016.

  18. SebiGT89

    Question: If PD shows you a trailer were is a Porsche, can´t Porsche say “hey, you are using my name to sell your product´´?? For me its simple… Porsche in GT Sport/7.

    1. sirjim73

      I think the first half of the trailer is promoting 100 years of FIA Motorsport and therefore FIA footage. Not necessarily indicative of Porsche appearing. Though I obviously hope I’m wrong!


    Man – these demos – prologues – trailers etc – stabs me slowly because of the limit of my patience … PD please – enough torture to our hearts like this T_T

  20. TeamCZRRacing

    Whoo! Yeah! Here we go again – can’t wait for the next one! Between this and ME Andromeda, I have a sneaking suspicion that I’ll be gone for a while come Holiday Season ’16. :lol:

    In other news, I NEED that all-black GT T-shirt. Pure swagger.

  21. sorg

    Smells bad. If it is kind of spin-off then it’s fine. I’m not interesting in this crap and simply will ignore it. If this will be GT7 prologue then it’s very bad. I only can hope that GT7 will be classic GT with offline mode. Especially with new PSN policy for PS4 where you don’t have free online, i won’t be interested in online-only game. And if i will have to pay to play then bye bye GT series.
    Something tells me, it will go this route…

  22. TRLWNC7396

    Glad to see the Miata!

    Interesting idea. Wonder how it will play out…..

    And, FWIT, PD NEEDS to rebuild their image, so I would be a bit surprised if there WASN’T a free demo.

    We shall see.


  23. Rallywagon

    Awe damn, just when I swore I would not buy a ps4 or the next GT, all these announcements have to come out…

  24. HKS racer

    Polyphony Digital is working closely with the FIA to “drive the future of motorsports for the next 100 years”.


    1. VBR

      Nice to see that they’re setting their sights low, as per usual – NOT! Just focus on making a sim racing game that the majority of players want to play, that will do nicely thank you very much PD.

  25. rronak95

    I can’t wait to play gt on next gen. Too bad everyone will still be dealing with upscaled ps2 cars, brain dead AI, and no real damage system. Shame Polyphony refuses to adapt to the modern world.

  26. zzz_pt

    I loved it. As short and as unclear as it was. Finally the time to buy a PS4 is here. Paris was the show of the year for me. GT Sport and No Man’s Sky release dates (the things I wanted to know about). Great!

  27. Whodoyouthink

    Certainly has caught my interest. But, I still have yet to go the PS4 route. PC & PS3 has been keeping me plenty happy. GT6 has honestly been collecting dust for a couple weeks now. I still love driving my favorite cars and tracks, but at the same time I just feel like I’ve reached such a giant plateau in playing the game that I am really waiting for big things to draw me back in.

    Anyway, I speculate on the optimistic side, and think the potential direction Kaz is taking might definitely be what the series desperately needs!

    My issues are that as I grow further in to adulthood; will I have the time, or the money to continue playing? Hell, I just bought a Miata, so I’d like to start doing autocross and tuning it a little, so that takes away incentive from gaming a bit. My biggest interest in the GT series now is the direct application to racing, such as GT Academy and working as a decent simulator for training on tracks.

    1. Andyc709292

      I’m the same, except we run a regular Thursday GT6 night so there’s that.
      But really, the PS3 has come of age of late, so many cheap games to download. I’ve put a huge drive in mine and have an amazing catalog of games to work my way through now and have to hold myself back from buying more!
      If you step past the incremental graphics changes the gameplay is still superb.

  28. gjeff12

    I’m confused. Is this GT7 getting the numberless treatment, is it GT7 prologue, or is it that beta/competition mashup like we had before GT6?

  29. JCH8r

    The FIA is sanctioning online racing and the first comment on this website is another negative response. Most negative comments here really don’t have much to do with the content being offered. 2015 has been an astounding year in sim racing. It looks like that trend will continue into 2016. Happy New Year!

  30. Mr_Hansen

    so much YES!
    – and it might also be worth mentioning, that Gran Turismo Sport will be compatible with PlayStation VR.

    1. gjeff12

      Well give them a chance. Its only been an hour. Maybe they’re doing the same thing we got pre GT6 where they called it GT Academy but it was really a beta/demo.

    2. RC45

      Pretty much – this looks a pay-to-play GT Acadamy league. Some one already mentioned Race Room. Yet another cash clutching race league. Kaz can keep this title for himself. No interest here.

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