Gran Turismo 7’s Microtransaction Pricing Revealed

The pricings for Gran Turismo 7’s “cash for credits” microtransactions have been revealed, courtesy of the PlayStation Store updates as the game goes live.

As players may have noticed from reviews and previews, such as GTPlanet’s own, Gran Turismo 7 features the ability to “top up” your in-game credits via the PlayStation Store. It’s only the second time a Gran Turismo game has included this form of microtransaction, with GT6 being the previous example.

However the function hasn’t been available during the review period, with the link taking players to an unpopulated holding page.

Now the game is starting to launch — at midnight local time on March 4 in each respective time zone — the function is available for players to use. New Zealand is the furthest east of the PlayStation Store regions, so naturally the details have popped up there first of all.

Update (3/3): At 2300 UTC, the European stores updated to include MT pricing, with the US stores following suit at 0500 UTC. Those values are as follows:

  • 100,000 credits – $/€2.49
  • 250,000 credits – $/€4.99
  • 750,000 credits – $/€9.99
  • 2,000,000 credits – $/€19.99

This means that GT7’s cost-per-credit is markedly higher than GT6’s. At best, you’ll be paying roughly 1¢ for every 1,000cr, with the lower-priced packs coming in at more than double that. The poorest-value pack in GT6 would have set you back less than 1¢ per 1,000cr, falling to 0.7¢ per 1,000cr for the better-value items.

To put these values into context, buying enough credits to pay for a single, 20,000,000-credit car in GT7 would cost $214. Although we haven’t seen full vehicle pricing yet there stands to be at least five such cars in the game, along with six other seven-figure cars.

It remains to be seen just how GT7’s economy is set up, and how much of an influence microtransactions have had on the rarity of in-game credits. Even players who’ve had the game since before launch haven’t explored it in full yet, and no-one has discovered any truly rapid ways of earning credits.

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