Gran Turismo 7 Releases Today as Players Share First Impressions

Gran Turismo 7 is officially here. As clocks have ticked over to midnight in the various regions, pre-loaded downloads have unlocked and, as we speak, delivery drivers and postal workers the world over are popping BluRay cases into people’s homes.

With gamers now able to get their hands on the game and start to play, plenty of you are getting to grips with what Gran Turismo 7 offers and seeing if the game lives up to your expectations and review scores.

The gaming press have, for the most part, given GT7 a pretty warm reception.

At various review aggregator sites, it’s hovering a couple of percentage points below 90%, which makes it the best-reviewed GT game since 2005’s Gran Turismo 4. In our own GT7 review, we gave the game a solid 4.5 out of 5 stars.

As members of GTPlanet’s community get their hands on the game, first impressions from the public are pouring into our Gran Turismo 7 forums:

Speaking of the PS4 version, user BallPtPenTheif says:

“It runs well. Imagine GT Sport with a complete physics overhaul, extra courses, dynamic weather, and an expanded campaign mode.”

GTPlanet user breyzipp comments on the weather effects:

“I’m absolutely Impressed by the wet track simulation in this game. From the bad visibility from the spray from cars in front of you, to the trail your car leaves behind on the track in the wet (about every other game doesn’t do that), to how grim a bad weather day looks in replays.”

Positive impressions with the weather effects continue to the sounds, which GTPlanet user “Auditore” notes could even double as ASMR:

“The rain hitting the rooftop is ASMR heaven.”

Another user, eugene1, is happy with the progression system, but concedes not everyone may enjoy it:

“Just played for 6 and a half hours straight, absolutely loving the game! I love grinding and having progression in a game but the fact you have to grind from the start may not be for everyone.”

The game’s novel “Music Rally” section has also underwhelmed in both its concept and execution, as noted by xNOVA415x:

“The whole intro with the music rally crap was dumb. It made it even more annoying that the music was 1000 times louder than the sound of the vehicle which kept making me miss shifts unless I took my eyes off the road constantly which would then result in terrible cornering, missing brake points, or slamming into the in-the-way AI drivers.”

Several users noted they did not like the game’s un-skippable intro at the start, while others are understandably upset at the poor state of the game’s “artificial intelligence” drivers and disappointed in the game’s menu system.

From GTPlanet user Strittan:

The horrible AI along with the insane distance of which the cars are spread out during the rolling starts is the big party pooper. With horrible AI I don’t necessarily mean slow either, but stupid, always in your way, unsportsmanlike and unpredictable.

Don’t forget to check out GTPlanet’s Ultimate Guide to Gran Turismo 7, and our GT7 FAQ.

If you’re experiencing any issues or have any other questions on the game, drop into our GT7 forums where our expert community will be able to assist!

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