Gran Turismo 7 Was The Second-Best Selling Game in March 2022

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According to official chart data from around the globe, Gran Turismo 7 was the second-best selling game globally in March 2022.

The latest industry body to release its chart data is NPD, which covers the United States. NPD’s figures place GT7 second on both the all-platforms and PlayStation charts across March 2022, behind only Elden Ring.

NPD analyst and advisor Mat Piscatella posted on social media that not only was GT7 successful in general terms, it hit a new all-time revenue record for a Gran Turismo game in its launch month. However that’s tempered by the fact it was both the most expensive GT game to date — at $59.99 on PS4 and $69.99 on PS5 — and launched earlier in the month than any of its predecessors.

The NPD Group sales data, March 2022

This tallies with sales data from other regions around the world. In the UK, Gran Turismo 7 was the top-seller in terms of boxed games every week in March, ahead of Elden Ring and WWE 2K22, and was in the top ten of digital sales throughout the month, as reported by

German industry body also had GT7 as the month’s top seller, ahead of Elden Ring and Kirby and the Forgotten Land. It was a similar story across Europe, with GT7 either top or in the top three, of sales across all platforms throughout the month in Spain, Italy, France, and Belgium by local Games Sales Data stats.

PlayStation itself reported that Gran Turismo 7 was in the top three titles in terms of PlayStation Store downloads through March 2022, on both platforms, in North America and Europe.

It was the most-downloaded game in Europe on PS5, ranking second in North America on PS5 and Europe on PS4, and third by North American PS4 downloads.

PlayStation download data, March 2022

While most bodies don’t release actual sales data, Japan’s Famitsu does estimate the total number of copies sold. For March 2022, Famitsu calculated sales for GT7 at around 198,000 copies, beating Elden Ring’s 163,000 tally into second place.

That places GT7 ahead of GT Sport’s first month of sales, which Famitsu estimated at just under 170,000 copies back in November 2017. If that picture is replicated worldwide, it could mean as many as two million copies of GT7 have already been bought.

Sony is set to reveal its financial year-end earnings in the coming days, and we have seen the company report sales of “select” platform titles as part of its software results, so we may learn exactly how many digital and physical copies of GT7 it has shipped.

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